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Absolutely loving learning about futures thinking & methods @IFTF - amazing group & graphic notes! Thx @Weeksonian

Finland is 100 today! Finland is pretty cool, but do you know how cool? Check out my visual fact sheet. #Suomi100 #finland100 #suomi #finland

I've updated my #ThinkingClassroom sketchnote to include the now 14 elements by @pgliljedahl : #VNPS #VRG #MTBoS #iTeachMath #edchat #sketchnote

My #sketchnote of tonights #SNhangout about #sketchnotes and #bulletjournaling with @DianaSoriat and @foglia_mario. Thanks for inspiring me once again, everyone! 💕

@sylviaduckworth @tnvora @Braddo Thanks for inspiring my first sketchnote! I really enjoy following your work.

Storyboarding - A #Sketchnote Solution

Storyboarding is part of the design process. The DESIGN process. In the elearning industry there are a lot of authoring tools from the <b>rapid</b> family to …


Sketchnotes: Regional Offices meeting 4 Dec 2017

👋 hi it’s me, your friend with all of the feelings! If you’ve been feeling things super hard lately, between the state of the world, last night’s supermoon (I’m blaming mercury for everything), or just a general holiday malaise to go along with your regularly scheduled Seasonal Affective Disorder, lemme tell you that you are not alone. Lemme also tell you that @traderjoes sells premade cookie dough and it is delicious regardless of whether or not you cook it. I made this handy dandy little flowchart for when I hop on and off the anxiety train myself, featuring some tried and true coping skills including @headspace and @yogawithadrienne. I’d love to know your anxiety and stress coping tips too, because eating raw cookie dough only gets me so far (and is probably courting the inevitable bout of salmonella).😂 #talkingaboutit #feelings #mentalhealth

Some more #sketchnotes Day 1 of Clarity conference. Tips from the field of Design Systems! Applause to @mirisuzanne and @cameronmoll talks! 2/2 #clarity2017 #designsystems #design #components #web #livesketching #sketch

Apprenez les #sketchnotes et le #scribing #UnPictoParJour ! Aujourd’hui : l ‘anatomie d’un Facilitateur Graphique 💪

I have reports to write and my masters to finish so here is another sketchnote from the latest release from the @ibpyp about the learner in the enhanced PYP. How do your decisions support #agency? #pypchat #procrastination

‪"The xLontrax Theory of Sketchnote" ebook prj: gathering information and starting to create a the Table of Contents‬ . . . Starting is never easy and I find that having a huge amount of material is even harder than starting from scratch. . . Pro writers


‪Here is a page of "The xLontrax Theory of #Sketchnote " ebook prj: why I read a Sketchnote? What I’m looking for?‬ . . I plan to go very deep in every single aspect of the Sketchnote experience. . I believe every Sketchnote is actually made of 3 Sketchno

Berlin Health Week: Zukunftswerkstatt Innovative Versorgung

Another page of "The xLontrax Theory of #Sketchnote " ebook prj: what makes a Sketchnote a good Sketchnote? It’s all about Quality! . . There are some qualities that apply to ever single element of a Sketchnote. I mean: a title, like a text as well has to

Graphic Recording: Day of Joint Professorships at TU Berlin - Kai Hilgenberg

The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

My #sketchnote #sketchnotes from yesterday parentcommittee #vizthink #against #boring #meetings ✊🏻🙊🤘🏻💚


Graphic Recording: Day of Joint Professorships at TU Berlin - Thomas Wiegand

I contributed a visual essay on clarity (in sketching) to @cwodtke 's latest book. This is the first page of 3. Link to the full essay is in the bio ( . . . #sketchabit #sketching #sketchingpractice #sketchnotes #doodles #clarity

Difficult conversations can be...difficult. We’re sharing tips on how to have conflict in a healthy way. Great advice in this sketchnote by @haypsych #FabChangeWeek

Sketchnotes from #hurryslowly podcast with @austinkleon

Delighted to share the final graphic from the #BigHRDebate in #Athens last week. Rich dialogue extertly facilitated, including Stathis Vrakatselis of @TFPartnership and captured in real-time by Ellie C. #graphicfacilitation #realtimegraphics #visualthinking #HR

Sophisticated Marketer: Shannon Brayton

Loading...<p>Looking for monthly marketing tips?<p>Searching for actionable marketing insights, and a great listen? Look no further than the <i>Sophisticated</i> …


Sketchnote Mini Workshop - Interaction South America 2017

South America

First Sketchnote on iPad: Julia Steier @jksteier - Sketchnote Army - A Showcase of Sketchnotes

With this beautiful sketchnote by Julia Steier we start a new series to feature the first attempts at sketchnoting digitally!<p>She wrote:<p>First …


Thanks @Ready4rigor for a fantastic #learning experience this morning @k12albemarle! #CRT #CulturallyResponsiveTeaching #sketchnote #acps