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Iran wages media onslaught against Saudis over Yemen war

DUBAI (Reuters) - Cut off from Yemen and its allies there by a Saudi-led military campaign, Iran has intensified a media counter-offensive against Riyadh, accusing its regional rival of inflicting catastrophic suffering while presenting itself as a blameless peacemaker.

Iranian state media have …


The Wife of Iran’s Foreign Minister Adds a New Twist to the Nuke Talks

For no obvious reason, the spouse of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has showed up at the Vienna nuclear negotiations. Is she bringing mystical inspiration?

By Reza HaghighatNejad

As this week’s final nuclear talks got underway, there was one uninvited guest: Maryam Imanieh, the wife of Iranian …

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Cleveland Cop Accused Of Anti-Muslim Tweets

A Cleveland cop is under fire from an Islamic civil rights group after he posted racist and anti-Muslim tweets.

A Cleveland police officer is facing criticism from a local Islamic civil rights group over his “racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Obama, and pro-Confederate flag” Twitter posts, according to …

Police Bias

Egypt Proudly Posts Photos of Mangled ISIS Corpses on Facebook

The army’s escalating military and media campaign to wipe out the terror group took a gruesome step Wednesday with two posts featuring dozens of contorted bodies clutching machine guns.

It was a hearts and minds campaign in the form of blood and carnage.

The Egyptian army used its Facebook page on …


Egypt's Sinai hit by worst violence in years

Military says more than 100 fighters killed in response to wave of attacks on security forces claimed by ISIL affiliate.

Egypt's military spokesman has said the situation in North Sinai is "100 percent under control", following clashes that reportedly left more than 100 people dead.

The spokesman, …


What in the World: The threat of nuclear terrorism

As the world worries about ISIS and Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, Fareed explains how the world can prevent nuclear theft through greater oversight.


Kurdish offensive in Syria has Ankara on its toes

Turkey worries about expanding cooperation between US-led coalition and Kurdish YPG forces.

The Syrian border town of Jarablous could soon become a battleground and that battle could change the frontlines and the balance of power in territories outside the control of the government in northern Syria.


Amid chest thumping, US and Iran extend talks on nuclear deal (+video)

Even as Iran and six world powers agreed to extend nuclear talks for a week past a June 30 deadline, the US and Iran issued warnings.

Marie Harf, …

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ISIS in Egypt

After a major attack in Sinai, an Islamic State affiliate may have seized Egyptian territory for the first time.

A series of coordinated attacks by a terror group affiliated with the Islamic State killed over 50 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai on Wednesday, unleashing what’s being described as “the …


Obama got Nobel Prize for his "vision of & work for world w/o nuke weapons." Now he will enable it. #IranDealVienna

Tunisia attack: Slow police response gave gunman time to return and 'finish off' wounded

Nearly 20 minutes into the beach attack that killed 38, Seifeddine Rezgui was able to retrace his steps to the start of his shooting spree as Tunisian security forces struggled to respond

The Tunisian beach massacre gunman was able to return to finish off wounded victims because of the police delays …


How long can Greece survive without support from its creditors?

After the Greeks dramatically walked out of talks in Brussels last Friday and announced a referendum, a question has been posed: how long can Athens survive without support from its creditors before it collapses?

What are the key dates?

June 30: Delayed €1.6bn payment owed to IMF

June 30: €2bn owed to …


Ex-Nazi Admits Guilt but Offers No Apology in Trial in Germany

LÜNEBURG, Germany — Stating that he could “only ask forgiveness from the Lord,” a 94-year-old former SS soldier who worked at the Auschwitz concentration camp acknowledged again on Wednesday his complicity in the Holocaust but disappointed survivors by failing to apologize for his deeds.

The former …


ISIL attacks Syria's Kurdish-held Tal Abyad

Battle rages in key border town as ISIL re-enters town two weeks after being pushed out by Syrian Kurdish forces.

Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have re-entered Syria's Tal Abyad, seizing a district from the Syrian Kurdish forces who pushed them out of the border town …

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Disappointment as ‘Flotilla 3’ mission to Gaza flops

Turning back to port, the disappointment is palpable aboard one of the boats participating in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3. It comes after the main ship, Marianne was intercepted by the Israeli navy, cutting short the mission to break the blockade on the Palestinian enclave.

French activist Claudio …


Muslim Brotherhood tells Egyptians to revolt against 'butcher' president

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement claiming its leaders who were killed in a Cairo apartment on Wednesday were murdered in "in cold blood," calling for a rebellion against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who it calls a "butcher."

The group "holds the criminal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his …


ISIS Supporters Throw Down Gauntlet to Hamas

ISIS supporters in Gaza have vowed to unseat Hamas, underscoring the challenges a resurgence of radical Islamist groups pose to the Palestinian organization's hold on power.

A video statement issued by ISIS channels in Syria addressed the "tyrants of Hamas" and criticized the organization which …


US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

Middle East allies accuse Barack Obama and David Cameron of failing to show strategic leadership in fight against Isil, as MPs could be given vote on whether to bomb Syria

The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic …

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The Death Boats: A Survivor’s Tale

Every day, I listen to stories of people fleeing for their lives, across dangerous borders and unfriendly seas to reach safety. The story of a young …


Forty imams deported for 'preaching hatred'

The minister vowed to clamp down on mosques and preachers inciting hatred after a suspected Islamist beheaded his boss during an attack on a gas …


Jihadology Podcast: Syria Status Update with Charles Lister

Charles Lister comes on the show to discuss a wide range of topics related to the current situation in Syria:

The background and evolution of Jaysh …

Syrian Civil War

Kuwait ‘in state of war’ as 60 terror suspects nabbed - Authorities bust terror cell - Local charity closed

Kuwait ‘in state of war’ as 60 terror suspects nabbed – Authorities bust terror cell – Local charity closed

(From right to left) Kuwaiti Housing …


The Latest: Muslim Brotherhood calls for Egypt 'rebellion'

CAIRO (AP) — The latest news on the nine Muslim Brotherhood leaders killed in a Cairo apartment raid (all times local):

10:45 p.m.

The Muslim Brotherhood says its leaders killed in a Cairo apartment were murdered in "in cold blood," calling for a rebellion against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who …


UNHRC report tried to justify Hamas firing rockets from civilian areas

The UNHRC Davis report wrote:

473. International humanitarian law prescribes that parties to the conflict should take all feasible precautions to …


'Gay Pride'? Not Under the PA

Mural meant to 'gain visibility' for the 'Palestinian cause' instead sparks anger and gets whitewashed.


Parents of Terror Victim Give 'Malachi's Message'

Eliezer and Sara Rosenfeld have lost two sons - and urge after funeral for the Jewish people to increase their love for family.

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AKP has started healing its wounds

A last-day move of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli put an end to the last hopes for joint action by opposition parties, …

Hillary Clinton emails reveal powerful families' intricate relationships

Revelations that Cherie Blair secretly lobbied Hillary Clinton on behalf of a fabulously wealthy royal from an authoritarian Gulf state are likely to be seen, at least by conspiracy theorists, as further evidence that a handful of individuals who wield power behind the scenes through personal …

Hillary Clinton