Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ The Event, All Eyes on Mother Earth

Greetings Dear Ones, we have reached a precipice with these energies as much ground work has been accomplished by Mother of All Creation and The Sacred Trinity, all of whom are in the physical manifest. This is the First Contact Ground Crew Team with the LoveHasWon family, the Galactics and more. Mother of All Creation is the Divine Director, bringing in and transforming ancient energies of creation onto and into the planet. The energies she processes can only be accomplished by Her, leading to seals of prophecy, the 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowels, The Event and so much more. Let us delve deeper into the Trinity and what has been accomplished for All of Creation. https://lovehaswon.org/urgent-message-from-archangel-michael-the-event-all-eyes-on-mother-earth/ LOVE US @mewe.com/join/lovehaswon

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