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Midday Runs With My Wife

They’re short and slow—and some of the best “quality” mileage I’ve ever logged.<p>My wife and I do it once or twice a week. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much. But it’s more than we used to do it, which was almost never—and, honestly, it’s about as often as our busy schedules allow.<p>With two small …

Hung Up

18 Things No One Tells You About Running a Half-Marathon with Your S.O. | Women's Health

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Being The Other Woman Changed My Life For The BETTER | Women's Health

"I'm going to Ireland..." he said. Wait, what? That didn't seem too bad. In fact, that seemed kind of awesome. But he wasn't finished. "...with my wife."<p>There was the punch in the stomach I was waiting for.<p>"She's going for work. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, all expenses paid. She'll be …

These Full-Body Moves Will Give You a Giant Push Toward the Trails | Women's Health

And since it's our final week, we’re going all in with our long hike! A six-mile adventure on the treadmill, to be exact. Here's how it breaks down: one mile flat road, two miles at a two percent incline, one mile at three percent, one mile at four percent, and then finish it off with one more mile …

5 Ways to Deal When You’re Tempted to Cheat on Your Partner | Women's Health

Well, in my professional opinion as a life coach, it’s okay to have these thoughts. We're all sexual beings, and fighting against those feelings goes against the very essence of who we are. I've found that the more you resist any thought of cheating, the worse you'll feel.<p>But if the idea of …

5 Ways to Lose 5 Pounds—From the Guy Who Gets A-Listers in Shape

<b>RELATED:</b> 7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight<p>Part of the problem is that bigger bodies burn more calories, so the smaller you get, the harder you have to work in order to drop pounds. But that doesn't mean you have to starve or kill yourself at the gym to lose more fat.<p>We called up celebrity trainer …

Yet another beautiful Icelandic waterfall. I was lucky enough to time my arrival to Seljalandsfoss just as the sun was setting, and witnessed an absolutely breathtaking sunset behind the falls. I'd never seen a sunset from BEHIND a waterfall, and was spellbound how it lit up the water in this crazy pink hue. Truly an amazing spectacle. Photo by @magnumji

A shot from an incredible hike around the Matterhorn. I captured this photo in Switzerland during our #ngstudentexpeditions trip in the alps. Photo by trip leader @passepartout87

We need more evenings like this ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️

#Matterhorn magic #Switzerland photo by @susanseubert

@noriecicerone is in Ireland this week. It was a grand, soft day, as the Irish say. St. Kevin of Glendalough wandered these parts in the 6th century and established a monastery, now in ruins. The famous ascetic lived in a cave and supposedly hid from women who tried to seduce him. There's a song by the Dubliners about him. County Wicklow, Ireland. #2014ATWS #Ireland @failte_ireland @irelandswaw