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Thailand’s unexplored north

­­­Combining mountainous landscapes, cultural treasures and many untouristed corners, Thailand’s north is arguably the part of the country most apt for exploration. To inspire you to blaze your own trail, we’ve put together a shortlist of low-key, visit-worthy destinations that you won’t find on …

Thailand Travel

A guide to Vietnamese coffee

Strong and flavourful Vietnamese coffee makes converts as quickly as it raises pulses. French colonists might have introduced coffee to Vietnam, but the morning cup of ca phe soon became a local habit. With variations that make use of yoghurt, eggs and even fruit, Vietnamese coffee has developed a …


Art and History in Montréal: the best museums and galleries

With its cobblestone streets and an eclectic mix of identities and ideas, Montréal is a cultural powerhouse. Among soaring 18th-century churches and imposing stone mansions, you'll find fascinating museums that delve into the past, giving a glimpse of what life was like for early inhabitants and …


Nashville's best craft beers and breweries

Nashville's craft beer movement is hitting its groove. While craft breweries have existed here since the early days of America's beer-making renaissance, it's the rash of new and inventive operations that have placed the city firmly on the map for lovers of quality suds.

Nashville's beer has long …


How to survive a music festival: the LP guide to having a good time

Coachella. South by Southwest. Bonnaroo. Lollapalooza. The US isn’t short of world-class festivals, each with its unique take on the festival experience but all requiring a certain amount of know-how on the part of attendees to ensure maximum fun/minimum hassle. Below we’ve compiled a basic …

Music Festivals

Hermit Kingdom travel primer: what to know before you visit North Korea

North Korea is a curious but compelling place to visit, and one of the only places in the world where even the most hardcore independent travellers find themselves signing up for a package tour.

The restrictions on what you can see and do are tight, but as the country very slowly continues to open …

Korea Travel

'Only' Planet: tips for travelling with your solo child

Travelling with children can be an enormously rewarding experience – opening up your kids to new experiences is crucial for personal growth, after all – but of course it’s not without its challenges.

It can be even more challenging for parents with only one kid. All relationships are put to the test …


The Great Glen: coast to coast along Scotland’s rift valley

Scotland’s epic Great Glen is the gift of a dramatic tectonic collision that raised the Scottish Highlands and opened a giant crack across the entire width of the country. Surrounded by some of the UK’s highest mountains and filled with four immense lochs, the glen is rich in Highland heritage and …

Europe Travel

Top 10 must-try Northern Thai dishes

Think you know Thai food? Think again. Thailand's cuisine takes a different form every time it crosses a provincial border, and the dishes of Thailand's northern provinces are no exception.

Northern Thai food is a world away from the dishes you’ve probably encountered at your local Thai restaurant …

Thai Food

Eat your way around the Spice Isles: a guide to the cuisine of Maluku

There’s more to Malukan food than its famous mace, nutmeg and cloves. Dig deeper than the mie goreng and soto ayam served in most rumah makans (restaurants) and you’ll find a distinct food tradition shaped by this fascinating region’s maritime geography and variety of seafaring and land-based …


How to eat like a local in Langkawi

While there is no shortage of restaurants on the Malaysian holiday island of Langkawi, many of them offer international rather than local food, from Japanese sushi to Russian borscht. Even the few Malaysian places on the tourist strip often tweak their menus to appeal to a foreign palate. But look …


Alternative Angkor: Siem Reap beyond the temples

The Temples of Angkor are an iconic symbol of Southeast Asia and rightly Cambodia's top attraction. But Siem Reap, gateway to Angkor, offers much more than temples and is emerging as an activity centre for the Mekong region. With microlight flights, ziplining, cooking classes, horse-riding, the …


Travelling with kids in the south of France

Fronting onto the Mediterranean and backed by the Pyrenees and the Alps, the south of France is a microcosm of the wider nation, with gorgeous beaches, photogenic medieval villages and hip cities. Throw in fortresses, Roman ruins, terrific wine (for mum and dad) and a laconic pace of life, and …

Europe Travel

From Havana to Tangier: lives of the literary exiles

Nabokov, Hemingway, Neruda: they’re just a few of the great writers who have been inspired, or required, to leave home and forge a creative life in a foreign country.

From Rainer Maria Rilke’s years in Paris to Paul Bowles’ near lifetime in Tangier, we look at a few of the literary greats in exile, …


Best places to travel in September 2015

As temperatures grow milder and tourist crowds wane, September can be a wonderful time of year to travel.

Head to Shanghai for mid-autumn moon gazing, or catch the last of the summer sun on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is also the time to indulge in a tipple or two - at La Rioja's grape harvest …


From Disneyland to art treasure hunts: top tips for Paris with kids

Paris is a sprawling global hub, but it somehow works on a scale that kids can comprehend. The urban canyons of Manhattan and ridiculous crowds of London are largely absent, and despite the Parisian rep for treating tourists with disdain, the French love kids! Having your offspring with you will …


How to pick a green hotel

Finding a hotel with environmental initiatives has never been easier, but knowing which hotels are truly worthy of your eco-conscious buck isn’t quite so simple.

Here are five reliable ways you can lighten your carbon footprint while travelling around the world.

Choose a carbon-neutral …

Green Living

Wildlife-watching in the Danube Delta

Romania, land of eerie mountains and Vlad the Impaler – or so the stereotypes say. But the southeast of the country cradles a pristine wilderness of wetlands, forests and rocky steppe. As you bat away emperor dragonflies bigger than your hand, or watch tortoises lumber past to a deafening chorus of …


Hiking Mt Ramelau: a guide to scaling Timor-Leste's highest peak

At the centre of the mountainous interior of Timor-Leste, Mt Ramelau (or Tatamailau in the local Tetun language) is not only the nation’s highest peak, but also a site of deep religious and cultural significance. Adorned with a statue of the Virgin Mary at its peak, Ramelau is the site of an annual …


A hungry traveller's guide to Korean street food

In South Korea you are never far from delicious street eats to satisfy a kimchi craving. Skewers of tangy chargrilled chicken, seafood pancakes with kimchi pizzazz, and golden fish-shaped waffles with a sweet surprise filling can even make for a full meal.

Eat Korean style, not walking but rubbing …


Chicago for foodies: latest trends and unmissable eats

The James Beard Foundation can sniff out a culinary winner, which is why it chose Chicago to host its 'Oscars of the food world' award ceremony in 2015 (and in 2016, and in 2017). The city has become a chowhound's hot spot, with award-winning chefs and foodie talent elevating an already thriving …


Lost cities: where to pretend you are Indiana Jones

Unearthing lost cities used to be the preserve of machete-wielding, Indiana Jones types, but advances in technology lie behind the most recent discoveries rather any derring-do in the jungle.

One of the most groundbreaking recent finds lay hidden in Honduras’ near-impenetrable La Moskitia rainforest …

Indiana Jones

Cape Town's top activities

Cape Town's reputation as a rather laid back place, is reflected in its nickname ‘Slaapstad’ which means ‘sleepy town’ in Afrikaans, the local lingo. All very strange as the Mother City and its surrounds are stacked with opportunities to stay awake and get active. Indeed, adventure sports operators …


Top free things to do in Cape Town

A relatively weak rand makes Cape Town a more affordable destination to visit, and the city certainly provides value for money when it comes to eating and accommodation. However, everyone likes to get something for free, and in this respect the Mother City is overflowing with options.

V&A …

Africa Travel

Exploring Europe through the eyes of Van Gogh

In the 125 years since Vincent Van Gogh’s death, his paintings have inspired countless art lovers to scramble for a map.

Scenes conjured by Van Gogh’s paintbrush – the billowing skies of Starry Night, his swooning Sunflowers, Provence’s cypress groves – make many of us wish we could step right into …


Cape Town's hybrid culture

The bookshop-café combo is nothing new and a shrewd move in a world where a cappuccino and the new Deon Meyer (a top Capetonian crime novelist) make smart commercial bedfellows. Cape Town, however, has taken the concept of such hybrid businesses to new levels with laundries in which you can buy art …

South Africa

Enter Novi Sad: beyond Exit festival

In July, thousands of merrymakers roll into the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad for the mammoth EXIT festival, which celebrates its 15th birthday in 2015. Many of them will roll out having seen little else but stages, strobes and the Danube-side fortress that hosts the four-day …

Music Festivals

Broome’s history in a pearl shell

Quirky, multicultural and remote – Broome lives up to its reputation. Thanks to its indigenous heritage and extraordinary past as a cyclone-prone pearling centre and WWII target, it is like no other town in Australia. To get the best out of Broome dip into its distinct areas – Chinatown, Old Broome …


Tapping into Boston's burgeoning contemporary art scene

Boston has always been known for its history, but nowadays the city is attracting attention for its contemporary – art, that is.

The city’s renowned artistic institutions – the likes of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute for Contemporary Art – are busy building rich and varied collections of …


On location in Hawaii: film and TV locations in paradise

With nearly every climactic zone on Earth, months of amenable weather and landscapes of rugged beauty, the Hawaiian Islands have long caught Hollywood directors’ eyes. Indeed, the islands’ cascading tropical waterfalls, powdery beaches and jagged volcanic mountains seem straight out of a fantasy …