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Obama Scrambling Around White House Kitchen Before State Dinner

Boss’s Clout Evaporates After He’s Seen In Shorts At Company Picnic

AKRON, OH—Squandering the authority and respect accumulated during his tenure, Pantheon Systems senior manager Robert Crawford, 52, reportedly had …


Dear Boss: Your Team Wants You to Go on Vacation

Over the past decade, a staggering number of studies have demonstrated that our work performance plummets when we work prolonged periods without a break. We know that overworked employees are prone to mood swings, impulsive decision-making, and poor concentration. They’re more likely to lash out at …

The Workplace

New Claritin Flamethrower Incinerates Whatever Causing Allergies

WHIPPANY, NJ—Touting the product’s ability to combat common seasonal and year-round allergens, pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer introduced Wednesday …

Periscope lets you watch the world live with new map feature

A new update to live video streaming app Periscope makes it possible to jump in and out of live streams across the globe.<p>If you want to watch people …

Why Compassion Is a Better Managerial Tactic than Toughness

Stanford University neurosurgeon Dr. James Doty tells the story of performing surgery on a little boy’s brain tumor. In the middle of the procedure, the resident who is assisting him gets distracted and accidentally pierces a vein. With blood shedding everywhere, Doty is no longer able to see the …


What The Apple Watch Could Be

What is the Apple Watch? The simple answer is Apple’s first smartwatch. In fact Apple calls it its “most personal device ever”. But early reviewers have wrestled with the <i>raison d’être</i> of the Apple Watch.<p>“Do you want another tiny computer in your life that you have to worry about and charge every …


Fooled by Experience

We rely on the weight of experience to make judgments and decisions. We interpret the past—what we’ve seen and what we’ve been told—to chart a course for the future, secure in the wisdom of our insights. After all, didn’t our ability to make sense of what we’ve been through get us where we are now? …


Candidate Profile: Hillary Clinton

• <b>Campaign Slogan</b>: “I deserve this”• <b><br>Campaign Strategy</b>: Overwhelming tide of inevitability• <b><br>Spouse</b>: Former Arkansas attorney general William Jefferson …


How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

Even if you love your job, it’s common to feel burnt out from time to time. Perhaps you just wrapped up a big project and are having trouble mustering motivation for the next one. It could be that your home life is taking up more of your energy than usual. Or maybe you’re just bored. What’s the …


Reimagining the Boardroom for an Age of Virtual Reality and AI

Boards challenge their executives to get with the digital age — but many haven’t followed their own good advice.<p>They’re <i>starting</i> to use more digital tools to gather information, post questions and comments, connect individuals in remote locations, and present ideas more visually. (Examples include …

Virtual Reality

Apple Watch: The Secret History of the iPhone Killer | WIRED

In early 2013, Kevin Lynch accepted a job offer from Apple. Funny thing about the offer: It didn’t say what he would be doing. So intense is Apple’s …


Here's how Amazon will convert your place into a smart home

For Amazon, a "smart home" scenario isn't a question of if — but rather, when.<p>The tech giant announced hardware and a cloud-based service on Tuesday, …

Two Ways to Clarify Your Professional Passions

Have you ever noticed that highly effective people almost always say they love what they do? If you ask them about their good career fortune, they’re likely to advise that you have to love what you do in order to perform at a high level of effectiveness. They will talk about the critical importance …


Apple rumor mill: 3 iPhones could launch this year

It's not unusual for Apple to debut two versions of the iPhone each year, but this year, we could see the launch of three.<p>According to <i>DigiTimes</i>, …

Positive Teams Are More Productive

All managers would like their teams to be more productive. Yet most companies are using the same old methods: strategic plans, goal-setting, streamlining operations, reducing inefficiency. Others are offering employee perks, such as on-site food, daycare, or gyms. Others are offering bigger bonuses …

Employee Engagement

Report: New Apple TV with Siri coming this summer

We may finally see a new Apple TV this summer, according to a new report.<p>Apple will show off an updated Apple TV set-top box, along with an App …

Study Finds Majority Of Deaths Caused By Failure To Heed Omens

GENEVA—Explaining that simply identifying the phenomena can significantly reduce the risk of early mortality, the World Health Organization released …

World Health Organization