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18 to 34 year-olds spend more time with newspapers in print than online, study finds

<b>Credit: Image from pexels.com</b><p>Young people spend almost twice as much time with newspapers in print than they do online, new research published today …


The SMS text message turns 25 today

There weren’t too many historical events on December 3, 1992, but the date is an important one for mobile fans: 25 years ago today, the very first …


Innovation Is About Networks, Not Nodes

Ideas alone don't change the world<p>In the mid-1980s, a Robert Kelley of Carnegie Mellon University began to research why some engineers at Bell Labs performed so much better than others. The answers he found surprised him. By any conventional analysis, the outperforming engineers were nothing …


Visual Marketing: Tips and Tools for Non-Designers for 2017 and Beyond

A picture paints a thousand words.<p>Most website visitors only read about 20% of your web page.<p>A moving picture is worth a million people.<p>You probably …

Digital Design

Are brutalist sites the web's punk rock moment?

Named after the brutalist architecture movement from the mid-to-late 20th century, web brutalism gleefully ignores all the web design best practices …

Web Design

Watch “Alike,” a Poignant Short Animated Film About the Enduring Conflict Between Creativity and Conformity

From Barcelona comes "Alike," a short animated film by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. Made with Blender, an open-source 3D rendering …


THE LOOP, a short documentary about design thinking at IBM

General Manager of Design at IBM Phil Gilbert and his team have achieved something remarkable over the past 4 years—they’ve created a design thinking …

Design Thinking

Know What a Poster is? Want to Make One?

Teresa Sdralevich is a designer, illustrator and author with solid experience leading workshops. She is a regular guest at design schools, museums …

Graphic Design

Raspberry Pi and MoodleBox make an accessible e-learning platform pair

Are you a teacher, librarian, or homeschooler who's looking for a powerful, secure e-learning solution? MoodleBox may be the answer. Its small …

Raspberry Pi

Why is Innovation So Hard At Big Companies?

If you’re responsible for launching new products, you’ve probably come across Eric Ries’s best-selling book, <i>The Lean Startup</i>. The Lean Startup …

Lean Startups

Sketchnote Mini Workshop - Interaction South America 2017

South America

No Guide – Iconography about Seville

Graphic design and iconography by Fernando Fom for a personal project about the city of Seville.<p>According to the Lonely Planet travel guide, Seville …

The Elegant Mathematics of Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci’s Most Famous Drawing: An Animated Introduction

Nearly 500 years after his death, we still admire Leonardo da Vinci's many and varied accomplishments in painting, sculpture, architecture, science, …

JPEG vs. PNG: Which image-saving format is the better one to use?

In the world of digital imaging, there are two image formats that prevail above all else: JPEG (or JPG) and PNG.<p>At first glance, a single image shown …


The Hub and Spoke Content Strategy

Content strategy tends to be either overcomplicated or vague. And often both. There's plenty of ways to approach it, but here's a simple template …

Making up metaphors

How metaphors can make or break your designs<p>If you’ve ever taken a writing class, you’ve probably played around with metaphors. A metaphor is when …


The story behind the UK's most famous poster - CNN Style


How to use Markdown in web development

As web developers and content creators, we generally spend a lot of time writing text that's wrapped inside HTML code. What if we told you that …

Web Development

Here's why print isn't dead

Possible global design director Tony Aguero on why it's still worthwhile for his digital design agency to print magazines.


The Future of IT Demands Simplicity

By Matt McLaughlinThe speed of change in technology requires manufacturers to deal with increasing complexity as well as the challenge of security.

Business Technology

BSH Home Appliances Expands Recall of Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard

The dishwasher power cord can overheat and catch fire.

Home Appliances

Storytelling Kills Design: No Image Says More Than a Thousand Words

The age of visual design is moving towards its end. In the future, the beauty of a design lies only in its operability, not in its looks. However, …

UX Design

What is Visual Design?

The Building Blocks of Visual Design<p>Visual design is about creating and making the general aesthetics of a product consistent. To create the …

Golden Ratio. Bring Balance in UI Design.

One of the major characteristics of effective design is a clear user interface. All the elements need to be well-balanced and placed in the harmony …

UI Design

Shopping Guide for Designers - Core77

Shopping Guide for Designers The best way to find gear is getting a tip from a friend you trust.<p>As friends of our design community for over 20 years, …

How to Find Instagram Hashtags for your Business

The gorgeous photos, the enticing headlines, and most persuasive text. Still, you’re unable to get some authentic followers on Instagram. The reason …

Social Media Marketing

Brother Font Duo plus 16 Badges and Logos

Brother, a vintage-inspired font duo that comes with free badges and logos.Created and published by Design.co, this well-accomplished set consists of …


How to Supercharge Problem Solving With Simple Pictures

Dan Roam believes we are all capable of using visual thinking to solve complex problems. His first book, <i>The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and</i> …