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Buying herbal remedies could mean seven years jail under 'legal highs' law

A new law aimed at banning 'legal highs' could criminalise buying herbal remedies online, like those favoured by Prince Charles, being criminalised

A new law aimed at banning so-called legal highs could lead to people buying herbal remedies over the internet facing a seven year jail term, experts …

United Kingdom

Despite Reforms, the Domestic Drug War Still Tears Immigrant Families Apart

A Customs and Border Protection agent next to a car that was disassembled after drugs were detected in San Ysidro, California, February 15, 2013. …


The real reason marijuana is illegal in the United States

Hemp was once a key component of U.S. agriculture. A wave of xenophobia would doom us to a senseless war on drugs

It is hard to imagine a time when most pharmacies carried cannabis and farmers were required to grow hemp, much like they are given incentives to grow corn these days, but that is a …


Since Oklahoma Legalized Cannabis Oil, These Two Children Have Been Seizure Free

Last month, Oklahoma lawmakers came to their partial senses and legalized cannabis oil as a means of medication.

HB 2154 or “Katie’s Bill,” named …


Why the Media Can't Get Its Story Straight About the Amazing Medical Potential of Cannabis

The press reports on the JAMA meta-analysis of cannabinoid research were all over the place. Most of them missed the story.Judging from the disparate …


Oregon Legalizes Pot this Week — But Thanks to the Liquor Control Commission, You Can’t Buy It

Colorado was the first US state to legalize marijuana, followed by Washington state, in both cases after voter initiatives

Oregon — While marijuana …


The War on Drugs Has Reached into the Womb - and Threatens Abortion Rights

The war on drugs is racist, it criminalizes people who need help and it is attacking women’s bodily autonomy - fighting it is a core feminist …

Women's Health

This 45-Year-Old Magazine Cover Shows We're Still Asking the Same Questions About Pot

Take a look at this.
No, that's not a news story from this week. It's a LIFE magazine cover from 1969, almost 45 years ago. But it poses the exact …


What Are The Best Marijuana Events In 2015

Top Cannabis Events In 2015

Marijuana events are very popular these days. Whether it be a marijuana industry event, a marijuana entertainment event, a …


Addiction is not a disease: A neuroscientist argues that it’s time to change our minds on the roots of substance abuse

A psychologist and former addict insists that the illness model for addiction is wrong, and dangerously so

The mystery of addiction — what it is, what causes it and how to end it — threads through most of our lives. Experts estimate that one in 10 Americans is dependent on alcohol and other drugs, …


Drug War Game Changer: Is California Going to Legalize Marijuana?

Momentum is building for 2016 -- and an impressive coalition of reformers, advocates and industry leaders are working together.On June 14, more than …


Women in the Weed Business Are Breaking Through the 'Grass Ceiling'

The Women Grow leadership summit in Colorado last month unveiled a rising force in the marijuana industry.They came wearing stiletto heels, running …

Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary - Official Trailer #1

Ram Dass

600 Churches Call for End to the Drug War

The resolution points to Christian principles of redemption and restoration to replace the current system of punitive sanctions against drug …

Liberal News

Fear Mongers Go Home: New Study Shows Legalization Prevents Underage Drug Use

One of the popular myths keeping drug prohibition alive is the idea that there would be a drastic increase in underage drug use if legalization were …

Liberal News

5 Reasons to Be Careful About Consuming Marijuana Edibles

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Smoking pot is starting to seem old-school. Vaporizing is on the rise, but the real competition for smoked buds …


“The Cartel” author Don Winslow on the war on drugs: “There is an exit strategy — legalize drugs, and treat them as the social problem that they are”

The acclaimed crime writer sits down with playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis to discuss drugs, noir and "The Cartel"

New York Times bestselling author and Raymond Chandler award recipient Don Winslow has written 17 novels, including “The Kings of Cool,” “Savages,” “The Winter of Frankie Machine” and …


10 famous geniuses who basked in recreational drug use

These intellectual titans indulged

Is intelligence related to an increased likelihood of recreational drug use? It’s an interesting hypothesis, and one that’s been gaining momentum in recent years.

If a definitive link between intellectual capacity and drug use does exist, it will likely be some time …


Marijuana is medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association concludes

Marijuana is one hundred percent a form of medicine, researchers conclude in a bombshell series of reports released today by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Cannabis — which has been used medicinally for thousands of years — reduces nausea, and vomiting, and pain, as well as …


Synthetic Drug Manufacturing Is An Open Secret in China

Just before dawn on Dec. 29, 2013, the southern Chinese fishing village of Boshe awoke to a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood action flick: Over 3,000 police officers, backed by helicopters and speedboats, burst into traditional stone houses in search of illegal drugs. With cameramen in tow, the …


Legalizing Weed Could Save California Half A Billion Dollars A Year

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According to California’s Legislative Analysis Office (LAO), cannabis legalization could net the …


That Time the US Army Tried to Drill Its Soldiers While They Tripped Out on LSD

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In the 1950s and '60s, US Army and CIA experimenters experimented with a number of substances in a bid …


Delaware is 18th state to allow possession of recreational marijuana

Delaware governor Jack Markell has signed into law a bill decriminalising possession and private use of small amounts of marijuana. The move follows the lead of nearly 20 states that have eased penalties for personal consumption, state media reported on Thursday.

Individuals in Delware will be …


6 ways the war on drugs negatively impacts your everyday life

US drug policy has unequivocally curtailed your basic civil rights, regardless of whether you're a user

Many Americans who do not use illegal “drugs” assume exemption from drug war policies. But regardless of how much marijuana you do or don’t smoke, the U.S. war on drugs affects nearly everyone. …


Leafly: the web's ultimate cannabis resource

In July of 2014, New York State did what few thought possible at the time: Its legislature passed Assembly Bill 6357 (better known as the Compassionate Care Act of 2014), which effectively legalized medical cannabis; a bill Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law. Less than a week after he did so, …


260,000 deported from US over five years for drug offences, says report

Tens of thousands of families in the US are being torn apart by the Obama administration’s policy of deporting immigrants for drug offences, some as minor as possession of a tiny bag of marijuana, according to Human Rights Watch.

At a time of bi-partisan agreement when the criminal justice system is …

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Marijuana And Creativity

It’s no mystery that stoners tend to be quite creative. Whether they’re writing songs or painting photos, people who use marijuana really seem to …


The Club Drug Emerging As a Popular Antidepressant

The limitations of SSRIs are widely known. Could ketamine be the answer?Since it was introduced as an anesthetic in the 1970s, ketamine has occupied …

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Historic Senate Vote Tells DEA to Butt Out of Medical Marijuana States

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Just last week, in a series of successful amendments to the Justice Department appropriations bill, the …