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And Michael Cohen's mystery client is...? All you need to know about the (latest) Trump political scandal

In Melbourne, a hotel suite is redecorated entirely with graffiti

For many years, graffiti has been confined to shady alleys and abandoned buildings. Well, not anymore. Soon, you can find street art even in luxury …


These massive structures at Coachella are made entirely from wire mesh

Apparently, the musicians at Coachella are not the only ones who are larger-than-life. The art installations are too. At the 2018 Coachella Valley …


Pink Kitkat is the world's first chocolate bar made from ruby cocoa beans


Kendrick Lamar just made history with a Pulitzer Prize win

Pulitzer Prize

A missing dog was found by the cops because it can sing


People can’t believe what this illusion can do if they stare long enough

No smoke and mirrors here. Just good ‘ol science. Over on Reddit, a blurry image has everyone in pleasant disbelief whenever it vanishes right in …


Nobody knows who created this incredible underground grotto

The Margate Grotto remains a mystery to residents of this picturesque seaside city in Kent. This dark, haunting grotto lies towards the back of a …

The Post

These ASMR soap-cutting videos are so satisfying, we can’t stop watching them

From lollipop sucking to pimple popping, there’s something to suit everyone in the world of ASMR videos. And the latest video trend is actually the …

Android Lollipop

Mum accidentally sends her son to school in the most NSFW T-shirt ever

A mum from Texas has been left blushing after realising what was on her son’s T-shirt when he got home from school. In a hilarious Facebook post, …

Meet the guy who knits sweaters of all the places he travels to

43-year-old Sam Barsky started knitting in 1999 upon leaving nursing school. After buying wool at a fleamarket and convincing the sellers to teach …

Flea Markets

Peppa Pig's creepy front profile should never be seen by kids

Peppa Pig

Artist upcycles discarded items as containers for stunning corals and plants

Instead of throwing away items like broken plates, tin cans, and jars, French artist Stephanie Kilgast does something better with them: she turns the …


Awkward video editing makes it look like this gymnast has a 'rainbow bum'


This is the story of Jose Luis, the fan that played with The Killers and absolutely crushed it

The Killers

How Grumpy Sailor became the go-to creative studio for brands around the world

You may not have heard of Grumpy Sailor, but you’re probably familiar with their work without even realising it. From the Royal Shakespeare Company …


This woman's date invoiced her the bill after she ghosted him

What was he thinking (or not)? T.J. Miller charged with reporting bomb to 911

Silicon Valley (TV Series)

Starbucks "sorry" after two black men were arrested in-store for no reason

Black Culture

Can you guess what’s so strange about this gorgeous supermodel?

Shudu Gram has an enviable Instagram account. In every perfect snap this tall, glamorous model is flashing her pearly whites, strutting her long …

The Post

Vera Blue tells us what her song Lady Powers REALLY means

Australian artist, Vera Blue, is not only smashing it on the Aussie music scene at the moment, she’s also getting recognised for her lyrics of female …


Girl has no idea she’s listening to the music of the guy sat next to her on a long-haul flight

When Dutch musician Dotan settled into his long-haul flight, he found he was very familiar with his fellow passenger’s music taste. The girl sat next …

Long Haul

This fan got called on stage to perform with The Killers and he is INCREDIBLE

It’s not every day the man, the myth, the legend Brandon Flowers asks you to step up on stage and perform with one of the world’s biggest rock bands. …


The world’s oldest man credits long life to desserts and telling people off

Forget eating healthy and going to the gym. Just tell people off, and you’ll live longer. Take it from the world’s oldest living man, Masazo Nonaka. …


Teachers are now being given tiny baseball bats to fight shooters

It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight – but worse! On Wednesday, the Millcreek Township School District said that they plan on fending off armed …

School Districts

What a time to be alive: Heinz thinking of selling Mayochup

And it’s up to us to decide its fate. Heinz is asking the internet whether or not they should sell a ‘new’ condiment that’s basically ketchup mixed …


What Fortnite would look like if it came out in the ’90s

With Epic Games’ Fortnite making US$2M (AUS$2.5M) daily on mobile alone, it’s safe to say that it’s the biggest game of the year. But what if it came …

Epic Games

JRR Tolkien’s new book, The Fall of Gondolin, will be out in August

My preciousss! 45 years after his death, JRR Tolkien is still publishing new books. And this time, it’s a stand-alone book that takes place before …

J.R.R. Tolkien

Donald Trump is throwing a tantrum over the upcoming release of James Comey's book

Donald Trump

Woman blames wind for putting cocaine found in her purse