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Where to join Australians this Anzac Day

Australia marks its national day of remembrance – Anzac Day – on April 25. Across the country Australians will be getting together to remember their lost relatives at dawn services in cities and towns. This year is also the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign in Turkey, and there …


Costa Rica’s top five marine adventures

Costa Rica’s thriving forests and abundant wildlife have made it a premier destination for eco-travelers, but the country’s lesser-known offshore environments teem with life and have just as much to set the spine tingling. Sadly, in recent years these underwater habitats have been tainted by …

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The ultimate boozehound’s tour of the world

There’s no better way to get to know the locals than to join them in raising a glass of their favourite tipple. And it’s even better if you go to the source to see where it’s made and indulge yourself on site.

Here are the ultimate boozy destinations where you’ll need never ask for a refill.

Pisco in …

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Best free things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not a cheap place, but with a bit of planning and creativity, you can spend an enjoyable day in the city on very little money. Outdoor spaces, street concerts, galleries and markets abound in this packed metropolis, many open free-of-charge.

Local buses and rooftop car parks provide …


What’s on in London in summer

Something magical happens when the sun flickers into the British capital’s sky. Vitamin-D-starved Londoners emerge across the city, parks, pavements and pubs fill with convivial drinkers, and smiles spread across once-tight lips. Summer is prime tourist season, but the atmosphere and those balmy …


Greece’s top five festivals

The Greek calendar is chock-full of festivals, and Greeks are always up for a celebration. This is the country where you get tantamount to two birthdays – the day of your birth and the official day of the saint you are named after. And individual islands and villages often have their own …


Best rainy-day activities in Vancouver

It’s a city where pewter-dark skies can dissolve into relentless rain at any time of year. But when you’re in Vancouver and the deluge hits, you have two choices: retreat to your hotel bed or make like a local and pretend it’s just another liquid sunshine day.

For those visitors unprepared for a …

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Quirky sleeps: Sweden's top 10 unusual hotels

Sweden’s varied landscape, from the frozen reaches of the north to its vast forests and lakes, combines with cutting-edge design to inspire some unique lodgings. Here's our pick of the country's quirkiest sleeps, taking you underground, underwater, face-to-face with wildlife and beyond.


Near …


Jasen nature reserve: Macedonia’s secret getaway

Deep in the Balkans, this grandiosely named nature reserve might just be the best-kept secret among Europe’s national parks. Home to the rare Balkan chamois (wild goat) and endangered Eurasian lynx, Macedonia’s Jasen is one of the region’s most ecologically significant areas. While there are no …


Green escapes: spectacular parks near great cities

Burned out by the relentless pace of your city break? These on-the-doorstep parks are perfect when you need to escape from the urban jungle.

From sea cliffs south of London to a beach on the fringes of Hong Kong and a fanciful chateau on the edge of Paris, it’s worth taking time out of your hectic …

North America Travel

Kauaʻi with kids: top family activities on the Garden Isle

Lonely Planet writer Andy Murdock takes his kids to the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi for some outdoor adventures. After playing botanist in Limahuli Garden, taking a dip in the azure waters of Hanalei Bay and contemplating the sheer cliffs of the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific', he discovers he might …


Retail in Rio: the carioca guide to shopping

In Rio de Janeiro there are the essential purchases: the classic mini statue of Christ the Redeemer, the cheapest Havaianas on the planet, and the beach sarongs known as kangas. But beyond these standard souvenirs is a wealth of unusual treasures which are as much a pleasure to possess as they are to …


Barcelona's best shopping by neighbourhood

Barcelona perhaps finally achieved peak hipster with the recent opening of Urban Outfitters, a massive statement of a shop in a central and symbolic location on the Plaça Catalunya, but the city has long had a tradition of quirky little boutiques, icily cool designer home-ware stores and artisanal …


Hiking in Greece

Most of Greece is mountainous and a hiker’s paradise – you can even climb the mountain of the gods, Mt Olympus. The most popular routes are well maintained, others barely more than an overgrown sheep’s path. Hiking on the islands is particularly rewarding, from kalderimia (cobbled or flagstone paths …


Ten of New Zealand's most scenic day hikes

New Zealand may be justifiably famous for its Great Walks and other multi-day hiking trails, but don’t break out the cooking stove and sleeping bag just yet. Much of the same wilderness can be explored on day hikes, which means less gear, less effort, and quite possibly more fun.

1. Twilight–Te …


What to do when you encounter dangerous animals

There's no better story than an encounter with a charging bull elephant. That said, you want to make sure you live to tell the tale.

Whether you are spotting the Big Five on a wildlife drive in Africa, staking out polar bears in Canada, or photographing wild monkeys in Asia, the first rule to …


Hawaiian day trips: Lana‘i

With its variety of microclimates, multifaceted history and diverse flora and fauna, Hawaii is made for day trips. In just one afternoon, a visitor can hike a rocky pine forest, learn the stories of an isolated colony of Hansen's Disease patients and take in a breezy ocean vista.

In this two-part …

U.S. Travel

Hawaiian day trips: Moloka‘i

With its variety of microclimates, multifaceted history and diverse flora and fauna, Hawaii is made for day trips. In just one afternoon, a visitor can hike a rocky pine forest, learn the stories of an isolated colony of Hansen's Disease patients and then take in a breezy ocean vista.

In this …


South Africa (and Swaziland) for families

Africa's iconic animals may be the things of childhood dreams, but taking your youngsters to the continent can be an unnerving prospect.

As travel writer and dad David Else explains, it doesn't have to be daunting. Follow his family's recommendations to enjoy a fun mix of activities, stunning …


On the ground at Rio’s Carnaval: a local’s guide to the biggest party on earth

Every February the infectious sights and sounds of carnaval (carnival) return to Rio de Janeiro. The world’s best known party has taken place in the month before lent since the 1700s and the ‘party of the flesh’ is more alive today than ever, with two million people enjoying Rio’s street parties, …


Russia’s Arctic north: top 10 experiences

Russia’s Arctic north draws adventurers looking for the unvarnished Russia: gritty yet lively northern cities; tranquil, remote villages amid placid lakes; and the incomparable Arctic scenery – the impressive tundra, boundless forests, snow-tipped mountains and the northern lights. The country’s …


Historic Kazan: exploring the multi-coloured capital of Tatarstan

On a quiet roadside in Kazan, a cluster of sky-blue towers and polka-dot domes erupts seemingly out of nowhere. The Temple of All Religions is as beautiful as it is bewildering: an Orthodox-style cupola bulges next to spiky Gothic turrets, and Islamic crescents soar over statues of the Buddha. And …


Spa-aaah! A guide to Bali's best spas and chill-out spots

Whether you’re looking for the royal treatment or a quick rub-down, Bali's spa options are seemingly infinite. Indulgent travellers could easily craft a full itinerary around day spas, and find themselves floating from oiled-up acupressure massage to flower petal baths and mani-pedis.

If this sounds …


Budapest for free

Budapest is a bargain destination, though you still have to pay for just about everything. That doesn’t mean you’ll be reaching for your wallet from morning till night – the following top attractions and activities won’t cost you a forint. For the most part they involve being on the outside looking …


Sunday in Harlem: where to find your soul food fix

It’s Sunday morning in Manhattan, and you’re hungry for something more substantial than a bowl of organic granola or a fresh fruit platter on that Upper East Side corner. But where to go for food that’s hot, filling and served with soul? Jumping aboard the A–Train just minutes north to 125th …

Soul Food

Feast your way around Sydney's global cuisines

In multicultural Sydney, you can dip your tastebuds in other shores without ever leaving the city. The best dishes here were raised in migrant neighbourhoods where locals won’t put up with flavours less than authentic. Ready your tastebuds for steaming Malaysian pancakes, Korean barbecues, and a …


Ten unforgettable New Zealand beaches

With 15,000 kilometres of coastline, New Zealand is heaven for beach-lovers. Its diverse shores dish up everything from lazy days and blazing sunsets, to active adventures such as swimming, kayaking and surfing. Finding a great beach is easy; to find an unforgettable one, read on…

Ninety Mile …

Travel (New Zealand)

Vancouver’s best cheap eats

Vancouver has one of Canada’s juiciest dining scenes. But for every high-end restaurant here, there are dozens of budget alternatives to salivate over – so long as you know where to go.

Here’s our taste-tested menu of top cheap eats throughout the city, where mains typically cost little more than …

John Lee

Kuala Lumpur for free: exploring Malaysia's capital on a tight budget

You might get more roti for your ringgit in Kuala Lumpur than in many other big Asian capitals, but who doesn’t love a freebie? There are plenty of worthwhile attractions in Malaysia's buzzing capital that won’t cost travellers a single sen.

Join a walking tour

Slip on some comfortable shoes and take …


Ten reasons to visit Minsk

For many travellers, Minsk evokes far-flung Soviet gloom. Many more would struggle to name a single sight in Belarus’ capital. More’s the pity: the architecture of this ever-evolving city makes for an intriguing visit, and there’s a clutch of attractions worthy of global attention. From historic …