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#SDF forces now sharing a frontline with #Turkey foreign legion as #SDF took over Ayn al-Bayda south to #Jarablus.

Preventing the next Gaza war

The sudden burst of renewed violence which entailed a rocket from Gaza to Sderot and a massive Israeli retaliatory attack should remind us all that …


Why did Russian use of Iranian airbase stir up controversy?

Author: Arash Karami<p>When Russia announced last week that it had launched airstrikes against Syrian opposition forces from western Iran, Ali …


Turkey is walking a tightrope in its invasion of northern Syria - Middle East News

“We will cleanse the area of all the terrorists,”<p>Want to enjoy 'Zen' reading - with no ads and just the article? Subscribe today

“Assad or We Burn the Country”: Misreading Sectarianism and the Regime in Syria

Prior to the uprising that ignited in Syria in 2011, whenever I discussed politics with my urbanite Syrian interlocutors, they would often tell me: …

Syrian civil war

Turkish Tanks Roll Into a Syrian Battlefield Turned Upside Down

Stringer / Reuters<p>In the Syria conflict, the enemy of my enemy is my enemy. And it just got more complicated, and more dangerous.<p>Today, Turkish tanks have invaded northern Syria, backed by about 5,000 Arab and Turkmen Syrian rebels — ranging in ideological orientation from nationalist to Islamist …

Kurdistan Workers' Party

Israeli forces detain 14 Palestinians during predawn raids, injure 1 with live fire

(File)<p>BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli forces detained at least 14 Palestinians, including a young woman and three minors, during predawn raids on …

SAMS Foundation - SAMS Foundation

This morning, Moaz and Nawras al-Hishoysh, the conjoined twins born with two conjoined hearts, passed away in Damascus while awaiting medical …


Ziad Abdelnour on Twitter

Grow up you #<b>Lebanese</b> morons & stop allowing #<b>Hezbollah</b> the right to appoint a president and name a premier. WTF


Fifteen Democratic senators who originally supported the nuclear deal with Iran have written a letter to President Obama criticizing the deal’s …


#Turkish\#FSA forces reach central #Jarablus, "capture" #IS headquarters - the city is completely deserted

Kashmir and Palestine: The story of two occupations

The growing pockets of solidarity expressed for Kashmiris are heartening, as is the solidarity for Palestinian struggle.<p>The India and Israel alliance has been described as a full-blown romance, but the ongoing siege of Kashmir makes this a bloody affair - covert for years.<p>India has bought arms from …


Tajikistan detains second lawyer of banned Islamist party

A Tajik lawyer who represented members of a banned Islamist party has been detained on charges of disclosing classified information, two sources told Reuters on Wednesday, the second such case in the Central Asian nation.<p>Jamshed Yorov was detained on Tuesday in Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe, a …


Kerry to discuss Yemen, Syria with Gulf Arab states

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during an event to promote the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) educational programe for girls in Abuja, Nigeria August 24, 2016. REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde<p>U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will present proposals on ending Yemen's conflict and …

John Kerry

Abu Ghaush treated to a hero's welcome

Jordan’s first ever Olympic medalist Abu Ghaush was treated to a hero’s welcome as he arrived back home on Tuesday night.<p>The 20-year-old, who won Taekwondo gold in the men’s 68kg category, was received by a number of royal family figures including King Abdullah’s uncle Prince Hassan, as well as his …

European News

Pentagon denies placing a no-fly zone in Syria. Kurdish allies say otherwise.

Last week in northern Syria, government fighter jets took off to bomb targets as they do most days. But for the first time in the conflict, they were met by two F-22 Raptor jets dispatched by the US Air Force — and turned away.<p>The difference between the bombing run last Thursday and almost every …


Gunfire and blast at Kabul university

<b>Gunfire and explosion heard at American University in Afghan capital, Kabul, police say</b><p><i>This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.</i>


Senior Iran cleric faces down culture minister over concerts

In Iran, a conservative cleric is continuing to block musical concerts in defiance of the Culture Ministry, leading others to do the same, …


Gaza war crimes report: Allegations of 49 illegal civilian deaths nixed

The IDF on Wednesday issued its fifth report on war crimes allegations related to the killing of around 2,100 Palestinians (with an ongoing debate …


Animal rescue operation complete as ‘world’s worst zoo’ closes in Khan Younis

Rescued by an international animal welfare nonprofit from horrific conditions in a Gaza Strip zoo, 15 surviving animals were brought across the …


Turkey is now in Syria and this is what it means for the Middle East

How the West would love to believe that Turkey’s army in Syria – all 10 tanks of it – are striking at last at everyone’s enemy, the blood-soaked cult …

Middle East

How to help: Some of the groups that worked to save Omran Daqneesh — and countless others — in Syria

The daily horror of the war in Syria defies imagination.<p>Susan Sontag, in her 2004 book “Regarding the Pain of Others,” wrote: “We, this we is everyone who has never experienced anything like what they went through. We don't understand. We don't get it. We truly can't imagine what it was like."<p>And …


Turkish Tanks and Troops Enter Syria - The Daily Beast

About a dozen Turkish tanks entered Syria early Wednesday in an effort to run ISIS out of a northern town called Jarablus, which is considered a hub of the terror group. U.S. planes were providing air cover for the operation, according to an official who told Reuters that Washington is “in sync” …


Leaked ISIS Documents Tell The Stories Of Hundreds Of Foreign Jihadis

A cache of documents used by ISIS to register foreign fighters, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News, reveals the personal details of jihadis who normally keep to the shadows. Thousands of pages of bureaucratic details tell their stories for the first time.<p><b>ISTANBUL —</b> A bookseller from northern …

Foreign Policy

Crude oil leak in Jordan's Aqaba could harm Eilat

Jordan informs Israel that 200 tons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Aqaba from Aqaba port and could possibly contaminate Eliat.

Damascus Condemns Turkish Military Intervention in Syria

The Syrian government condemned Wednesday's Turkish incursion into the Islamic State group-held border district of Jarabulus as a "flagrant …



TEHRAN (FNA)- The Yemeni army and popular forces continued their advances against the Saudi-led forces in the Southern parts of the kingdom, …


Former PFLP Plane Hijacker Leila Khaled in Germany

Bummer! When your friends turn out to be what everyone said they were - TERRORISTS #Turkey jets bomb #ISIS positions

'Gilad Sharon's return will hurt the Likud'

Journalist David Bedein warns that if former PM Sharon's son returns to the Likud, it'll hurt the party's public relations.