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You Must Build a Boat to survive this killer indie game

Luca Redwood, the main powerhouse indie developer behind EightyEight Games, has taken the last three years of his life to make a sequel to critical darling match-three game, <i>10000000</i>.<p>Sadly, it’s not named <i>10000001</i>, but rather <i>You Must Build a Boat</i>. In it, you actually do need to build a large, …

A big Ren and Stimpy mural pops up in Brooklyn

Happy happy, joy joy<p>Brooklyn got a little extra artistic joy this week with the creation of a Ren and Stimpy mural on Graham Ave. The street artist known as Jerkface is the force behind the cement collage of wide, pink eyes and flopping tongues. Cartoons seem like well-trod ground for the New …

A Bluetooth 'smart outlet' is cheap and simple, but also limited

The lights turn on and environment controls go into full swing as you approach. With a simple remote, you're able to bend appliances to your will. It's the ideal <i>Jetsonian</i> smart home and it's no longer the future; you can have it today. By picking up some connected switches and bulbs, it's easy to …

Stocking Stuffers! Get several Quirky products for just $1 with free shipping

This offer has expired!<p>Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest deals and more. Sign-up for our newsletters and have our best offers delivered to your inbox daily.<p>Today only, Quirky’s has put some of its creations on sale for just $1 with free shipping. Or take 50% off nearly every other …

The best touchscreen gloves

<i>This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a list of the best technology to buy. Read the full article below at</i> <i></i><p>Over the past three winters, we've tested more than 20 pairs of touchscreen gloves while moving half a ton of stumps, climbing on ice, and just walking and …

The best Apple Watch apps for cheating at math and science

Cheaters in school these days have it too easy. In my day, we had to program cheat sheets of formulas into our giant graphing calculators. Now that the Apple Watch is coming out, the cat and mouse game between students and teachers is about to change.<p>Mobixee’s educational suite of Apple Watch apps …

Sony SmartWatch 3 review: dull design, but great for runners

This here is the Sony SmartWatch 3. That might make it sound like it's the third iteration in a line of gadgets, but really, it's the first. That's because even though this is Sony's third smartwatch (fourth if you count the Sony Ericsson LiveView), it's actually Sony's first that comes with …

Knight of Cups could be Christian Bale's wildest film yet

Terrence Malick is back with another gorgeous movie<p>Christian Bale has been in a lot of crazy movies, but every actor sort of enters another dimension when they take part in a Terrence Malick film. Malick has one of the most recognizable styles in filmmaking, known for his movies' gorgeous, dreamy, …

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Use This Clever Trick To See Your iPhone's True Signal Strength

Ever find yourself questioning how accurate those little signal strength dots are on your iPhone?<p>Luckily, there's a trick to reveal your iPhone's true signal strength, and it takes less than a minute to enable.<p>First, you'll need to access a hidden app on your phone called Field Test Mode. To do …