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These GIFs Show You Exactly How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

There's often more to wedding invitations than a single card that tells people to where to show up and when. Most invitation suites contain several pieces and multiple envelopes that are meant to be assembled in a very specific way. To make this confusing process a bit easier for you, we've created …


Save the Oceans

Miniaturized Landscapes by Jorge Mayet Appear to Float in Mid-Air

Artist Jorge Mayet sculpts miniature landscapes that look like they’re islands floating in an infinite abyss. The small works, which appear against white gallery walls, create the illusion that they’ve splintered from the ground. Their roots and soil are exposed beneath luscious green grass and …


Sunrise Watchers at Cayo Coco Beach

East River Sunset Shower (New York)

Digital Waterfall and More Remarkable Projections Transform the Grand Palais for Art Paris 2015

For this year's Art Paris Art Fair, every night, from March 26 till March 29, the facade of the iconic Grand Palais will turn into a beautiful, digital canvas. Three different video projections will transform the exterior of the building from 6pm to midnight. 2014 was the first year Art Paris Art …


The Hottest Wedding Trends of 2014

A new year is almost here, and it’s sure to be filled with tons of swoon-worthy, pin-worthy wedding wows. However, before the ball drops we’re taking …


Improve Your Photography Skills with These 9 Photo Composition Tips by Steve McCurry

Looking to up your photography game? Luckily, the Cooperative of Photography has created a fantastic video on photographic composition using tips and images by legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry. Each of the nine pointers is illustrated with examples from McCurry's stunning portfolio. Read on …

Steve McCurry

Night in the Dolomites

Water Mystically Flows from the Peak of this Lush Patagonia Lodge

If you’re a fan of fantasy, especially Lord of the Rings, then the Magic Mountain Lodge is the perfect destination for you. It’s a 13-room hotel that looks like it could be from Middle-earth! Located in the private Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in northern Chile, this lodge has its visitors enter …


Revolutionary New "Skateboard" Removes The Board Completely

In a futuristic take on pedestrian transportation, these sidewinding circular skates give users the sensation of “skateboarding” — minus the board. Riders simply place their feet inside the pair of rings, standing on pedal-like platforms that rotate inside the circles on tracks. The concept is …


The Oregon Pint Glass

I'm not much of an outdoorsman. I mean, aside from the occasional paintball fight and walking to the bus stop. So being at the top of a mountain …

Pint Glass

Brooklyn Home Keeps its Historic Bones While Getting a Much Needed Interior Update

A creative couple flips the script on their family home, a former workman’s cottage on the northern edge of Brooklyn.

Project: Pushmi-PullyuArchitect: Noroof Architects

If it’s not the raw brick siding, it’s the house numbers—a sleek neon “175” in sans serif font—that give it away. The miniature, …

House Design

3D-printed drill is smaller than a quarter, and it actually works!

We've seen some amazing 3D-printed things these days. From sonic art installations to human noses ready for transplant, the 3D printers of today know …

Fab Lab


Flash Frozen

Snowcamp on Mt. Dickerman


In general, this is a strenuous hike or snowshoe at approximately 8 miles round trip with nearly 4000 elevation gain. Be aware of current …


A Minimal, Metal-Clad Montreal House With A Hidden Courtyard




How I Drastically Improved My Photography with Just 2 Little Decisions

Hey, I am Manuel Becker and I am the founder of Locationscout, a platform for discovering amazing places for photographers. I am living in Germany

History's Most Iconic Photos Recreated as Miniature Still Lifes

In 2012, in between commissioned magazine and advertising assignments, Switzerland-based photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger decided to have a little fun by recreating Andreas Gursky's outrageously pricy landscape shot Rhein II using a still life built completely in their studio. "It …

Historical Photography


Situated in a forest on the banks of Lake Los Molinos, this multipurpose space responds to the need to create a meeting point for a new housing development for holiday use. The project is located on an area-shaped ravine where an old route traversed that connected the city of Cordoba and the south …


Hypnotic Kinetic Sculptures by Jennifer Townley Fuse Mathematics and Art

Although powered by simple rotary engines, these kinetic sculptures by Netherlands-based sculptor Jennifer Townley are dizzying in complexity. …


Best Buds: The Best Spring Flowers for Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there's a LOT to learn - names and colors, care and costs, even seasonality concerns. But when starting the search for those perfect petals, you should look to your dream wedding details for inspiration. So, if you're planning a big spring fling, …


9 Things NOT to Say to a Bride on Her Wedding Day

Wedding season is coming up in just a few months, and that means you're going to be coming into close contact with many blushing brides real soon. And while you may think you're a master at small talk, weddings are sensitive subjects and the to-be-weds will probably be a little nervous as they prep …


Glacier Bay, Glacier Bay National Park

Flower Bulb Factory Transformed Into Gorgeous Home

A former flower bulb warehouse becomes a bright home fit for large-scale gatherings.

When Cruickshank’s, a beloved Toronto flower bulb distributor, shuttered its doors in 2001, the owners left behind a three-story home and warehouse with a rich history. Several years later, when the weathered …