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On the Edge

Sleek “Baselamp” Can Turn Ordinary Objects into Illuminating Lamps

The ingenious Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. can transform almost any object into a lamp. Anything that allows light to pass through it—a glass bottle, flower vase, fish bowl, etc.—can now easily turn into a functioning light source. Just set the item on the sleek, minimalist base and watch it instantly …


Wedding Chair Signs Decoration - Mr and Mrs - Joyful

::: HELLO! :::
I’m Tina, the creator of the original Statement Wedding Cake Topper™.
Each artisan wedding chair sign is lovingly-crafted in the heart of Austin, TX.

::: SUPER GLAM :::
Available in metallic gold and silver. Choose your color from the drop down menu.

My chair …

Environmentally Friendly

House Inside a Hill in Vals, Switzerland

This unique home called Villa Vals was built directly into the hillside in Vals, Switzerland. The design is by Christian Muller Architects and …


Chinese Farmers Grow Extraordinary Rice Paddy Art in Vast Fields

Rice farmers in China have carefully planted their harvest to create vast 3D works of art that are both eye-catching displays of contemporary and traditional subjects. These plant-based pieces are so intricate that they look as though they were spray-painted onto the fields. In reality, the …


Valley of the Trolls

On a Peaceful Wooded Lot, a Futuristic Toronto Home is Buzzing with Smart Tech

In a leafy Toronto neighborhood, a Cor-Ten–clad family home is wired for the future.

Project: Heathdale ResidenceArchitect: TACT

The house that TACT Architecture built in Toronto’s Cedarvale neighborhood for Vince and April Casali is as provocative as one of Richard Serra’s massive steel sculptures. …


EMP 15th Anniversary

EMP opened on June 23, 2000

On June 23, 2000, Paul Allen christened his pet project by smashing a glass replica Stratocaster guitar and proclaimed …

Rock Music

Nanoform Sapphire Eternal Storage Disk

Sapphire isn't just a name Fahrenheit 2451 gave their Nanoform storage disk because they thought it looked dreamy photographed against that shade of …


How to: Make a Glowing Table and Shelves

Oh. My. Goodness. A glowing table. I mean, seriously, how cool is that? The process might seem daunting, but it sounds like it's pretty easy. This …


Drowning in Delirium

Frosted Footprint

A Historic London Building Gets a Modern Update with a Dramatic Staircase

Fraher Architects gives a London building dated to 1870 a clean makeover.

Getting permission to renovate a historically listed townhouse in London can be trying. Fraher Architects spent months meeting with planning officials before they were given the okay to do “something more than a pastiche of …


Ant in Wonderland

Top 20 Unique Backdrops for Wedding Ceremony Ideas

To make your ceremony venue stand out in a personal and unique way, wedding backdrops can easily help set the mood and express your personality;


The Colors' Kingdom

27 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas


3D Printed Faucets: DXV by American Standard

A whole new era of fixtures is here: 3D printed faucets. DXV by American Standard is taking it to the next level with their brand new creative faucet …

3D Printing

Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village Being Swallowed By Nature

Shengsi, an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river, holds a secret shrouded in time – an abandoned fishing village …


A complete guide to growing your own bridal blooms

So you’ve put yourself in charge of your own wedding bouquets and arrangements? Some may tell you it’s an ambitious project that you should fear, but …


Wi-Fi-powered electronics make Nikola Tesla's dream a reality

[youtube =]What if you could power your iPhone from thin air? Making wires redundant was one of Nikola …

Computer Hardware

Thousand-yard Stare

20 Awesome Photo Ideas For Wedding Parties Who Know How To Have Fun

All too often, brides and grooms get bogged down in big day B.S. and forget the most important ingredient of an awesome wedding (besides love, of course!): fun.

One way to increase your matrimonial fun quotient? By goofing off and letting loose with your besties and bros. Below are 20 wedding party …


TZOA Wearable Enviro-Tracker Provides You with Air Quality Information in Your Environment

Do you have constant worry about air pollution around you? You might as well get TZOA, a wearable enviro-tracker that provides you with essential …



DIY | Pinecone Fire Starter Favors

Another fabulous week has made way for another fabulous DIY Friday project! Today we are getting into the winter season and sharing how to make …


Old-Meets-New in Modern Renovation of An Old Church - Design Milk

This neglected church, once part of the Sant Francesc Convent, was renovated by Catalan architect David Closes. Located in the town of Santpedor, …


Arctic light