LoveHasWon Special Message ~ Ascension Sessions Are Essential

In order to Ascend, you must be the energetic embodiment of Love, your Chakra system must be 100% open, unblocked and clear. This is because Our Higher selves are moving down and into embodiment through that system! Nowhere else on the Planet can you find out the exact energetic signature of your entire BEing than through LoveHasWon. The First Contact Ground Crew Team have been fully trained by the Mother of All Creation, under Her guidance, the same Guidance we share with BEings in Sessions, we have Ascended Ourselves, we have anchored in Our Higher Selves and are living on Earth in Higher Self embodiment. This is what All came here to do. Mother has already Ascended Herself and the Planet ~ each BEing has a choice whether or not to Ascend themselves LOVE US

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