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Let This Percussionist Blow Your Mind With The Fibonacci Sequence

<b>Updated:</b> <i>August 13, 3:10 p.m. ET.</i><p>Rhythm nerd alert! Bow down, drummers! Our social feeds have been on fire with a mind-bending, gasp-worthy video posted by percuss.ioearlier this week — below — made by the accomplished Indian percussionist B.C. Manjunath. He's a master of <i>konnakol</i>-- the Carnatic, or …



hx-01 trailer


One Dog's Reaction to This Commercial Is the Joy America Needs Right Now

What did we do to deserve dogs?<p>Every year, UK retailer John Lewis runs a holiday ad that usually goes viral. This year, the ad features a boxer jumping up and down on a trampoline that was supposed to be a little girl's Christmas present.<p>It's a long ad that is supposed to remind you to feel the joy …

This mesmerizing sculpture moves like a flock of birds

Inside the atrium of a beautiful building in Cambridge, Mass., a giant kinetic sculpture almost floats, suspended from the ceiling.<p>Made up of 400 …


Fly Through the International Space Station in Ultra HD

Last week, NASA released a beautiful fly-through of the International Space Station (ISS), captured in 4K Ultra-HD resolution. We drift through …

This video of Minecraft's Acid Interstate will make you piss your pants

This Minecraft Acid Interstate video will make you feel like you just had a LSD overdose.<p>When’s the last time you took a gnarly acid trip? Like for …

Mother bear and her cubs on the beach Pope Beach Lake Tahoe. (II)


This Psychedelic 'Magic Carpet' Reacts When You Step on It

Earlier this month, Miguel Chevalier launched an interactive exhibit that invited viewers to walk all over it. As people move over this "Magic …

‘I’ll throw you off the train’: Watch commuters stand up to homophobia in amazing social experiment

Three friends conducted a social experiment to test whether London commuters would stand up to homophobic abuse if they saw it.<p>And they did.<p>Julius …

Valen's Reef (360 video)

Nothing on the internet is more amazing than this viral Japanese Trump commercial

We can guarantee with absolute certainty that regardless of who becomes next president in January, this viral Japanese Trump commercial below will be …


Skylight: A 4K Timelapse Film

Giant panda's heartwarming snow day

Giant Pandas

Guy cant put away his garbage because of the ice layered streets.

A Drone Video Created a Stunning Document of LA's Murals

Highlighting a range of the city’s diverse architectural history, culture and art.<p>Los Angeles is known for its diverse landscape decorated with …

The ultimate “SNL” Christmas: Every brilliant holiday sketch from the last four decades

Reminisce this holiday season about your favorite “SNL” memories. Nothing says Christmas quite like Dick in a Box!<p>Sarah Burris<p>December 22, 2015 9:25pm (UTC)<p>If you missed the "Saturday Night Live" Christmas special, you're not alone. Have some fun remembering some of these favorite moments and throw …

Hunter hunted: Eagle attacks drone filming in Austrian alps (VIDEO)

Picturesque footage has hit the internet showing an eagle attacking a drone in Tirol, Austria – and carrying it off to its lair.<p>The video opens with …

Grizzly Bear rolling down a hill at Denali National Park.

National Parks

EPIC View of Moon Transiting the Earth


WATCH: All the Careers Launched By The Daily Show In One Video

Digg made a video of all the major talents who got their start on The Daily Show and it's sure to make you nostalgic for your college days. Everyone …

Insane BASE jumper flies through two-meter mountain gap in a wingsuit while wearing a GoPro

Wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele, who might be the craziest person on Earth, flew through a two-meter gap in a mountain in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Emanuele simply hiked up a mountain, jumped off a cliff and steered himself toward nearly certain death to create the most exhilarating GoPro video we’ve …

Extreme Sports

Donald Gould Plays Piano Beautifully (Sarasota, FL) (READ DESCRIPTION)


This LeBron James dunk is why cavemen painted on walls

Early on in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James got loose for a breakway dunk that doesn’t look all that spectacular at full speed. You might see it and think “eh, still just two points.”<p>But look at it in slow motion:<p>This is basically an oil painting. And I defy you to watch it …

Lebron James



The Minecraft Version of GAME OF THRONES' Westeros is More Impressive Than Ever