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Georgia governor OKs medical marijuana law

The Coxes can rest more comfortably living in Georgia now that their 5-year-old daughter can get the marijuana extract she needs.

"This means the world to us," said Haleigh Cox's mother, Janea Cox.

Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill Thursday that will legalize low-THC cannabis oil for certain …


Vermont Lawmakers Threaten To Reinstate Prohibition If Pot Isn't Legalized

Vermont may well become the next state to legalize marijuana, and two state lawmakers who support legalization have a simple message for their colleagues: Give us what we want, or we'll take away your booze.

A new bill filed earlier this month by state Reps. Jean O'Sullivan and Christopher Pearson …


The 9 states where marijuana will be legalized last

The end of prohibition is nigh, but expect several states in the Midwest to hold out until the bitter end

Marijuana prohibition in the US is dying, but it isn’t going to vanish in one fell swoop. Even if Congress were to repeal federal pot prohibition, state laws criminalizing the plant and its …


Hallucinogenic Tea Time in Brazil

To the Editor:

Ceremonies involving the ancient healing drink ayahuasca (“Brazilian Inmates Get Therapy With Hallucinogenic Tea,” news article, March 29) are a brave, compassionate and hopeful response to the despair and alienation of violent Brazilian prisoners. As the article suggests, when …


New Mexico Governor Signs Historic Property Rights Protections into Law

SANTA FE, NM—Today, Governor Susana Martinez signed HB 560 into law, ending the practice of civil asset forfeiture in New Mexico. Civil asset …

New Mexico

Bill Clinton Apologizes to Mexico for the Drug War, Now It's President Obama's Turn to End It

At a speech in Mexico last week, former President Bill Clinton seemingly apologized for the destruction unleashed upon Mexico by the war on …


The Clinton dynasty’s horrific legacy: How “tough-on-crime” politics built the world’s largest prison system

Over the past two decades, the Clintons' version of the "War on Drugs" has inflicted needless suffering on millions

Hillary Clinton wants to run for president as an economic populist, as a humane progressive interested in bolstering the fortunes of poor and middle class Americans. But before …


10 Drug Myths Busted

Photo Credit: ChrisgoldNY via Flickr

How much do you know about drugs? Even if you’re a self-proclaimed drug aficionado, you might be surprised to …


The DEA Prostitute Scandal Is a Window into Drug War Corruption and Impunity

Photo Credit: Olykainen

Recent revelations that DEA agents attended “sex parties” hosted by the very drug traffickers they …

International Relations

Hallucinogenic Ayahuasca Might Treat Depression

That’s a good trip

Deep in the Amazon basin, shaman prepare a natural tea called ayahuasca to bring its drinkers to hallucinogenic states of revelation. People come to the region from all over the world to take ayahuasca in order to make better contact with their emotions within or the spirits …


I was a Republican pothead: What I learned about drug-war hypocrisy from my brush with disaster

People are suffering and dying -- while our hypocritical political class allows this injustice to continue

Jeb Bush, presumed Republican presidential candidate, was an enthusiastic pothead for much of his youth. This is not criticism, because many of my good friends are current or former potheads, …


3 Trippy Ideas from a Radical Pioneer of Psychedelic Psychiatry

Photo Credit: agsandrew /

In 1964, British psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond sat down with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in …


Pediatrics Group Says Schools Shouldn’t Drug Test

Random drug testing doesn't have enough evidence to support it, the AAP says

A leading U.S. pediatrics group is recommending against in-school drug testing as a way to prevent young people from experimenting with illegal substances.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement …

Drug Test

New York Readies Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law

New bill caps number of dispensaries, limits eligible ailments and prohibits medicinal smoking

While states like Washington, Colorado and Alaska have enacted laws decriminalizing weed, New York is only now moving forward with a plan to legalize medical marijuana. However, when the lawmakers in …


A Hallucinogenic Tea Time for Some Brazilian Prisoners

JI-PARANÁ, Brazil — As the night sky enveloped this outpost in Brazil’s Amazon basin, the ceremony at the open-air temple began simply enough.

Dozens of adults and children, all clad in white, stood in a line. A holy man handed each a cup of ayahuasca, a muddy-looking hallucinogenic brew. They …


How Cannabis is Going to Change Life as We Know It by Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

How Cannabis is Going to Change Life as We Know It
By Mike "Zappy" Zapolin

In this article, Mike Zappy transcribes the contents of a talk on cannabis …

Stoner rabbits will run amok if Utah legalises marijuana, DEA agent warns

Rabbits ‘have cultivated a taste for marijuana’ in Utah where lawmakers are voting on the legalisation of medical pot

Could the legalisation of medical marijuana in Utah lead to a bunch of bunnies running around as high as a kite?

That’s the view of a US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent who has …


Drugs squad accidentally gets locals high while burning marijuana mountain

Community gets high as police destroy marijuana with massive bonfire

An Indonesian police force might want to rethink its drugs disposal policy after accidentally helping residents of one district get high as kite.

Destroying tonnes of marijuana in a big bonfire proved to be as reckless as it sounds …


5 Mind-Blowing Policing Results of Colorado's Marijuana Legalization

Coloradans voted to legalize marijuana in November 2012, possession became legal early the next year, and legal marijuana sales began in January …


Race disparity in Colorado pot busts, despite legalization

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has not stopped racial disparities in arrest rates, with blacks still much more likely than whites to be charged with crimes related to the drug, although overall arrest rates have fallen significantly.

The report by the Drug Policy Alliance, which …


America’s ISIS next door: Mexico, billion-dollar cartels and the colossal failure of the war on drugs

They behead people by the hundreds. And like ISIL, Mexican gangs are flourishing as a result of failed U.S. policy

They behead people by the hundreds. They heap headless, handless bodies along roadsides as warnings to those who would resist their power. They have penetrated the local, state, and …


5 states rapidly moving toward marijuana legalization

The legislative season is in full swing across the country, and pot is hot -- especially in New England

The legislative season is in full swing at statehouses around the country, and pot is hot. And we’re not even talking about medical marijuana or decriminalization bills, we’re talking about …


First government-owned pot store opens in Washington state

The city of North Bonneville, Wash. -- population 1,000 -- sits along the Columbia River a stone’s throw from one of the world’s largest hydroelectric dams. On the other side of the Columbia River Gorge is the state of Oregon.

It may seem an unlikely place for the nation’s first city-owned marijuana …


Marijuana is much safer than alcohol or tobacco, according to a new study

Marijuana is roughly 114 times less deadly than alcohol, according to recent findings published in the journal Scientific Reports. Of the seven drugs included in the study, alcohol was the deadliest at an individual level, followed by heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and …


Confessions of a pot shop girl

At our recreational marijuana store, we have sativa strains, proper lighting, and many people, sharing their pain

People stare into the content of our cases with a dazed look in their eyes. So many little containers with tiny labels. In the old, illegal days of buying pot, you took whatever the …

Texan Christian Conservative Makes Case For Ending Pot Prohibition

Photo Credit: Field

Texas Republican David Simpson believes that it is an inappropriate use of government power to arrest …

Irish Es are smiling – ecstasy and other drugs temporarily legal in Ireland

Possession of ecstasy and other drugs is currently legal in Ireland, but only for a day, after a court ruling on Tuesday morning.

A written judgment released by the Republic’s court of appeal said part of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977, which allows certain substances to be controlled, is …

History in the Making: Three Prominent US Senators Roll Out Legislation to Legalize Marijuana

Photo Credit:

A bipartisan trio of senators will introduce historic legislation to legalize medical marijuana at the …

How Psychedelics Saved My Life

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