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My #sketchnote #sketchnotes from yesterday parentcommittee #vizthink #against #boring #meetings ✊🏻🙊🤘🏻💚


Graphic Recording: Day of Joint Professorships at TU Berlin - Thomas Wiegand

I contributed a visual essay on clarity (in sketching) to @cwodtke 's latest book. This is the first page of 3. Link to the full essay is in the bio ( . . . #sketchabit #sketching #sketchingpractice #sketchnotes #doodles #clarity

Difficult conversations can be...difficult. We’re sharing tips on how to have conflict in a healthy way. Great advice in this sketchnote by @haypsych #FabChangeWeek

Sketchnotes from #hurryslowly podcast with @austinkleon

Delighted to share the final graphic from the #BigHRDebate in #Athens last week. Rich dialogue extertly facilitated, including Stathis Vrakatselis of @TFPartnership and captured in real-time by Ellie C. #graphicfacilitation #realtimegraphics #visualthinking #HR

Sophisticated Marketer: Shannon Brayton

Loading...<p>Looking for monthly marketing tips?<p>Searching for actionable marketing insights, and a great listen? Look no further than the <i>Sophisticated</i> …


Sketchnote Mini Workshop - Interaction South America 2017

South America

First Sketchnote on iPad: Julia Steier @jksteier - Sketchnote Army - A Showcase of Sketchnotes

With this beautiful sketchnote by Julia Steier we start a new series to feature the first attempts at sketchnoting digitally!<p>She wrote:<p>First …


Thanks @Ready4rigor for a fantastic #learning experience this morning @k12albemarle! #CRT #CulturallyResponsiveTeaching #sketchnote #acps

Principles-focused Eval, meet Developmental Eval. Visual note-taking with @MQuinnP at #Eval17 @USAIDlearning

Superbe ce sketchnote présenté par @Mmeclarocque dans sa présentation #AccesEdu

‪"The xLontrax Theory of Sketchnote" ebook prj: gathering information and starting to create a the Table of Contents‬ . . . Starting is never easy and I find that having a huge amount of material is even harder than starting from scratch. . . Pro writers use to say “kill your darlings”. Is that true for Sketchnoters too? Maybe, but is hard: Sketchnotes, sometimes, look back to you in your eyes. . . #sketchnotes #ebook #visualthinking #writing

Litho, a Declarative UI Framework on Android by @lucasratmundo #sketchnote

Sketchnote of yet another pathetic Packers performance without Aaron Rodgers. Used my “Dime Novel” @fieldnotesbrand notebook and a Flair pen for this one.

Basketball Analytics

"A simple way to break a Habit": TedTalk captured by Bhavish Ahuja @bhavishahuja

Here is a work by Bhavish Ahuja .He captured the Judson Brewer MD PhD "A simple way to break a Habit " Ted Talk .Excellent sketchnote Bhavish!Thank …

TED Talks

@aptaim @s_awhyte @WePharmacists @Smileysingh @DrDianeAshiru Found it! #ACP #KISS #sketchnote

#livesketchnote @thestrokeofluck #ncctm17 Six Spheres of Influence for Math Teaching & Learning

‪I decided to resume an old project. This time is an eBook (pdf) about what makes a Sketchnote a good Sketchnote IMO‬ . . . I started this project a couple of years ago and collected data and notes since then. . I made a research about what makes a Sketchnote a good Sketchnote and what features trigger the will to read it. . I’ll need some help to validate a few theories and if you would like to get involved in the process, stay tuned! . . #sketchnotes #research #visualthinking #quality #communication

Today is #NationalMentoringDay. Here's 8 ways to make a positive impact on others #sketchnote from @lkolow's tips

I wish I could be the kind of listener exemplified in this fantastic sketchnote by @scriberian Thanks @sherrillknezel

A little sketchnote test of my new “Dime Novel” Edition notebook from @fieldnotesbrand - loving it! This heavier paper seems to hold most inks without any bleed through so far (I haven’t tested everything though). Love the unusual size and the story behind these. Thanks @coudal for making em!

Traveling Across Asia: Our Journey from Java to Kotlin by @marianeum and @K4KYA at #droidconUK! #sketchnote #inktober

Wir statt Gier. Kann es einen anderen Kapitalismus geben? Ein Sonntags-Sketchnote zum Artikel in @DIEZEIT

Love this sketchnote by @Rob_Dimeo on how to have a better conversation. Useful strategies for us all!

Ready for #Halloween2017 ? #pumpkin #citrouille #sketchnote #diy

A testable idea is better than a great idea. @AlexOsterwalder @ypigneur @strategyzer #bmgen #vpdesign