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Arabian sights: road-tripping in Oman

Oman is hot right now. Not as in boiling (although it can be at the height of summer when the mercury touches 40C); hot as in 'of the moment'. Its star has risen steadily thanks to a carefully nurtured tourism industry and a growing appreciation for its natural and cultural riches.

After all, where …

Middle East Travel

Going back in time in Mid-Wales: eco-tourism in Britain's secret wilderness

Often overlooked in the rush to Wales’s more famous regions, Mid-Wales is the perfect base for an outdoor holiday with plenty of old-school charm. You can escape the crowds found elsewhere, allowing visitors to experience a deeper and more personal connection with nature and local history. As every …

Adventure Travel

San Francisco's top cheap eats

Booms and busts come and go fast in this Gold Rush town, but there's one thing you can always count on: dinner. Whether you're flush or broke, San Francisco offers vast menu options and excellent value for money. Not that it's always cheap – the fad for pricey pizzas and gourmet burgers isn't quite …

Northern California

Top 10 free things to do in Hamburg

Cosmopolitan, posh, naughty…Hamburg is many things, but one thing it’s not: cheap. To help you stretch your euros further, we’ve ferreted out some delicious bargains that have the bonus of letting you experience the city like a local. Skip the tourist traps and tourist tat and let us help you to …


Slovenia: Europe's outdoor adventure playground

The central European country of Slovenia packs an adventure-sports punch much greater than its diminutive size would suggest. The north of the country is dominated by towering mountain ranges that provide plentiful challenges for hikers and skiers. In the west, pure alpine streams strengthen as …


London for kids – top 10 adventures

London's offbeat offerings and big-name attractions can be as enjoyable for children as they are for the parents. Exploring the city as a family can lead to some of the coolest sights and activities around. Even if you don't have kids, you'll want to check these out.

1. Dance

Dancing, listening to …


Top 10 things to do in Paris in spring

Paris is beautiful to explore any season. But spring is the time to soak up that special ‘April in Paris’ charm that Sinatra sung about so well: chestnut groves blossom, city parks burst into flower, plane trees sprout foliage over boulevards, and cafe terraces buzz with new-found energy as …


Shopping in Chiang Mai: your essential guide to the city's night markets

If you're planning to shop in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the place to bring an empty suitcase. This Northern Thai city's reputation for shopping extends back hundreds of years, thanks to its location close to historic trade routes connecting modern-day Myanmar, Laos and China. In the past, passing …

Chiang Mai

A foodie's weekend in Paris

Paris is foodie heaven, a showcase par excellence of French cuisine. But it's not all about dining in Michelin-starred haute cuisine temples and edgy bistros with rising chefs at the helm. Gourmet Paris is as much about gorging on goods at open-air food markets, crunchy fresh baguettes from the …


Next stop North Pole: exploring the icescapes and fjords of Svalbard

Defined by the coming and going of the sun, shaped by mighty glaciers and pointed peaks, and sprinkled with more polar bears than people, Svalbard is the end of the world as we know it.

Svalbard? Where? It's the question that pops up most when mentioning the name of the archipelago that dangles off …


First time Doha: a stopover for souqs, skyscrapers and Islamic art

There can be few places on earth changing faster than Doha right now – in true Gulf style, the cityscape of Qatar’s capital is rising as steadily as a plume of shisha smoke. A short jaunt around town will pass all-new luxury hotels, art complexes and lofty skyscrapers designed by the world’s finest …

Islamic Art

Tiptoe through the tulips: how to experience Amsterdam in bloom

While rainbow-carpeted flower fields and bright bunches of tulips may be the definitive symbol of the Netherlands, Amsterdam itself is better known for its scenic canals, charming buildings and, of course, scantily-clad ladies beckoning from windows to late night revellers. But you don’t have to …


How – and how not – to cross the street around the world

Like gorging on street food of uncertain provenance or accepting your host’s home brew served in an antifreeze jug, crossing the street ranks among the top potentially treacherous experiences in a new destination – and the most amusingly worry-free in others.

The golden rules? Find out about the …

Europe Travel

Hiking in Albania’s Accursed Mountains

While Albania may have gone from a virtually unknown land to a well-established stop on the Balkan backpacker trail in barely a decade, its interior remains little known. But a popular three-day round trip that combines a spectacular ferry ride and a fantastic day hike between two remote mountain …

Europe Travel

Backcountry basics: going off-piste in the Alps

Skiing and snowboarding off-piste, away from the marked trails and into the great white wildness of the mountain, is one of winter sports’ greatest thrills – and the Alps is one of the best places to do it. When conditions are good, and you sweep seemingly effortlessly down great stretches of snow, …

French Alps

Southern Serbia’s retro route: essential experiences

There’s more to Serbia than Belgrade nightlife and rock festivals by the Danube. Once you leave the big cities, the country morphs into a clean, green time machine, where customs have remained unchanged for centuries. Ramble down this retro route through southern Serbia, with its rolling hills and …

Europe Travel

The Sound of Music tour: Salzburg beyond the tourist Trapps

The Sound of Music turns 50 in 2015 and Salzburg is singing about it at the top of its voice. But who were the Trapps really? To find out you need to start at the very beginning – in the original family home in Aigen.

Villa Trapp

It can be difficult to move in Salzburg at times, which is why it is …


The Pan-American Highway: join us on the ultimate road trip

Ask your friends what their idea of a cool road trip is and you’ll get some great suggestions. South of France in summer in a convertible. Safari in Africa in a jeep. Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. But you can trump them all and laugh in the face of their puny routes by answering with the …

Road Trips

London’s best late-night and dawn experiences

If New York is the city that never sleeps, London is the city that likes to have a quick nap sometime between 3 and 6am. But whether you’re chasing a late-night buzz or are rising for the dawn, the wee hours offer the opportunity to experience the capital as few others do. Here are our picks for …


A hut with a view: a guide to Colorado’s backcountry huts

Colorado offers some of the best skiing, snowshoeing and hiking opportunities in America. And out in the wilds under the big Rocky Mountain sky, you’ll find a remarkable system of remote huts that provide the opportunity to go further into the backcountry than you ever imagined.

Colorado’s hut …


A Caribbean carnival of carnivals

Carnival – a festive season that typically includes parades and public street parties – is serious business in the Caribbean. The saying here goes that the party lasts year-round: eight months preparing and partying in anticipation, a month actually celebrating, followed by a period of blissful …


Lonely Planet’s best spring break destinations

Finally, spring. And after months of blizzards, snow days and record-breaking bad weather, it’s about time. But where to go? Shake off those memories of winter and last bits of snow with one of our spring getaways.

We picked some top spring break destinations that are just a few hours’ flight away …

Travel (Canada)

The towns where travellers lose track of time

It was only supposed to be a couple of days; time enough to check out the temple you’d read about, pick up some bargains in the market, and mosey round the town before you head off to the next stop on your travels.

Yet somehow it’s a week later and not only are you still there, but you can’t see …

Caribbean Travel

Exploring Viñales, Cuba's scenic backyard

The Valle de Viñales is a stunning national park blessed by fertile rust-red soil, layered in chartreuse green expanses of tobacco plantations and studded by precipitous limestone buttresses of rock. It offers Cuba’s very best hiking, climbing, caving and vistas, based around the tranquil farming …

Caribbean Travel

Island buzz: new coffee, distillery and brewery tours on Maui

O‘o Farm: ‘Seed to Cup’ Coffee Tour

Globally, the sweet spot for coffee cultivation is high-altitude land sitting within 21 degrees of the equator. Maui and the Big Island are both perched on the edge of this narrow ‘coffee belt.’ They are also home to rich volcanic soils that blanket high-altitude …


Unlikely destinations for unforgettable family holidays

Your toddler requires a hotel room the size of an airfield to burn off steam, your tweenie wants big-budget action and adventure, and your teens, well, they probably just want to be as far away from you as possible.

It's a fine art planning a perfect family trip, balancing all the diverse needs, …


A beer-lover's guide to Seattle: the best breweries, taprooms and brewpubs

Seattle's trick lies in the area's hops. The climbing herbaceous plants that provide a bitter bite to America’s best brews grow abundantly in the Yakima Valley two hours east of Seattle, a sunny but superbly irrigated region of deep coulees and grassy hills which produces 74% of the US crop.

The …


Nashville’s Civil War sights: finding Music City’s dissonant sounds

Think of Nashville and you probably think of country music. The city has become synonymous with that particular brand of American sound. Any night of the week along Broadway, the city’s live-music hub, honky-tonks play the songs that Tennessee loves best. But Music City’s sounds haven’t always been …

Civil War

40 free things to do in Rome

Travelling to Rome on a budget? Never fear – sightseeing in Italy's magnificent capital city doesn't have to cost the earth. Although many museums and monuments charge hefty admission fees, a surprising number of the famous sights are actually completely free. The doors of the city's art-laden …


Skiing in Bulgaria: a beginner’s guide to Bansko

In a continent teeming with glamour ski options, Bulgaria’s Bansko is distinguished by great value for money and a cheerful atmosphere all its own. Nestled between a medieval town and the Unesco-listed Pirin National Park are 75km of piste, rising to an altitude of over 2500m, and with reliable …