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Male Fitness Physique - Glenn Richardson


The last vampire

Scrumptious Appetizer: Cheesey Mushroom Pull Apart Bread

It’s weekend, and this is a reason to try something special in our kitchen, for us, for friends, for guests. Mushrooms and cheese make this pull …

Zucchini Pizza Boats Recipe

It’s quite unfortunate that some people cannot process lactose or gluten, but having a sensibility like that shouldn’t interfere with tasting …

Bacon Breakfast Cupcakes Recipe

How do you feel about a cupcake for breakfast? You may think that it’s not very nutritious or not at all a great idea, since cupcakes are rather for …

Blooming Onion Recipe

This next recipe just too good to be true! For those of you, who just love onion rings the Blooming Onion recipe will be a delight. It’s more an …


Blake Ritson


PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to turn a BAD picture into a GREAT picture #37

Advanced Imaging Reveals a Computer 1,500 Years Ahead of Its Time

X-rays and advanced photography have uncovered the true complexity of the mysterious Antikythera mechanism, a device so astonishing that its …

The athlete 2

ALex - fitness model