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A Killer Vegetarian Fourth of July Menu Even an Omnivore Will Love

It seems like Independence Day is always about burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and chicken, but that doesn't mean that vegetarians (or plain vegetable lovers like me) can't celebrate their independence with a whole mess of smoky, charred, grilled foods and delicious side dishes as well. This year, …

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Cauliflower?

Cauliflower's seen new life on restaurant menus and magazine recipe pages, but professionals and savvy home cooks alike have long appreciated its gently sweet flavor, hefty crunch, handy caramelizing power, and all those nooks and crannies to soak in sauce. So we asked a pool of experts for some …


Since everybody was showing this off, I had to try it, too. Amazing, it really works!!!!!! This is "egg snow" made of the juice in chickpea cans... Sounds weird, I know, but it's actually very tasty. 270 ml chickpea juice that's left over in the cans (equals 2 cans) 1/2 tsp guar (add more if you want it more stable) 2 tsp grated vanilla bean 3 tbsp icing sugar (add more if you want it more stable) Whip it up, the longer you whisk, the fluffier and bigger the mass will be! If you add beetroot juice, spinach juice, orange juice or else, you can even make colorful baisers or macaroons. For the macaroons, simply whip the mass up with almond flour and bake the halves, add the "egg" snow mass and put together the halves. 😍

A huge bowl of blueberry nice cream at 38 deg C. Nothing better to cool down than nana ice 🍌💜

Aaaah, summer food, how I love you 😍 big bowls of donut peaches, nectarines, apples, mango and cherries 🍏🍑🍒💛

So simple and yet so delicious. One of the easiest lunch dishes to prep ahead AND it tastes so much better the next day: Couscous salad! Spiced up with ras-el-hanout, ayvar, fresh spring onions and fresh coriander, this stuff is amazing. I only added cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lime juice and meat and red paprika.

A little different post today: I made these sweet treats for my wedding 👰🏼👨🏽💍🎉 yesterday and will definitely make a blog post about the how-to. I am now leaving for my honeymoon ✈️🌴☀️ and will probably stay offline the whole time! Yesterday, I had the honor of marrying my best friend, my partner in crime, the funniest, most reliable, craziest person on this planet and I am proud to call myself his wife. We had the most beautiful day of all times and couldn't wish for a better one! Talk to you again soon, have fun and lots of love 💕

Yesterday's dinner - a bit late but here it is! Leftovers from a red Thai curry kind of thing I made the other day. Veggies with red curry paste, coconut milk and a splash of soy sauce along with very sticky jasmine rice 🍚 This week is so exciting! I just picked up guests from the US who are with us this week and I am so looking forward to spending time with the people whom I lived with back in 1998/99 as a foreign exchange student in the US!!! (yes, I am *THAT* old 😂)

You guys, this is exciting!!! My girls organized something spectacular for me last night: a vegan cooking session where @the_vegan_foodnerd assisted them preparing a 3-course vegan menu. ALL MY GIRLS ARE OMNI!!!! They tried EVERYTHING and look at the results, isn't that amazing? I still can't fully express my gratitude and happiness and joy and... you get my point 😉 Shown here is cornflake covered tempeh with coconut rice salad, fried mung bean sprouts, baked bok choi along with homemade vegan mayonnaise 😍😍😍 Ladies, you are ahhhh-mazing!

Mmmmhhhhh dinner 🌿 Leafy greens with spring onion, coriander, basil, chili, raspberry vinegar and cashews. This was a bit hot but I love when food is spicy! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening folks ☀️

Oil free potato fries seasoned with paprika and chili powder. Those are soooo good - and so easy! Just season them and put in oven for ~30 minutes at 200 deg C. Maybe turn them around at halftime. Have a green salad along 🌿

Feasting on rye sourdough bread with guacamole accompanied by 1 liter of my #detox morning tea and a huge #greensmoothie (more about that one later). Wherever you are, I hope you have as much sunshine in your face like I do today 💚

Dinner in the making: a huge potato casserole with mushrooms and yellow onions. Sauce will be vegan cream seasoned with red pesto, nutmeg, coarse sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper

Breakfast today is vanilla porridge, cooked with oat milk, garnished with banana and mango sauce. Along with a liter of tea from my 14 days tea detox ☕️

Curried #veggie skewers straight off the barbecue on this lovely Easter Sunday evening☀️

Good morning lovelies ☀️ we say hi to this sunny day with a fruity breakfast along with loooots of tea! I'm trying a tea detox the next 2 weeks, let's see how it works!

Hi 👋✋👋✋ Early dinner for me today: pasta with rocket, red pesto, seeds and chili flakes! Lovely Easter holidays everyone 🌷💐🌷

Today I satisfied my unbearable craving for #vegan pancakes with this tower of yum! Dough: spelt flour, coconut milk, oat milk, maple syrup and vanilla bean. Chocolate sauce: coconut oil, coconut milk, raw cacao, maple syrup Layer: banana and walnuts I will put the exact measures up on the blog tonight.

It's a green #smoothie shots kind of morning. Spinach, bananas and oranges - a very needed little power boost!

One of my sweet friends made dinner for me today. She is not a #vegan but thought to surprise me with a vegan soup: Carrot-ginger-coconut milk garnished with parsley and carrots. Sooooo very yummy and the best part of it: quick and easy! I will definitely try her recipe soon again. Thanks sweetie!

Good morning on this lovely sunny Saturday ☀️ I'm starting my day with a huge #greensmoothie (spinach, bananas, oranges, apples, carrots and a pinch of matcha powder). This smoothie contains ingredients that I had to #reusereducerecycle as the spinach and bananas did not look very appealing anymore but were still fine for a smoothie. Stopping the food waste one smoothie at the time 💚

My lunch: basmati rice, stir fried veggies (no oil, just tossed in a wok), potato coins and bean-quinoa burgers. Not pictured: sour cream and guacamole 💚

You all know that glorious moment when you open 2 (TWO!) perfectly ripe avocados and jump for joy 💚 So happy I could make some epic guacamole with them: 2 avocados, 1 garlic clove, juice and meat of one lime, 3 stems coriander, a pinch of salt and jalapeños. Also showing off my new bracelet which just arrived yesterday and I already loooove it 💚

Yes, this just happened. I cut up my two rawbite bars and a banana and now: snacky time 😄💛

The rest of my veggies and rice just wandered off into wraps along with freshly made guacamole (just one avocado, lime juice and meat, jalapeño, sea salt and garlic) and cherry tomatoes. My former Asian style dinner became sort of Mexican 😀

Lunch today was a salad made of raw broccoli, mache, cherry tomatoes, crushed roasted cashews and a Dijon dressing with seeds and evoo *omnomnom*

Dinner tonight is simple: just basmati rice with fried veggies, seasoned with fresh ginger, sesame, soy sauce and chives. Back to cooking, folks. Watch out 😉

Oh how I wish I could have this smoothie now! I miss this food - right now I'm only allowed to have plain rice, pasta or potatoes. As this is pretty boring, in trying to sneak in some tastier stuff such as basil olive oil etc. The pictured smoothie is a red berry smoothie I had a few weeks ago and I'm convinced I'll have it again soon!

Part two of last night's dinner: basmati rice with veggies quickly tossed together in my wok. Only seasoned with 7 spices and soy sauce.

Before our main dish (basmati rice with mixed veggies) we had a pho with udon noodles, pak choi, brussel sprouts, chives and celery. Now relaxing with my 💏 What are you up to this Saturday night?