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"maybe he's born with it" -I don't even know if that's the correct make up catch phrase xD -there might be a similar edit to this but who knows. - - -#theoutsiders #roblowe #lowe #dallywinston #dallaswinston #winston #twobit #mathews #johnathoncade #johnnycade #johnnycake #cade #steverandle #randle #darrelcurtis #darrycurtis #curtis #ponyboycurtis #ponycurtis #curtisbrother #greasers #sehinton #staygold #cthomashowel #mattdillon #ralphmacchio #patrickswayze #emilioestevez #tomcruise #greasedlandedits

+ We are supposed to get Up to 30 cm of snow Tonight. I'm praying For no school tomorrow🙌 ~ Should I start doing QOTD? Idk I feel like I don't know anything about you guys. {#theoutsiders}

{ my edit } • • When someone says they don't like the outsiders ^^ 😂 • • gross homework 😫🔫 { #theoutsiders #dally #ponyboy #johnny #sodapop #darry #twobit #steve #funny #hot #homework #toomanyhashtags #lol #greasers #socs }


Ha...remember this...when nothing was bad and we were all so happy? @imlouistommo

Do it for Johnny! #theoutsidersimagines #theoutsiders #greasers #greaser #johnnycade #greasersforever

You had an awful day getting along with your friends and you guys had a really bad arguement so you decided to drink it off at Buck's. You stepped inside and there were people everywhere knocking into you. You scan the room and find a boy about your age staring at you and smirking by the bar. You head over to where he is and take the seat next to him pretending like you didnt notice anything. "Im dallas whats your name" he said. "My names Marisa" you replied. "Hey come here" he said pushing through the crowd to get to the door. You followed him outside and took a seat on the curb. "whyd you wanna go outside" you asked clueless. "i mean i wanted to get to know ya and its a little loud in there" he answered with another smirk. "ok so im in high school i had a bad fight with my friends and now im here" you said."what about you?" "ok so i blow off high school im in a gang with my friends and im sitting here with a flawless girl at my side" he replied. You blushed a lot and you couldnt believe that dallas winston actually said that you! You turned back towards him and he leaned in for a kiss and you guys have been dating ever since. hope you like it @theoutsidersforinfinity

i just finished a walk to remember and im dying were both crying hestericaly and were emotionally unstable and i love him and i love her and im dying and i cant do this and i just..:😭😭😭 omg omg omg i cant i cant i cant

ew thats kinda bad😀

Morning!!!! • 😊 #mattdillon

My first imagine-- 😬 • Hope y'all like it • It was about 7:30 at night and I was walking home from the Dingo. I met the guys there for dinner and they wanted to stay later. I could have sworn Dally was gonna be there buy he never showed; we had been dating for about a week now but I was totally in love... I just hoped he felt the same way about me. As I was looking up at the sunset I felt someone grab me around the waist and then throw me over their shoulder. I screamed until I heard that cute laugh. "Dallas Winston! If you ever scare me like that I again I swear!" He just smiled and chuckled. He took me across an alley to the other block and put me in the front seat of Buck's car. "What? What are we doing?" I asked as he jumped in the drives eat and sped away. "I just those we'd take a little all-night drive." "Huh?" I mumbled and looked back to see 2 sleeping bags, a suitcase, and some firewood. "Darry lent me the sleeping bags and I packed up some clothes for ya. You up for a trip?" He asked. "Sure" I giggled.

It really good it peaches and banana http://t.co/wZVYh0nxvp

me, em, and annie gangnam-styling in the pool 😂 #mallorca

those lovely sunny days 🌞

beautiful 🌸🌻💕🍃🌾💐 please follow my love @little_mix_of_direction she liked all my pics ☺

I really miss Mallorca ☀👙 #tbt

such a lovely lunch with my favourite puppy 🐶💚

fun in the sun ☀ with my baby who is wearing my shades 😎💛