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How to cycle NYC like a pro

A perfect balance of urban landscape and green space, New York lends itself to one of the healthiest, most enjoyable outdoors pursuits – cycling. This may be a surprise to those who still envision the Big Apple as a gritty no-go zone for pedalers. In fact, New York has hundreds of miles of bike …

New York City

Experience Aboriginal Australia without leaving the city

Modern Australia is unflinchingly contemporary, but the land itself is ancient in geologic terms, with an Aboriginal history arcing back more than 50,000 years. You may think the best place to experience Aboriginal Australia is in the central deserts, Kakadu National Park or Arnhem Land, but …


A tour of Astana's wacky and wonderful architecture

Kazakhstan might be best known for its nomadic roots, but its new capital city, Astana, is making waves with a surrealist skyline. When the government moved the capital to this small city on the northern steppe in 1997, it was essentially a tiny outpost. But nowadays, the skies here glitter with …


Best things to do in Brisbane in winter

It’s a bit of a local secret: winter is Brisbane’s best season. Days are temperate and dry (it’s rare for the weather to be inclement enough to keep you indoors, but it does happen...) and the city’s cultural calendar livens up with festivals and events. So if you're rolling up to the Sunshine …


10 great literary bars in New York City

Booze and books have a natural affinity: both look great on a wooden shelf, both are designed to be consumed, and, for better or worse, writers have tended to gravitate toward certain booze-dens through the years.

Here are ten of New York City’s best bars with a literary past and present, ranging …

New York City

Chicago’s best homegrown junk food

Chicago sits on the shores of Lake Michigan, vibrant and glimmering, the jewel of the Midwest. Known the world over for its gorgeous architecture, impressive museums, legendary sports teams, barely tolerable winters, and cutting-edge cuisine, The Windy City is also home to some of the best junk …


Circumnavigating Seoul: Hiking the ancient city wall

In the 600-plus years that Seoul has been Korea’s capital, the city has changed in many respects, save one: it’s kept its original city wall. An architectural treasure and contender for Unesco World Heritage status, Seoul City Wall snakes in an 18.6km ring over the peaks of Bukaksan (342m), Naksan …

Asia Travel

Off-piste adventures: summertime activities in Aspen and Snowmass

They say you come to Aspen and Snowmass for the winter, but stay for the summer – an old adage that proves true time and time again. While the region is famed for its world-class winter sports – celebrities like Rihanna and even Michelle Obama have graced the slopes here – the warmer months hold …


How to be a better spotter: the golden rules of watching wildlife

Birdwatchers and other species of traveller with a passion for watching wildlife are a breed apart. Millions of them migrate across the globe every year in the hope of a sighting, spending serious money as they go.

The thrill of seeing an animal, however fleetingly, in its natural habitat has turned …


Destination Seminyak: a guide to Bali's cool corner

The grown-up neighbour to Bali's party centre of Kuta, Seminyak has attracted travellers in-the-know for years with its hip hotels, cool cafes, slick bars and boutique shopping. But while Seminyak is no longer a secret, it certainly pays to know your way around. Get oriented with our guide to …

Travel Writing

England reinvented: ten great reasons to go to the Kent coast

Something is happening to the Kent coast. Despite its sandy beaches, sea-sculpted cliffs, epic sunsets and splendid Victorian architecture, England's southeast corner has sometimes felt rundown and overlooked. Now, there’s a growing artistic community here and an explosion of things to do. …


Best things to do in summer in Japan

Summer in much of Japan is hot and can be unrelentingly humid, but it’s also the season for top festivals, mass folk dancing, mountain hikes, and enjoying a cold beer on a city rooftop. If you’re travelling in Japan between June and September, carry a fan and make the most of these summertime …


Family-friendly ski trips in the French Alps

If the words ‘family ski trip in the Alps’ conjure up images of ultra-chic families gliding by in the latest fur-trimmed ski gear, lift queues longer than the opening night of Frozen 2, and package prices that make your eyes water then we have good news for you — low-key budget trips are possible …

Europe Travel

Singapore with kids: best places to entertain tots in the Lion City

With its wide footpaths, green spaces, child-friendly amenities, awesome attractions and legendary cleanliness, Singapore is perhaps one of the world’s best cities to visit with tots in tow. Round up the kids and make this tiny island your ultimate family playground.

Go wild!

Singapore Zoo
Designed to …


Digging Outback Queensland's Jurassic Trail

Dusting off dinosaur bones in the remote Australian outback may not be everyone’s idea of a holiday, but for amateur palaeontologists, forensically-minded fossil finders and dinosaur lovers the world over, this is the mother lode.

Most of us have had at least a fleeting fascination with dinosaurs. …

Earth Science

Paradise found: Papua for beginners

For a grab bag of stimulating experiences, this remote province is hard to beat. Indonesian Papua is as far east in Indonesia as you can go, with sublime landscapes, extraordinary animals and an ancient and vibrant Melanesian culture. Combined with the more recent arrival of Dutch colonialists, …


Summer's cheat sheet: choosing a beach in Cape Cod

Ah, Cape Cod, America's postcard-perfect summertime destination: sand dunes covered with wild beach rose, happy kids frolicking in the waves and sailboats drifting peacefully off the coast. But there are nearly 560 miles of coastline here, so those postcards don’t give the whole story.

You’ll also …

Cape Cod

Grand experiences: top outdoor activities around the Grand Canyon

Many make the journey to Arizona solely for its whopping 277-mile-long chasm, the Grand Canyon, and we don’t blame them. This mile-deep formation carved by the Colorado River is one of the most spectacular things a person can see, but to neglect the rest of the state would be a monumental …


George Town’s top 10 dishes: what to order in Southeast Asia’s food capital

We're just going to come out and say it: George Town is the best food city in Southeast Asia. Locals have been in on the secret for years, but so expertly has Penang's capital blended flavours and cooking styles from across Malaysia, China, India, Thailand and beyond, that it is fast emerging as a …


Secret suppers: Buenos Aires' closed-door restaurants

Started by enterprising chefs who began opening up their homes to cash in on the tourism boom during the post-2001 economic crisis, puertas cerradas (closed-door restaurants) are somewhere between a private dinner party and a restaurant, where dinner guests eat at the home of a stranger, sometimes …


Thailand’s ecotourism hot spots: a quick guide to sustainable travel in the Land of Smiles

While Thailand benefits from being one of the top 10 most touristed nations on earth, welcoming 25 million annual visitors presents considerable challenges for the sustainability of its natural environment and rich cultural traditions. Fortunately, minimising your footprint in Thailand has never …

Travel Writing

Buenos Aires by bike

Almost completely flat with a network of bike lanes now covering more than 130km, cycling is often the quickest and always the most pleasurable way to get around in Buenos Aires.

Cycling around Argentina's capital, you’ll find yourself part of the city’s greatest charm: the everyday lives of its …

Bicycle Touring

Australia’s top 10 family-friendly destinations

Broad, bronzed and open-skied, Australia is built for family travel – a dazzlingly diverse country strewn with tropical reefs, surf beaches and snowy heights. The vast distances between A and B can test parental patience, but with some savvy planning you can focus on the delights of exploring with …

Australian National Parks

Cerveza artesanal: a hop head's guide to craft beer in Argentina

Think of Argentina and, along with tango, beef and Boca Junior football club, a glass of Malbec might well come to mind. But it's not all tannins and terroir in Argentina: nowadays cool kids in town are brewing beer, too. Across the country a grassroots craft beer revolution is taking place, …


Visiting Iceland: 14 dos and don'ts

The number of visitors to small, ravishingly beautiful Iceland is soaring – and Iceland’s news has been busy with stories of tourists getting into difficulties. When travellers get things wrong, it can be a matter of etiquette, or the destruction of the pristine environment. But it can also be …


The phoenix factor: urban neighbourhoods on the rise

The world’s urban landscape is forever changing: in some cities, once down-at-heel – or just downright dangerous – neighbourhoods are on their way to becoming tomorrow’s must-see destinations.

Public, private, social and architectural projects are transforming overlooked corners of these places into …


A guide to the Tour de France

If you happen to be in France one July and wonder what all the two-wheeling is about - it's the Tour de France. Let us put you in the picturesque picture.

The purpose of the Tour de France was simple: to make supermen. The harder the race and the longer the course, the more public interest that it …


Best places to travel in September 2015

As temperatures grow milder and tourist crowds wane, September can be a wonderful time of year to travel.

Head to Shanghai for mid-autumn moon gazing, or catch the last of the summer sun on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is also the time to indulge in a tipple or two - at La Rioja's grape harvest …


Best places to travel in October 2015

As the shoulder season for many regions – with prices and footfall tending to be lower than they are in peak months – October is the ideal time for a stress-free jaunt.

You could gain some serious altitude in Nepal and Albuquerque, beat the crowds in Jordan and Cornwall, meet the Grand Canyon’s …

Asia Travel

First-time jjimjilbang: how to visit a Korean bathhouse

Traditional bathhouses are an essential part of contemporary Korean culture. Literally 'heated rooms', these jjimjilbang (찜질방) are where locals come to unwind, hang out and engage in a whole host of health and beauty rituals that go far beyond a quick soak. They attract grandmas and young couples …