Panda And Polar Bear

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Life of a Freelancer

<i></i> GET PRINTS & STUFF <i></i> HI-RES DOWNLOAD <i></i> BECOME A PATRONYou know the saying, the <b>early bird</b> catches the worm. But in this case, it’s the early Polar Bear …

Polar Bears

Flouncy Bear 2

<i></i> BUY PRINTS <i></i> DOWNLOAD <i></i> BECOME A PATRONDon’t worry, this was from a few years ago, he’s got a job now but I couldn’t let this one go without documenting …


Safety Measures

<i></i> BUY PRINTS & STUFF <i></i> BECOME A PATRONPanda likes when Polar bear wears mittens anyway :PSome snapshots from the past:


Polar Bear’s no fun.

Polar Bears

Surprise, Surprise

<i></i> BUY PRINTS & STUFF <i></i> BECOME A PATRONHow to ruin a surprise successfully.Even though today is Valentine’s Eve, you should still use the code GOWILD to …

Panda Signal

Happy Friday! Get home safe, Panda is waiting! :)

Schrödinger’s Lunch Box

Top tip: Feed your Panda, do not let Panda feed you… :P

Polar Bear Detected

How to tell when Polar Bear comes home…Happy weekend! (Tidying up is for Monday! Lol)

Polar Bears

How To Put A Bear In The Duvet

When Polar Bear tries to (or forced to) help out around the house.Even though we want to tell Polar Bear to hang in there, you should probably use …

Polar Bears

Happy Lunar New Year of Rooster

“So what do you want to draw for the CNY?”“Hmm…”Happy Lunar New Year! :)


Um… Forgettable, that’s what you are.Although we live in our home, but tomorrow (26 Jan. 2017) don’t forget to use code: <b>YOURHOME25</b> for 25% Off Throw …

Smooth Criminal

The true smooth criminal never got caught.Also, although TAKE THAT was a famous band in the 90s, but remember to use code: TAKEOFF20 today (23 Jan …

Walking Traps

Swap “chocolate” and “camera” with anything you like…25% off all Acrylic Blocks & Clocks with code: TIMEBLOCK25 , only till the end of today! (19 Jan …


Bear’s Guide To Spooning

So Panda and Polar Bear made up with each other… Sort of.In case you’re taking our comic as your relationship guide book and failed massively because …

Guide Books

Mad House 2

It’s hard to stay mad with this one!See the other time Panda has been mad:

Happy New Bear

Although 2016 hasn’t been the best year for everyone, we can still be a new bear for 2017, Happy New Bear! Have you got your New Year’s Resolutions …

Merry Christmas! Commission: Christmas in So.Cal 2015

Merry Christmas! Did you open your gifts today? Our reader A gave this commission to his good friend “Pony”, and it seems Pony has the similar idea …


Panda Feast

This year, we sent this drawing as Christmas card to family and friends, it’s also the first drawing I’ve made in 2 months. What can I say… Panda is …

Christmas Cards

Attachment Of Memories

We apologise for our absence.Last month the most senior member in our family passed away, it hasn’t been easy for us. It’s as if all the joy has …


2017 Calendar Is Here

Thanks for all your participation for the voting! Never have we had so many voters before! Thank you so much! After a day of converting the votes and …



Panda knows how to cup and that pisses Polar Bear off no end, why? Because Polar Bear hates any kind of pseudoscience. :PWe’re still busy with the …

Polar Bears

Commission Art

Time Wise<p>Average 3 weeks production time. You can even Book In Advance to get ahead of the holiday gift-preparing frenzy.<p>Print Easy<p>Freedom to take …


Solar Bear

Are you a Solar Bear or a Shady Bear? ;)Don’t miss out on our Anniversary Sale! (Adding one new item each day)SketchPatron Club members please log in …


Should Panda go back to read Paddington Bear…?SketchPatron Club members please log in to see the hidden content.

Paddington Bear

Commission: Dentist’s Little Helpers

Commissioned by our reader S for her partner, to congratulate his graduation in dentistry after 8 years of studying!Her idea was to incorporate the …

2016 Caption Contest Result

Earlier this month we posted a Caption Contest and so many entries came in! It took us a good week to decide the winner, but first, we want to thank …


How Will Brexit Affect Panda And Polar Bear?

We live in a diversified city and a multi-cultural country, you can tell because there are many kinds of bears in this hipster coffee shop. One of …

Panda Loves Making Cookies

The Great Panda Bake Off…SketchPatron Club members please log in to see the hidden content.

Happy Birthday! 2

It’s Dave’s Birthday today! This scenario took place few days ago, it was really funny that he bought a book about webcomic for me just to read it …

Commission: American Not Express

Starring our reader A and his friend red hair Polar Bear, it’s a personal yet universal story… :)See more Commission ArtSketchPatron Club members …

Polar Bears