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A "to do" list for a stressful day. What activities would you add? Great sketchnote by @positivepresent

Digitalisierung, Globalisierung und Neue Arbeitsweisen sind ein Herausforderung für viele Unternehmen. Cornelia Kunert begleitet Unternehmen als Coach bei diesem Prozess. - Visualisierung als illustrative #Sketchnote #referenz #kundenprojekt

Sketchnote journee irep cesp iab sur la transparence et l’efficacite dans le digital ⁦@IREPasso⁩ ⁦@IABFrance⁩

New #theatrecapchallenge #sketchnote draft ✏ to help inform colleagues #toomanywords 🤔 #needsmorepics #mattyhats @UHBHumanFactors @AnnaGeyer_NP @patientsafe3 @justinemjeffery @Realnotlob

Another #sketchnote for #softwareArtThou meetup. Lily Ryan @attacus_au presented "Scientific Hooliganism, the first hack in history". As always, the speaker, @JeffreyTheobald and @zendesk Melb crew delivered!

Thoughts over breakfast. Discuss! #AI #technology #thinking #brain #algorhythms #sketchnotes #bravenewworld

Sketchnotes Show and Tell

Sketchnotes conversational leadership

Why #DEX Matters - James Robertson

This is the coolest thing that has ever accompanied one of my talks. Thank-you @Dataversity and @hbsanford for enhancing this #DataGovernance presentation :-)

Librarians do so much to support students and teachers as learning moves into the future! Thanks to @woodard_julie for this beautiful #sketchnote reminder #edchat #tlchat #cpchat

Love + Logic Sketchnotes:

#Sketchnote of the book titled “Play: How it shapes the brain, opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul” by Dr. Stuart Brown. This SN is not a comprehensive summary of this excellent book but rather a collection of the ideas that resonated the most with me.

#SSP2018 sketchnote: Session 3A Integrating Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Content to Increase Visibility and Value

The Commpnplace Book

SNDCLT Sketchnotes WaPo

SNDCLT Sketchnotes Punchcutting Pixels

MBC Sketchnotes Acts

Still thinking about #thefutureofsurgery after drawing at this eye-opening event from Royal College of Surgeons @RCSnews A wonderful event to draw at!

Toujours en visite de l'exposition #Delacroix avec le @scribeaccroupi . La mort de Sardanapale commentée par Sébastien Allard. J'y vais demain !

‪Information Clusters are the core of a Sketchnote. What they do? Here is my theory.‬

‪Who’s afraid of empty spaces? A content needs an empty container, right? What if I use contents AS container? Of course the Zen concept Śūnyatā came to my mind and I wanted to experiment. So, here is a kind of #sketchnote or non-sketchnote ‬

“The ability to LEARN WELL and QUICKLY is the most important skill we have” - Erika Anderson. • Here’s a #sketchnote with some of my key takeaways from the book “Be Bad First” by Erika Anderson.

Gestern auf dem #openohr #graphicrecording zu einem RadioFeature vom @dlfkultur von Frank Kaspar. Thema „Der gebaute Mensch“ - 30 min gebannt auf 1,40x1m KappaLine...das war echt ne Herausforderung. Das Feature lief vom Band und ca. 30 Leute haben mir beim zeichnen zugeschaut...

Yesterday I attended a panel discussion of the Organisation of Professors of Applied Sciences. They discussed necessary changes. One request is the reduction of teaching hours from 18 to 12 per week to have more time for science as is demanded as well. #sketchnote #teaching

‪A bit more about interstitial elements in a #sketchnote with an extra bonus: delicious dried cherry tomatoes #sketchipe‬