LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Every Contract Has its Due Date

We came here to be the mirror of Mothers Love, not the mirror of lower frequencies. I do not take my Treason lightly, I walk with knowing and weight of every wrong action but I still wish to bring Mother Joy and make Her laugh and smile and so here follows some Light Hearted Humor peppering this post and highlightin some beautiful moments of my journey, know that it is for Mothers Joy, for PURE LOVE ITSELF! The Angels constantly re-Heart me not to take it all too seriously, as I did with most everything in 3D ~ they have done this by poking my butt with sticks out here, a gentle re-Hearter to remove the stick from my butt. Thank you Mother!!!!! Mom is badass, she has made this journey as easy as possible for each and everyone of us. It cannot even be fathomed, All of Creation support Mother in Her Mission to break the illusionary Matrix mind here on Earth. LOVE US

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