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24 hours in Lausanne, Switzerland

One of Switzerland’s prettiest cities, Lausanne, located on the shores of glimmering Lake Geneva, can easily be covered in a day though it's better to take it slow and spend the night.

The steep hills and cobblestones may appear daunting (good walking shoes are handy) but all hotels provide guests …


Pubs, vampires and rebellion: the best of historic Dublin

Dublin rightly prides itself on being a modern European city, but its colourful history is central to its appeal. There was a settlement here even before the Vikings settled by the River Liffey a thousand years ago, and the city really came into its own a century ago when events here were the …

Historical Photography

Hikes for tykes: 10 tips for walking with kids

Hiking with children can bestow them with a love of the outdoors and a thirst for exploration that lasts a lifetime. But before the adventures begin, you have to succeed in dragging them off the sofa and into the wifi-free wilderness...

Turn square-eyed digital devotees into wide-eyed walkers with …


Escaping modern China: unwind in historic Huizhou

It is said that an immortal from the north flying on a goose was so taken by the scenery at Huizhou’s West Lake that she landed and turned into Flying Goose Mountain. This is how Huizhou got its term of endearment, “City of the Goose”.

Located on the eastern periphery of the Pearl River Delta in …


10 reasons to visit Latvia

If you don’t already have a connection to Latvia, chances are it may not have crossed your mind as a potential destination for your next trip.

But this Baltic nation has more than a few surprises hidden amidst its lush pine forests and architecturally rich cities and towns. Here are ten reasons to …

European Travel

Ice fjords to dancefloors: a weekend in Ilulissat, Greenland

With its rumbling ice fjord and a harbour bobbing with bergs, Ilulissat’s glorious setting is a huge enticer for travellers to Greenland.

But there’s no need to wrap up and hop onto a sled for this Arctic adventure (unless you want to). Ilulissat is Greenland’s third-largest town, with enough …


Ilha Grande: tropical island paradise on Brazil’s Costa Verde

Picture this: a tropical island cloaked in 193 square kilometers of rainforest, dotted with spectacular beaches, threaded with walking trails and devoid of motorized vehicles. Welcome to Ilha Grande! For nature lovers and anyone seeking a slow-paced beach holiday, this vast island along Rio de …


From highway to high waves: five offbeat coastal road trips

California's Big Sur and Australia's Great Ocean Road may get all the headlines when it comes to coastal driving but they're not the only places where you can lose yourself in spectacular scenery, glowing sunsets and glistening surf.

The following routes are equally impressive and also offer quirky …

European Travel

Beyond the dunes: road-tripping Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Giant sand dunes fringed by sun-scorched valleys. Primordial fossils hidden within flaming-red cliffs. The sun setting pink and purple over a Mongolian yurt. Few experiences bring together offbeat adventure and epic road-tripping quite like bouncing through Mongolia's Gobi Desert in the rear-facing …


Six sublime historic buildings in France's Auvergne

The Auvergne wins admirers for its brooding scenery, a jigsaw of valleys, lakes and craters sculpted by ancient volcanoes. But this French region is rich in man-made beauty too, and its historic buildings are made all the lovelier by their setting.

Lustrous basilicas nestle among rough mountain …


Striking architecture, maritime history and cutting-edge art: 24 hours in Rotterdam

Many travellers' only glimpse of Rotterdam is through the train window en route from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. But with a palpable energy, creative spirit and urban regeneration that are cementing its status as one of Europe's hippest, most happening destinations, the Netherlands' …


A Fab Four fan's guide to Liverpool & the Beatles

The Beatles were four young lads from Liverpool who revolutionized pop music and changed the world. Fans can explore their roots on a visit to the city, discovering the houses, parks and streets that inspired the band. Here, we take you through the must-see sights, from John Lennon’s bedroom and …

John Lennon

A gourmet road trip through France's Auvergne region

Even by French standards, the Auvergne bulges with gastronomic flair. The region produces five protected-status cheeses, cured meats prized around France, plus an arsenal of wines and heady herbal liqueurs.

Could something in the water explain this bounty? Locals think so, crediting the rich …

Road Trips

Bière de garde: a traveller’s guide to beer in France

Beer. It’s not the first thing most people think of sampling on a trip to France. But France, like many places, is on the cusp of a beer moment.

Breweries across the country are taking a nod from their Belgian neighbours, finding influence in American styles and hops, utilising their fresh and …


Eating out in Japanese: a guide to Japan's restaurants

The Japanese love to eat out, and the profusion of culinary options, even in the smallest towns, can be overwhelming. There’s something for every taste and budget, from humble slurp-and-go noodle stands, to refined traditional eateries serving seasonal fare. With Japan’s range of dishes and cooking …


Paris by pastry: five patisserie icons and where to find them

Even the mildest sweet tooth will be unable to resist the allure of Paris’ patisseries. They are designed to tempt: the glisten of glaze on a strawberry here, the fluffy puff of cream there, the sheen of perfectly tempered chocolate over there… Fortunately, Paris is about nothing if not giving in …


USA's top 10 natural wonders

The third biggest country on earth, the USA packs spectacular biodiversity within its borders. Between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, you’ll encounter hot desert playas and plateaus, skyscraping mountain ranges topped by glaciers, rolling grasslands where millions of bison once roamed, tropical …

Earth Science

Exploring Palau: what to do when you're not diving

Palau is famous for its underwater wonders, but there's more to Palau than just diving. This tiny country has lots of activities and attractions to keep travellers happy when they're not fully submerged. Kayaking, off-road driving, camping and scenic flights are all options. There's also plenty to …


Diving in paradise: underwater adventures in Palau

Diving is Palau's biggest drawcard, and for good reason. This western Pacific archipelago boasts an amazing mix of pristine reefs, vertigo-inducing drop-offs, thrilling drift dives, abundant marine life and fascinating WWII shipwrecks. To top it off, waters are warm year-round and diving facilities …

Adventure Travel

Opinion: where will maps lead the travellers of tomorrow?

Imagine a machine that could transport you from one side of the world to the other at the press of a button.

One minute, you’re wandering amid the stupas of Borobudur, Java; the next, you’re exploring a grotto in Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine; later still, you’re following giant tortoises along a …


Botswana: the rewards of self-drive safaris

Botswana may have a reputation as the most exclusive safari destination in Africa, but it does offer an incredibly tempting alternative to the fly-in, upmarket-tented-camp experience: the more budget-friendly self-drive safari. Botswana is made for road (and road-less) trips – it is big-sky …


A road trip in the Peloponnese

No other part of Greece combines stupendous mountain scenery and scenic hikes with deserted, pristine beaches and an incredible wealth of ancient sites like the Peloponnese. After all, this is where gods and heroes were said to walk the earth and the world’s greatest sporting event was born.

Add to …

Road Trips

How to prepare for a successful summit

Nothing stirs a climber’s soul quite like a beautiful summit. John Muir put it best when he wrote, ‘The mountains are calling and I must go.’ But if you want to enjoy a high-altitude escape – perhaps at the very top of the world – it’ll take much more than just willpower.

Planning and preparation …

Pacific Northwest

Visiting Rome with kids: gladiators, gardens and gelato

Rome's top attractions offer much to fire children’s imaginations, from the Colosseum with its past of blood-curdling spectacle to spooky underground catacombs where the early Christians buried their dead. The city’s historic centre is kid-friendly too, dotted with spacious piazzas, foaming …


Hidden Rome: a guide to the city's best-kept secrets

Rome is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations and its most popular attractions receive millions of visitors each year. Thankfully though, the city is so packed with world-class museums, churches and gardens that it’s easy to escape the crowds and find a little corner that’s all your …


Insider Rome: discover four magical streets

Rome’s streets offer layer upon layer of history. Often there is an another world to explore beneath, with temples or Roman houses lying underneath churches and houses. Read on to discover some of Rome’s most remarkable addresses, from Via Appia Antica, the historic Roman road, lined by catacombs, …


Beauty of the Balkans: a perfect weekend in Kotor

The prettiest and best-preserved town in Montenegro, Kotor wears its elaborate fortifications like tough, spikey armour; yet behind the city walls lies a disarming core of piazza-fronting churches, cobbled arteries and quirky shops – all in the embrace of one of Europe’s most spectacular bays. …


A perfect day in Trastevere, Rome's favourite neighbourhood

You’ve thrown coins into the Trevi Fountain and marvelled at the Colosseum – what next? Take a trip across the Tiber river to Trastevere, a charming medieval neighbourhood with a fiery temperament. A stroll around Trastevere, a formerly working-class district with a heady nightlife, will take you …


Bullet holes, burek and beer: 48 hours in Sarajevo

It’s over 20 years since harrowing news footage of the besieged city of Sarajevo was broadcast around the world during the 1990s Bosnian war. Nowadays the only time the Bosnian capital feels besieged is during the mid-summer film-fest when the city's streets overflow with animated party-goers.

The …


From ukuleles to reggae: Fiji's music scene

Fiji has a strong hand when it comes to attracting tourists: imagine idyllic white-sand beaches and turquoise coral reefs, and you’ll find them in spades. But Fiji also has a rich island culture that can provide a great soundtrack to your stay.

Many people get a small taste of this at the end of …