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Beautiful Houses: Dune House in England

The idea in this series is to show beautiful and inspiring houses. Houses that are remarkable for its design, elegance, elements, concept or simply …


Cascading Bouquets Are Totally On Point Right Now

The Spring 2015 runways are ALL about the flower power. From fabulous floral prints to beautiful blooming backdrops, there are pretty petals popping up everywhere you turn. We're loving this trend and can't wait to see how it translates over to the world of weddings. Our prediction? Buh-bye simple …



Endless Road

Flyte: New Levitating Light Bulb Forever Hovers in Mid-Air

Ready to have a light bulb that's going to be the talk of the town? Flyte is a new levitating light, by designer Simon Morris, that will make your guests do a double take. The screwless light bulb hovers in the air by magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly through induction. There are no …

Light Bulbs

This Tumbler Grinds and Brews Your Coffee On The Go

We all get by with a little help from our friend caffeine. But on too many occasions, time runs out and we can’t make a fresh cup of coffee before rushing out the door. And then there are the moments when we just want a fresh brew on the go without the expense of visiting our favorite barista. But …

Coffee Beans

London dream

5 Unique Alternatives to Tossing the Bouquet at Your Wedding

The bouquet toss can be pretty treacherous for the single ladies at your wedding. There's pushing, shoving, and just downright trecherous behavior-not to mention the plentiful awkward photos to cherish for years to come. If you're thinking of skipping this tradition, here are five creative (and …


Rabbit with Long Ears Flipbook

This illustrated flipbook from Japanese book artists Mo Hitotsu no Kenkyujo features an unsuspecting rabbit who opens a deep hatch containing a flying …


Raw & Rendered: Experimental 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

In early 2014, Vancouver-based graphic artist Joey Camacho set out to learn more about rendering images using Cinema 4D and Octane Render, with the …


6 Amazing Ranch House Renovations

These drab, suburban archetypes were transformed into contemporary residences, confirming that modern design can indeed live anywhere.

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Home Improvement

angry king..

House Inspired By Pixar Film Up In Seattle May Finally Be Demolished

A real-life version of the house from the house in Pixar film Up could finally be set for demolition despite public outcry.

The tiny - and now dilapidated - property, dubbed the Edith Macefield house after its late former owner, is based in Seattle, Washington.

In 2006 it came to public attention …


Holiday Home in the Georgian Bay Region of Ontario, Canada

A holiday home in the Georgian Bay Region of Ontario, Canada by Charles Gane, the founder of CORE Architects.Charles Gane, the head of CORE …


Viktoria street - Gothenburg

A Glass Addition Blends Right in at This London Victorian

A wraparound glass wall connects the first-level of this East London extension to the garden, and creates the appearance that the second-level floats on thin air.

In Hackney, East London, Cousins & Cousins Architects transformed a Victorian home, crafting an addition that is both inconspicuous and …

Victorian Era

Unleashing a Monster (Hopefully)

Growing up, Joshua Ben Longo was plagued with terrible night terrors—often waking up in the middle of the night to see ghosts, trolls and forms of …


The Brooklyn Bridge in the Rain

Tutorial: Turning Back Time in Photoshop to Capture a Sunset at Cerro Torre

Ignacio Palacios is best known internationally for his travel and landscape work. He has been continuously traveling around the world since 1998 but

Sophisticated Wedding Reception Ideas

If there is one thing I just simply cannot get enough of at MODwedding, it’s a good dose of wedding inspiration. I fell completely in love with these …

Wedding Receptions

Before the Rain

9 Houses with Slides Inside

For adults, walking up a set of stairs generally means you’ll be walking down those stairs a little while later, but we all remember a time in life …


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31 Low-Carb Breakfasts That Will Actually Fill You Up

Breakfast standards and brunch classics with all the deliciousness and a fraction of the carbs.

1. Frozen Berries and Pink Cashew Cream

Basically vegan berry ice cream that you can eat for breakfast. Recipe here.

2. Easy Artichoke, Spinach, and Herb Frittata

Artichokes, broccoli, and fresh herbs make …


A New Series of Water-Activated Illustrations and Games on Seattle Sidewalks Only Appear When It Rains

Famous for its notoriously rainy weather, Seattle is the perfect home for this new series of water-activated interactive artworks, illustrations, and …


A Towering Home in the Alaskan Wilderness Looks Like Something Right out of a Dr. Seuss Book

Jovell RennieAs the story goes, the original owner of this unwieldy building located in Willow, Alaska built his house shortly after a forest fire …



Traditionally, chandeliers have been understood as central, sculptural installations, which become the visual focus of a room. The 14 series, designed by Omer Arbel in 2005, is the original chandelier to challenge this concept. Instead of a central sculptural object, the 14 series is an ambient …