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One reason to wake up smiling! #artforfreedom

Pray for Peace in the Middle East! #revolutionoflove #artforfreedom #humandignity

SecretProjectRevolution in Rio de Janeiro

We are #strongerthanfear !!!! Stronger than the oppressors of freedom! Education for girls everywhere! #malala #revolutionoflove #artforfreedom #rayoflight

Ray Caesar - The Trouble with Angels

#secretprojectrevolution - Toronto

Ice-cream for change


A tree turned into Art at the Heidelberg project created by Tyree Guyton turning Urban decay and arson into Art! #revolutionoflove

Visiting the Heidelberg Project in Detroit! The signs are everywhere! Keep Detroit Alive! #revolutionoflove

#secretprojectrevolution - Los Angeles

At EmPowermentplan with De Mequa and Netty women who once lived in homeless shelters now creating coats and handbags and the amazing glasses I'm wearing! Encouraging women to take charge of there lives! These ladies are mad cool! #revolutionoflove #bringbackdetroit

Sharing stories with kids at the Detroit Achievement Academy! Very impressed by Kyle Smitley and her team doing what they can to bring education back to the Motor City! #knowledgeispower #revolutionoflove

Fight For Freedom! Fight For Detroit! @ Downtown Boxing Gym! #revolutionoflove

The Amazing Women at Empowermentplan! They make coats that turn into sleeping bags! So innovative. So inspiring! #artforfreedom #revolutionoflove #bringbackdetroit

I know why the caged bird sings! Maya Angelou lives on forever! #iconic #artforfreedom

A truly inspirational poet, writer, artist, woman, activist, human being! Thank you for your words of wisdom and your big beautiful heart! #rebelheart #artforfreedom

Power resides where we believe it resides! @l'uomovogue. #artforfreedom #iconic #unaplogeticbitch

Thinking of all the amazing Mothers. In the world working to build better lives! Happy Mothers Day! #rayoflight #raisingmalawi #revolutionoflove


First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment) | First Kiss Video


Make Drag - Not War 3 presented by Veteran Artists

5th Passion For Freedom Festival 2013

XELLE Red Flag Official Music Video

Let It Be (Cover by My Students)

What i wanted to wear to Met Ball but Anna said Not this year! So I'm gonna work on music instead? #artforfreedom

Trust needs to be EARNED! #artforfreedom