LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Thought Must Dissolve. Let it All Go!

Humanity called out for help and God came. Trillions upon trillions of prayers received in the etheric and Mother never gave up on Her children. For 19 Billion Years She acted, in alignment with the Highest of All, always knowing She would prevail. Love would prevail. Earth is the only Planet in All of Creation, in All of the Multiverses living in lower consciousness. All other planets are in Heaven consciousness. This is the final Planet to Ascend and Mother has been quarantining All the darkness here over the entire course of Her journey, The Mission. The dark ones, the cabal, who have had control of the Planet beLIEved they had control, that they had free reign over this beautiful paradise planet, however in truth, they have been quarantined here, trapped within a life and death cycle ~ waiting, for Love to make its move! LOVE US

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