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Free Rides to the Polls | Crossroads Arabia

Ahmed Omran — known to long-term readers as “Saudi Jeans” and now a correspondent for The Wall St. Journal — used a tweet to nudge Uber and Careem — …

Saudi Arabia

Father of drowned boy Aylan Kurdi plans to return to Syria

The father of the drowned Syrian boy who was photographed lying lifeless on a Turkish beach has said he is preparing to take the bodies of his two sons and wife to be buried in his home town of Kobani.

Abdullah Kurdi, a Kurdish Syrian who has been in Turkey for three years and previously lived in …

Middle East

Good News for Egypt’s Gas Sector Could Be Bad News for Israel

The discovery of a “supergiant” gas field in Egyptian waters could give Cairo a political and economic boost at the expense of Israel’s own offshore …


Iran’s Khamenei backs parliamentary vote on nuclear deal with powers

Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Sept. 3 that he backed a parliamentary vote on a historic nuclear deal reached with six major powers and said sanctions …

Middle East

NATO Allies Making It Easier for Iran to Attack Israel

U.S. Patriot missiles in Gaziantep, Turkey

In early 2013, NATO supposedly came to its ally's help: As Turkey was under threat from Syrian missiles -- …

Middle East

Could Iran Be Following a Soviet Model Toward Downfall? - Washington Wire - WSJ

Overall, the landscape of Iran suggests few reasons for optimism: The Islamic Republic has negotiated an advantageous arms-control agreement, and the accord looks likely to survive opposition in the U.S. Congress. Tehran’s regime represses its citizens and has embarked on an expansion of its …

Middle East

Iran's Khamenei backs parliamentary vote on nuclear deal with powers

"Our officials only discuss the nuclear deal with America ... We will never support America's policies on Syria and Iraq," Iranian supreme leader …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

UK appoints new ambassador to Lebanon

British foreign policy expert Hugo Shorter was appointed as the United Kingdom’s new ambassador designate to Beirut Thursday, to hold the charge …

The HDP's Moment

By Laurel Jarombek

The relationship between Turkey’s government and the Kurdish population has been fraught with violence, repression, and mistrust. …

Kurdistan Workers' Party

The Race to Replace Mahmoud Abbas

Understanding and Shaping Palestinian Succession

Grant Rumley
3rd September 2015 - FDD Press

I. Executive Summary

The Palestinian national project is at …

Mahmoud Abbas

Remarks on Nuclear Agreement With Iran

Dick, thank you so much for a generous introduction. I’ll say more about it, but I want to say good morning to all of you here. It is great for me to …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Plain-clothed police arrest 2 activists during Beirut seaside demonstration over new parking meters

Plain-clothed police arrest 2 activists during Beirut seaside demonstration over new parking meters

Seizing Local Opportunities in Syria

Despite the many external players involved, the Syrian war is ultimately a local conflict. In "Seizing Local Opportunities in Syria," authors Faysal …

Middle East

Saudi professor blames Jews for Arab TV talent competitions. And April Fool's Day.

The beginning of this article in Boraq News by Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Sultan of King Saud University sets the tone:

Jews have historically been …


How to Destroy Islamic State (and How Not To)

On June 10, 2014, a little over a year ago, the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS) shocked the world by seizing Mosul, the second …

EU official at center of police probe after alleged anti-Semitic attack on co-worker

A European Union official is the subject of a probe by Belgian police after he allegedly physically and verbally attacked a co-worker, calling her a …


Biden on Iran: 'This is a Good Deal'

Local Elections in Morocco: A Bet on the Kingdom's Reforms

On September 4, Moroccans will go to the polls for regional and municipal council elections. On September 17, the new municipal councils will convene …


Saudi King Comes to Washington, with His Son

The royals will likely try to smooth relations that have been strained by the Iran nuclear deal and differences over Syria and Yemen.

On September 4, …

House of Saud

Turkey’s critical two months

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu failed to form a coalition within 45 days, so Turkey has an interim government. However, despite a constitutional …

Republican People's Party

Anatomy of a Bombing

Two weeks ago, according to several media reports, Ahmed al-Mughassil, the military chief of Saudi Hezbollah (Hezbollah al-Hijaz) and the principal …


Meet 7 Dangerous Iranians Who Will No Longer Be Sanctioned

Iran has a long history of supporting violence and terrorism within the Middle East, as well as around the world.The following list is a small sample …

Middle East

Report: Erdan Searching for New Police Chief Candidate

In fear Turkel Committee will disqualify Gal Hirsch over criticism and corruption charges, Internal Security Minister starts search anew.

Middle East

Two Vice News journalists freed from Turkish jail

Two Vice News journalists arrested earlier this week in Turkey's southeast on charges of having links to a terrorist organisation have been released

US to stay in İncirlik as long as required: US ambassador

American aircraft will remain at Turkey’s İncirlik airbase as long as required in the struggle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Russia approves Mistral carrier sale to Egypt, UAE

Russia has given France the green light to sell two Mistral helicopter carriers to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. France was supposed to deliver …


Four policemen injured in attack near Beni Suef


Syria conflict: 'Global failure' to protect refugees

Image copyright AFP

A UN inquiry into the conflict in Syria has criticised the "global failure" to protect the country's refugees, saying it has fuelled Europe's migrant crisis.

Chairman Paulo Sergio Pinheiro urged the international community to act with "humanity and compassion" by creating legal …

International Relations