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10 Ways to Decorate With Guitars That Would Make Taylor Swift Proud

When it comes to decking out our digs, we’re all about creative decorating, especially if the decor can serve a dual purpose. And ever since we learned Taylor Swift has a wall of guitars hanging in her Nashville home, we’ve been inspired to add some musical touches to our walls. Scroll on for 10 …


21 IKEA Nightstand Hacks Your Bedroom Needs

Has anyone solved the mystery of why nightstands are so expensive? Yes, we need them for keeping all our lotions, books and chargers neatly stored away, but when you have to buy two of them you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount. IKEA comes to the rescue with their simple and universally …

The Best Paint Color Ideas for Your Living Room

Yes, you can go bold in this space. Get inspired by these ideas to give your family's go-to spot a fresh new look.

Living Rooms

12 Brilliant Ideas For Decorating With Mirrors

Interior Design

Decorating Tips for Anyone on a Shoestring Budget

Call us optimists, but we think everyone under the sun can and should have a beautiful home. If you’re pinching pennies, there’s plenty you can do to …

Home Decorating

Five Houseplants Even I Haven't Killed

I wish I'd inherited my mother's green thumb. But truth is, when it comes to plants, if it's alive in my house it's probably pretty hardy. Here are …


Decoration: Some Ways To Make Your Home Look Elegant On Budget, Home Look Elegant Interior, Elegant Living Room Decoration

Some Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant On Budget

Home » Decoration » Some Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant On Budget

Posted by Jennifer Lawrence,

Home Decorating

Personalized Sharpie Dot Mug

This personalized mug is nice enough to give as a gift and easy enough for the kids to make. It’s a fun way to turn a plain mug into something …


Best Online Sources: Table Legs for Furniture DIY Projects

One of the fastest ways to update an existing table (either changing the look or the function) is to put new legs on it. And, one of the easiest ways …


16 Stunning Bathroom Updates to Do This Weekend

Bathrooms are usually one of the last things we update because it’s the most expensive room (besides the kitchen) to renovate. If marble tile, a new tub and a rain shower aren’t in your budget, there are lots of little changes you can do in a weekend. Whether you’re renting and can’t change much or …


Fascinating Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Carpet That Must Be Seen - Home Decorating Ideas

Some people desire comfortable bedroom, so it can fascinate them as the owners. It is caused bedroom is the private room for spending time in …


Top Headboards: NOYO Slipcovered & RH French Wing

NOYO Slipcovered Headboards• From $129If you aspire to redo your bedroom in a jiffy and add a headboard, which I totally recommend, this is a super …


DIY Vintage Frame Dry Erase Calendar

We’re only a few months into the school year and I already feel like I can’t keep my family’s schedules straight. Parent meetings, doctors …


How to Cut Glass Underwater

What? Really? Cut glass under water? With scissors…check out the video showing a woman cutting a circle out of glass with scissors, under water. Hard …


15 Furniture Makeovers You Need to Pin Now

There’s nothing we love more than a good makeover, especially when there’s vintage furniture involved. Do you have a vintage dresser you’re dying to breathe new life into, or an IKEA headboard you’ve been meaning to doll up? We’ve got just the makeover tutorials you’ll need to turn any old and …

17 Easy Copper Projects For Every Room Of Your House

Copper is this season's superstar metal--here are 17 super-simple ways to incorporate it into your decor.


How To Recover an Old Lampshade

Recovering an old lampshade with new fabric is one of the easiest ways to make a large impact on a room — without largely impacting your budget. No …


3 DIY Headboards That Totally Transform a Bedroom

These projects are an excuse to try something a bit adventurous. This article originally appeared on

A unique and luxurious-looking headboard can instantly make over a space. Our home team shares three suprisingly easy ways to craft your own (in as little as one hour!) plus …

18 Stunning DIY Wall Art Projects You Will Love - Part 2

Making your own DIY wall art is the best way of getting the exact kind of decor that you want in your home, since you're the boss and you can craft


How-To: Glow Table

Why settle for a normal wooden table when you can make one that glows in the dark?! Resin casting meets woodworking awesomeness with a touch of UV magic in this wonderfully weird glow table tutorial from mikeasaurus at Instructables!

The table gets its glow from glow-in-the-dark powder that was …


30 Awesome DIY Projects that You’ve Never Heard of

Do you know what’s great about DIY projects? Everything. When you make items yourself, you can choose projects that suit your tastes, create them in …

10 Clever DIY Ways to Store Kitchen Spices

No matter the square footage of your kitchen, the perfect amount of space for storage and prep always seems just out of reach. Fortunately, nothing …

14 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Awesome

These DIY projects aren't just pretty—they'll make your home snazzier and more awesome.

1. Wine Cork Trivet

Alyssa & Carl

If you're a wine-drinker who likes to save your corks, figuring out what to do with the leftovers can be a dilemma. Luckily, Alyssa & Carla have a great idea for a dead-simple …

15 Genius DIY Storage Solutions


Udon Recipes: The Japanese Noodle That'll Make You Feel Great About Winter

Ramen may be everyone's favorite Japanese noodle soup these days, but just because it's the trendiest doesn't mean it's the best. We're huge fans of ramen -- don't get us a wrong. We could eat ramen for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks any day of the week, instant …


10 DIY Projects That Are Past Their Prime (And How To Update Them)


How-To: Geometric Paper Lamp

Make a fun, foldable geometric paper lamp with this neat tutorial from 2nd Funnest Thing!

The instructions are in Spanish, but the step-by-step photos make the project pretty clear.

Give it a try this weekend! Click here to see the full how-to.

[Via CraftGawker]


A Lifestyle Blog: How to Paint Wood Paneling {DIY Instructions}

As promised, here are the how-to instructions for how to take a room looking like this:

To something like this:

And this:

Let’s get to it! Here’s a list …


How to Make Lavender Sachets {Tutorial}

Lavender sachets are my favorite! I’ve sold hundred of these beautiful sachets over the last couple years on Etsy…they make the best gifts EVER! …