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on the porch I fan myself with a newspaper the scent of rain in the air... #micropoetry #mpy https://t.co/JbObqhLvtp

summer light shadows scamper on bare floors... #micropoetry #mpy https://t.co/MsAEUSVmJz

he reads his book I trim the boxwood how well we get along when we don’t speak... #micropoetry #mpy https://t.co/F0cKX7Gpa5

in the darkness one firefly I follow it’s light into dawn... #micropoetry #mpy https://t.co/YKcuRhgZLs

the lost side of the sun by @lairdoftheheart

"My notebook has remained blank for months thanks to the light you shower around me." —HA JIN, from A DISTANT CENTER https://t.co/mDscQxd8N8

summer dawn, in the haze of distant fire, a small bird chirping. ~ d.a. bennett #haiku https://t.co/puiGuFYnnb

C.P. Cavafy, “Chandelier”, translated by Evangelos Sachperoglou. #poetry #Greece https://t.co/FGByKv4PIu

The lost side of the sun by Robert Taylor

Born of soft, wet sea foam, Aphrodite captivated many hearts. She made gods fall in love with mortals, and let her own passion flow boundlessly. She ruled the sea, which is said to hold the tears and sighs of lovers. Her moans draw mortals to wade in them. #satsplat https://t.co/73r57XPDwv

Far far away Beyond the horizon Out of sight Never in view I imagine you there In some humble dwelling Where our souls can meet Just we two Our very own island Lost beneath skies Where none can reach There alone do we bide (Image credit: Oscar Keserci) #PoemTrail 282 https://t.co/YbToSDNypu

#BeautifulMess #WrittenRiver #Soulwords #Becomingfragile #TastyPoem #DimpleVerse #POEMS #amwritingagain #PaintingWithWords #inkMine @VerseOnWine @PoemPorns #melancholyverse #LoveLines #AutumnSong #PoetryCorner #PoemTrail #MadVerse https://t.co/cTqkpbxUNL

#MadVerse #fsmpy https://t.co/7Ticv2Bjnw

~ J. Sexton https://t.co/d7yGqor3yx

A fun #sonnet for a Friday afternoon. #vss365 #poetry #prompt "stair" #inanimaterage https://t.co/aoLJxVaWFo

He could not but #stare—she was the loveliest woman he’d ever seen. As she came down the #stairs, smiling seductively at him, he knew she was his. It was only after their son was born with his brother Joe’s dimples that he discovered she’d been smiling at Joe all along.#vss365. https://t.co/LvpqX2vOb0

#vss365 #stare #SWPrompt 68 #MelancholyVerse 45 #WrittenRiver 1494 #BeautizmLove - 'Starfall' https://t.co/rvGruXWJdN

"She is my axis my northern star neither here nor there wherever you are"~Ocean https://t.co/lCYjlyS5yH

"And I've found a falling into the sky inside of her a liberation of words and a rushing of blood through my ears"~Ocean https://t.co/EGcePleh82

"As I slow my mind to a heartbeat I touch the words that tinge my ubiquitous soul"~Ocean https://t.co/7q1ma1VTnF

‪Kiss me my love‬ ‪Show me the magic that you’re made of‬ ‪Are you the Sun? ‬ ‪Dressed in black tears‬ ‪Hiding the fears‬ ‪Of your soul ‬ ‪Or are you the Moon‬ ‪Shinning through ‬ ‪Heart to heart ‬ ‪With just one kiss‬ ‪I come undone ‬ ‪Kiss me my love‬ ‪As you feel me sigh ‬ ‪I’m climbing high‬ ‪Show me yes show me‬ ‪The magic that you’re made of...‬

Poetry Rx: Nevertheless, Live

In our column Poetry Rx, readers write in with a specific emotion, and our resident poets—Sarah Kay, Kaveh Akbar, and Claire Schwartz—take turns prescribing the perfect poems to match. This week, Claire Schwartz is on the line.<p><i>Dear Poets,</i><p><i>Is there a word for the feeling when you know the wise thing</i> …


The Robots are Coming to Class

Poem of the Day: The Bones of August

i.<br>Not to go backward, <br>not to watch the women<br>peddling in reverse past the church, <br>the priest in his black habit <br>receding from the chapel door.<br>Not to …


Company by Emily Hunt

Poem of the Day: Precious Lord

1<br>Not sweet sixteen not even sweet sixteen and she’s moaning<br>not even sixteen years old and she’s moaning<br>not even sweet sixteen and she’s moaning …

Aretha Franklin

Where Is Poetry Now?

This year, The Paris Review will be engaging in an exciting mission to expand its reaches through the world of poetry. For each of our next four issues—fall, winter, spring, and summer—our editor Emily Nemens will work in tandem with four quite different, highly esteemed, poets to find and select …


Paris Review - Ishmael Reed, The Art of Poetry No. 100

Interviewed by Chris Jackson<p>Issue 218, Fall 2016<p>Reed, 2015. “Combative Writing has always been our tradition, even when we try to avoid it.”<p>I met Ishmael Reed at the Bowery Hotel, in New York, where he was staying for a ­couple of nights with his wife, the dancer and educator Carla Blank, and his …

This poet captures the madness and injustice of our burning planet

“Just so you know, my 11-month-old daughter could wake up at any time,” the poet Craig Santos Perez whispered when he answered the phone. She did …


Boat Poets on Tour

Apples and Snakes Presents: Boat Poets on Tour<p>Poetry on a boat in collaboration with Boat Poets.<p>Apples and Snakes is excited to be supporting this …