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Emerald Lake

Finne Architects Design A Home Overlooking Elliot Bay In Seattle

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Cinematic Family Retreat in Brazil

São Paulo architect Isay Weinfeld's Casa Deck offers cinematic vistas, a lush garden, and a retreat from Brazil's largest city.

Project: Casa DeckArchitect: Isay Weinfeld

As you enter the front gate and push through dense, dripping foliage, you may wonder if you’ve made a wrong turn. Then, through …



Downtown Ballroom Wedding

Alison always envisioned having an outdoor wedding surrounded by natural light and the beauty of being outside. Finding that perfect outdoor venue …

St. Louis

Damn fine animation. Damn fine.

White Translucent Box Unveiling a Matrix of Interconnected Spaces: Greja House

Park+Associates Architects completed the design of Greja House, a semi-detached residence located in Singapore. With a contemporary exterior defined …


"The Edge" is Australia's Modern Dream Home

Located in the town of Port Douglas, Queensland, is "The Edge," a stunning contemporary home that was a recipient of the Building of the Year 2015 Award this year. It's a dynamic home that juxtaposes modern, concrete architecture among breathtaking views of the Coral Sea's white sand beaches and …


How Architecture Is Born: 6 Meticulous Models by Safdie Architects and Their Real-World Counterparts

Last month, we looked at some truly artful three-dimensional representations of architecture by Allied Works, showing how abstract compositions of forms and material juxtapositions can help inspire great buildings. However, there remains a valuable place for a more traditional form of model-making …

Design (India)

An Artist’s Candy Architecture Looks Like A Real-Life Version Of Candyland

This is the sweetest architecture ever.

If King Kandy had his way, photographer Sam Kaplan would be Candyland’s new royal architect.

Kaplan, known for …


morning mist

Cloister House in Vancouver Offering a Sense of Seclusion

Shared between a grandmother and her grandchildren, the Cloister House in Vancouver, Canada is a quiet refuge within the city. The residence was …


Echoes of the Shoreline

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Milky Way rising

Montana Wild

How to Process Milky Way Astrophotography in Adobe Lightroom

In this tutorial, I step through the basic RAW Lightroom post processing method that I use on most of my astrophotography.

This tutorial was one of …


Become A Black Belt In Available Light

6 Top Tips on Understanding Light & How Best To Use ItOne of the biggest differences between a smartphone snapper and a serious photographer is in …

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Photos of Polar Bears Frolicking in a Flowery Field

Wildlife and nature photographer Dennis Fast captured a gorgeous set of photos showing polar bears rolling around in a colorful field of fireweed. …


The Palette Cube is Like a Portable Eyedropper Tool for the Real World

Cube is a small new device from the Australian company Palette. Easily sample colors around you using the portable color digitizer and sample them …


Cross Star Wars Limited Edition Pens: The famous American brand's collection is available now at Bezar's pop-up shop

Founded a long time ago (in 1846) in a galaxy not so far away, Cross is the United States' oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Yet, even with such a significant history and heritage behind them, the brand is unafraid to be playful and forward-thinking. This light-hearted nature is …

Star Wars

aggressive chameleon

Mystic Sunrise


Grigio by APOLLO Architects and Associates - Design Milk

Grigio is a minimalist house located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by APOLLO Architects and Associates. The clients, who work with foreign affiliates, …