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Want to Stop Procrastinating? Try the 10-Minute Rule and Get More Done

Get into the habit of tackling those tasks you're tempted to put off.<p>"I know what I need to do. I just can't make myself do it." That's a statement I've heard more times than I could count in my therapy office.<p>Procrastination is a bad mental habit and that can get worse over time. But the 10-minute …


What do you do when all you can think is: "I don't want to be here"?

A first-hand account of depression, seeking help and group CBT<p>It's the night of November 21st, and I am standing in a packed west London venue …

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Depression Makes You Better

Would you say you're a good judge of character? Do you have a great memory? Not easily tricked? Can you clearly and persuasively express yourself in writing? Congratulations, you're probably a depressed sack of shit!<p>Would you say you’re a good judge of character? Do you have a great memory? Not …

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8 Things Happy People Do Every Morning, According to a Mindfulness Expert

The world often seems to be divided into two types of people. There are those that drag themselves out of bed in the morning and can’t speak before …

Autism And Special Needs Children, What Every Parent Should Know

It became obvious to me almost immediately that it wasn't the child who needed 'quick and responsive' help - it was the parent. As she sat there in …


Can You Tell Which Drugs Someone Is On By Looking At Their Eyes?

Most cops are trained to spot drug users and visually identify what they're on based on how they act, identifying signssuch as track marks and burns, …

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Behind The Happy Face: A Few Hidden Truths And Facts About Depression And Suicide

Perhaps, you can still remember the day when your sister called you to tell you the bad news. Her best friend and colleague at work decided to call …

What Happiness Is Not

Seems we're all in search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or our plan to find the perfect mate and live happily ever after. Problem is …


How to Remain Optimistic Through Change

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the change that's happening in your world? Use optimism to transform your overwhelm into confidence.

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Where Does Happiness Come from, Mommy?

Here are 7 ideas for helping your child find more smiles and laughter in their life, and experience year-round the happiness, wonder, and magic we …


23 Quotes That Brilliantly Illustrate the Concept of Emotional Intelligence

The terms emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional quotient (EQ) are relatively new, but the concepts are anything but.<p>Emotional intelligence is defined as a person's ability to identify emotions (in both themselves and others), to recognize the powerful effects of those emotions, and to use that …

Emotional Intelligence

How to Manage Your Emotions Without Fighting Them

We often hear tips and tricks for helping us to “control” our emotions, but that’s the wrong idea: strong emotions aren’t bad, and they don’t need to be pushed down or controlled; they are, in fact, data. Our emotions evolved as a signaling system, a way to help us communicate with each other and …


Masculinity Audit Into Causes Of Suicide Reveals Men Suffer Depression In A Way Even Doctors Could Miss

New report: Men are three times more likely than women to take their own lives.<p>The unequal impacts of mental health issues on men in the UK are revealed today in a landmark report into the causes of male suicide.<p>The research, carried out by the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and The …


Never Too Old To Grow a "New Brain" Against Dementia

So the good news is that all of us, especially older adults, have dementia. Yes, that is the good news.


I’m Not an Asshole. I’m an Introvert

I can be loud at times, and I’m not shy, so a lot of people assume that I’m an extrovert. But I’m not. I’m an introvert. When I explain this to people, they ask me, “Well, if you’re such an introvert, why are you talking to a group of strangers in an elevator? This is a social interaction that you …

Choose to Forgive, Because You Deserve to Be Happier

Happiness Lifestyle<p>If you want to be happy or even happiest person in the world you must learn to be forgive. Forgiveness is the key to happiness-but …

How Men Experience Depression Differently Than Everyone Else

The condition isn't one size fits all.<p>Depression can be a real monster.<p>The mental health disorder, which affects nearly 350 million people worldwide, can include a range of emotional symptoms such as extreme sadness, loss of motivation and displeasure in activities and physical ailments like …


10 Ways to Prevent School Bullying

Bullying at school can affect your child in a number of ways. Not only does it have a negative impact on the social environment, but it also creates …


How We Became ADHD Nation

How did we reach the point where one in seven American children is diagnosed with ADHD?


Why Clowns Creep Us Out

Clowns are mischievous and unpredictable, and they have an association with serial killers in real life and in the movies. In other words, clowns are …


Why I Hate the Phrase “Hang in There”

Avoid this mindless cliché that can have double meaning in depression!

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The Emotional State Of being F.I.N.E.

Relationships are kinda like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it might change. But what really constitutes a great relationship? What if your …


Internet addiction may indicate other mental health problems in college-aged students

A new survey of internet users suggests that people who use the internet excessively may have more mental health problems. Using two scales to …


The Signs That You Might Be In An Abusive Relationship

Your abuser’s apologies and loving gestures in between the episodes of abuse can make it difficult to leave. He or she may make you believe that you …


10 DrBev Tips To Discover Who You Truly Are

As children we may have been told not to brag or be selfish “You have your nose so far up in the air, you can’t smell your top lip!” While teenagers, …

Can a Dog Really Suffer From Depression?

One of the breakthroughs in veterinary medicine has been the recognition that dogs and humans may have similar psychological problems and can be …


14 Lies That Our Professors in Medical School Taught Us

<b>Lie # 1:</b> <b>“The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) tests all new psychiatric drugs”</b><p>False. Actually the FDA only reviews studies that were designed, …

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease Is Easier Than You Think

The long, slow journey to Alzheimer's Disease begins in your twenties. Find out if you are already on the road to dementia, and how you can change …