By Luis Ismodes | Artículos de uno de los roles más importantes de los profesionales TIC del nuevo milenio

Taller de transformación Digital y Mejores Prácticas Agiles en AREQUIPA 6 y 7 de Diciembre.

ITIL and DevOps: Differences & Frameworks Working Together

With the rise of Agile and DevOps, what becomes of ITIL®? Gene Kim, the author of The Phoenix Project (along with Keven Behr & George Spafford), …


What is ISO 27001?


By Anja Neubauer, Kepner-Tregoe<p>Researchers estimate that about 60% of people are visual thinkers; they pick up information by seeing it. You can …


Taller de Transformación Digital 26 y 27 de Octubre. Para más información escríbenos a

How dev and ops can prepare for computing's next big leap

Computing is changing. Need proof? Consider HPE's Memory-Driven Computing architecture, which combines photonic data transmission with non-volatile …


Colliding the Worlds of DevOps, ITIL® and Agile

Change is the order of the day, and now more than ever, the pace of business and technology change is accelerating. Businesses and customers are …

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Agile Service Management - Where ITIL Meets Agile, with Donna Knapp

Making service management agile

The IT Service Management (ITSM) mindset in 2017 needs to shift, both culturally and in ways of working that are about breaking down barriers and …

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What are the most critical DevOps Tools? -

What are the most critical DevOps tools categories? According to the results of a new survey by CA Technologies the answers may be surprising. That …


Giving a Presentation? Use These 9 Tips to Own the Room

rucsandrams / Pixabay<p>On the morning of my first speech, I was so nervous that I seriously considered slamming my car into a tree on the drive to the …

Agile 2013 Talk: How DevOps Changes Everything

The most important DevOps things I’ve learned over the last 4 years. I presented this at Agile 2013 in Nashville, TN. #agile #devops #automation #culture #distributedTeams #measurement #sharing #bestPractices


Combinando Mejores Prácticas Agiles para la Transformación Digital 07 de octubre del 2017 de 9 am a 6 pm. Escribenos a

ITIL Service Catalogue – a window to the world

Branimir Valentic | March 19, 2013<p>There is seldom such a controversial topic in IT Service Management as Service Catalogue. Though used by many …

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Back to ITSM Basics: Do You Deliver Valuable Services, or Just Tech?

Back to ITSM Basics: Do You Deliver Valuable Services, or Just Technology?<p>By Stuart Rance | July 6, 2017 in ITSM<p>If you work in an IT organization, …

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DASA White Paper #1 - Embracing Digital Disruption

Why Agile Initiatives Fail and Why DevOps Initiatives Should Worry

As a consultant, I get to travel around the country and see many companies in action. Almost every company I visit is practicing what they call an …

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The Agile Process Owner with Donna Knapp, ITSM Academy

The ITSM Diet

I am undergoing a very personal transformational change right now. I am trying to learn how to eat in the real world and maintain a healthy weight. I …



PROACTIVE AND REACTIVE PROBLEM MANAGEMENT - Learn and Gain | Doctor and Patient example

ITIL Process Owner job with Experis IT | 801823972

<b>ITIL Process Owner</b><p><b>Permanent</b><p><b>Malvern</b><p><b>£55,000 base salary dependent on experience + Benefits</b><p><b>Limited travel</b><p><b>Key Capabilities/Knowledge</b><p>Defining, developing, …

ITSM vs. ITIL: What’s the Difference?

If you’re not sure whether you need ITSM or ITIL®, then I’m pretty sure you’re asking the wrong question. It’s not an “either/or” decision. IT …


The CEO of language app Duolingo says too many people make the same mistake trying to learn a new language

There's one thing that separates the success stories from the failures when it comes to learning a new language.<p>That's consistency.<p>People who practice their language for 15 minutes before bed have a major edge on other Duolingo users, according to founder and CEO of the language learning app Luis …