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Photos of Polar Bears Frolicking in a Flowery Field

Wildlife and nature photographer Dennis Fast captured a gorgeous set of photos showing polar bears rolling around in a colorful field of fireweed. …


The Palette Cube is Like a Portable Eyedropper Tool for the Real World

Cube is a small new device from the Australian company Palette. Easily sample colors around you using the portable color digitizer and sample them …


Cross Star Wars Limited Edition Pens: The famous American brand's collection is available now at Bezar's pop-up shop

Founded a long time ago (in 1846) in a galaxy not so far away, Cross is the United States' oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Yet, even with such a significant history and heritage behind them, the brand is unafraid to be playful and forward-thinking. This light-hearted nature is …

Star Wars

aggressive chameleon

Mystic Sunrise


A Modern, Natural Wedding at The Candy Factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Janelle Siegrist (28 and a dessert table stylist/owner of LeeMaeMarie) and Christian Herr (33, and an artist) wanted every part of their wedding to …


RMJ Residence in Brazil Originally Interacting with Natural Elements

Designed by Felipe Bueno & Alexandre Bueno in Uberlândia, Brazil, RMJ Residence is a contemporary family home boasting a living surface of 550 square …


The Observer

Tutorial: An Easy Way to Make Beautiful Powder Clouds

Dina Belenko is a creative still-life photographer from Russia and incredibly successful 500px Prime photographer. Her artistic images capture


Hermit Crab Gets a New 3D-Printed Shell Modeled After a Japanese Wedding Chapel

Artist Aki Inomata continues to give hermit crabs a home in her series of 3D-printed, architecturally-influenced shells. While her previous designs featured habitable, miniaturized cityscapes, she's now turned her attention towards nuptials. The latest shell is called White Chapel and modeled after …


Grapefruit Fennel FizzIngredients:2 oz reposado tequila3 oz fresh grapefruit juice2 oz club soda½ oz honey syrup (equal parts honey and…

• 2 oz reposado tequila
• 3 oz fresh grapefruit juice
• 2 oz club soda
• ½ oz honey syrup (equal parts honey and water)
• 2 dashes lime bitters (or other citrus bitters)
• rosemary salt, garnish
• fennel fronds, garnish

A Modern Live-Work Residence with a Smart Urban Garden

In Halifax, Canada, this modern multi-use residence by Susan Fitzgerald Architecture fosters a sense of community through living, working, and growing.

In a transitional neighborhood in Hailfax, Susan Fitzgerald and her builder partner Brainard embraced the diverse and evolving community around them …


Til the End of Days

5 Crazy Cantilevers


Close Encounter

Leading Lines

Expanding Austin’s City Limits: New Homes in America’s Fastest Growing City

The self-proclaimed live-music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, is the fastest growing major city in the United States. According to census figures published in Slate Magazine, Austin’s population has grown by a staggering 2.9 percent only since last summer. Between 2000 and 2010, Austin’s …


Skylodge Adventure Suites

In between rock climbing 1,000 feet up the face of a mountain and zip lining back down, why not spend the night suspended square on the side of it? …

Rock Climbing

Quicklock Bluetooth & NFC Padlock

With the Quicklock fumbling with metal keys and struggling to remember combinations are no more. In this package, the Bluetooth/NFC key code padlock …


5 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Fall in Love with You

Like it or not, weddings tend to bring out the worst in people, but you don't have to be that girl. We'll tell you how to get in your bridesmaids' good graces and win best bride ever along the way simply by doing the following five things.

1. Let them choose their own dresses
There's nothing a …



Tutorial: How to Process Macro Photos

Siddhant Sahu is a passionate, young macro photographer from India whose work far outstrips his 16 years of age. He uses minimal gear—just a reverse


Planes Paint the Sky with Light in This Tokyo Tilt-Shift

GIFs and screencaps by the author, via.

Bite-sized airplanes leave light trails and ghostly imprints across chalky skies in darwinfish105 timelapse of Tokyo's International Airport. Japan's capital stars in the bulk of the photographer's 200 Vimeo videos, such as his supercity snow globe film, or …


This New Website Will Solve Your #1 Online Shopping Problem

Oh heyyy, fashion enthusiasts! Whether it’s a bridesmaid dress that you have to look bomb in or a jumpsuit you’re rocking to work, it’s easy to tell when someone is sporting an item they are 100% confident in — from the style to the size and fit. Wouldn’t life — and your undoubtedly stellar closet — …

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