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Thinking of starting a podcast? Don’t.

NPR, Edison Research Release "The Smart Audio Report" - Edison Research

<i>Somerville, New Jersey; June 21, 2017</i>: According to The Infinite Dial 2017, 7% of Americans 12+ own a “Smart Speaker,” the category of …

Google Home

Apple's New Transparency Is Huge for Podcasts Everywhere

In 2017, it seems like everyone has a podcast. Hillary Clinton. Your utility company. Hypothetical spokespeople for Darth Vader’s utility company. …

The Biggest Thing to Happen to Podcasts Since Serial Just Happened.

Why Can't Music Be Played In Podcasts?


Let's Click "Pause" And Celebrate International Podcast Day?

I Tried Apple CarPlay ... So Should You

7 Ways to Fix Your Podcast

How Long Should Your Podcast Be?

The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics

My good friends at Edison Research handled the data gathering for my new book, Hug Your Haters, and we discovered that customer service is being …

The Generational Divide Becomes Larger

Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)?

<b>Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)?</b>Want to increase your marketing power? Not sure how to do this? In the business world there …

The head of TED says the best public speakers have one thing in common — and it's not charisma or charm

Charisma and charm may help you get an audience's attention, but you'll need more than that to keep them interested.<p>Chris Anderson, the head curator …

6 Reasons Why Podcasting Is The Future Of Storytelling

Since the beginning of time (and the advent of humans), oral storytelling has served a critical role as the sole means of abstracting experiences and emotions in narrative form. Ancient oral storytellers were revered keepers of local knowledge, history, and traditions in their …

4 Steps to Podcasting Success

Shares 1K<p><b>Are you thinking of becoming a podcaster?</b> Are you curious about what it takes to become successful? If you answered yes, this article is for …

Six Habits of The Best Conversationalists

Becoming a good conversationalist requires having a certain set of skills in your communication toolbox.<p>Some people have the gift of gab, and can talk to anyone about anything. And some people struggle to make small talk. What separates the two isn’t knowing what to talk about; it’s polishing up …


35 Outstanding Podcast Picks From Entrepreneurs Like You

These favorite podcasts were chosen by the real experts (a.k.a. the entrepreneurs who love to listen).<p>I thought it would be fun to create a list of popular podcasts, but download numbers can be skewed so who's to say what's popular? With that in mind I reached out to my list of peers, clients, and …


The 15 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to make your commute or lunch hour more productive? Then you should give these podcasts a listen.<p>Podcasts have become a very useful tool for the busy entrepreneur. They're easy to create, are quick to digest (especially for those with longer commute times or who use public transport), …


Podcast ideas for creative content marketers

Podcasts aren't a new form of media, although recent pop-culture darlings "Serial" and "Startup" have re-introduced the idea of audio material as a …

What Could Happen if You Launch a Podcast in the Next 30 Days? - Copyblogger

Let’s start with a question you know the answer to:<p><b>What do you need to build a successful online business today?</b><p>Well, you start with a growing, loyal …

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