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“Come rain or shine” = no matter what We will make GIFs and pictures about idioms (using K-pop idols) *come rain or shine*. 🌧️ ☀️ #idiom https://t.co/w6TXkP2Jml

What’s your answer? #BraveAndInterestingQuestions https://t.co/hZnXZwkjXn

Adaptor = adapter → ✔ Advisor = adviser → ✔ Impostor = imposter → ✔ (It’s not a 🇺🇸 vs. 🇬🇧 thing; it’s a matter of preference.) #spelling https://t.co/Whn4Kzhhtb

Polemic [poh-LEM-ik] (n.) a controversial argument, esp. attacking a particular opinion #vocabulary https://t.co/c3Q1hx0y1F

The correct expression for “freedom” is *free rein*, not “free reign” or “free rain”: Jo gave the toddler *free rein* to use her iPhone. 👶📱 https://t.co/Q6RsygdGGj

Sanguine [SANG-gwin] (adj.) confidently optimistic and cheerful 👍 🙌 #vocabulary https://t.co/P7oLyh0aM8

Is gray your neighbor’s favorite color, or is grey your neighbour’s favourite colour?

A quick look at British and American spelling<p>For the past three years, we have been answering questions ranging from the use of punctuations …

SINGULAR ➡️ PLURAL: • Criterion ➡️ criteria • Phenomenon ➡️ phenomena • Stratum ➡️ strata • Bacterium ➡️ bacteria • Datum ➡️ data https://t.co/3B8JmAOwzW


(But “you and I” won’t make that mistake.)<p>Two pop songs (besides Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”) have struck a chord—pun intended—with our followers, …

What is a rookie? Where does the word come from?

A rookie is someone recently promoted to a higher level of competition, particularly in sports. It is the term used in north America to describe a …

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Where does the word Easter come from?

Perhaps surprisingly the origin of Easter is not biblical. The word is not in the New Testament. cNor does it feature in most translations of the …

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What is Globish?

Globish is a term invented by a French business man, Jean-Paul Nerriere. It describes the form English used as a lingua franca or common language …


The beauty of what we'll never know | Pico Iyer

Almost 30 years ago, Pico Iyer took a trip to Japan, fell in love with the country and moved there. A keen observer of the human spirit, Iyer …


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Have you ever wondered: Am I a human being? Ze Frank suggests a series of simple questions that will determine this. Please relax and follow the …

How to speak up for yourself | Adam Galinsky

Speaking up is hard to do, even when you know you should. Learn how to assert yourself, navigate tricky social situations and expand your personal …


Chip Conley: Measuring what makes life worthwhile

http://download.ted.com/talks/ChipConley_2010-64k.mp4When the dotcom bubble burst, hotelier Chip Conley went in search of a business model based on …


The story we tell about poverty isn't true | Mia Birdsong

As a global community, we all want to end poverty. Mia Birdsong suggests a great place to start: Let's honor the skills, drive and initiative that …


This scientist makes ears out of apples | Andrew Pelling

TED Fellow Andrew Pelling is a biohacker, and nature is his hardware. His favorite materials are the simplest ones (and oftentimes he finds them in …


The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves

We’ve all created our own personal histories, marked by highs and lows, that we share with the world — and we can shape them to live with more …


The lost art of losing

We’re all scrambling for practical solutions for the uncertain future of work. But there’s a mental shift we need to make, too.We live in a …

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How to speak up for yourself

Yes, it’s possible to ask for what you want without coming across as a jerk, says social psychologist Adam Galinsky.<b>Speaking up is hard to do.</b> I …


Let's teach for mastery -- not test scores | Sal Khan

Would you choose to build a house on top of an unfinished foundation? Of course not. Why, then, do we rush students through education when they …


Why you should love statistics | Alan Smith

Think you're good at guessing stats? Guess again. Whether we consider ourselves math people or not, our ability to understand and work with numbers …


John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding

http://download.ted.com/talks/JohnWooden_2001-64k.mp4With profound simplicity, Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the …


How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam

Time Management

What would happen if you didn’t sleep? - Claudia Aguirre

What reality are you creating for yourself? | Isaac Lidsky

Reality isn't something you perceive; it's something you create in your mind. Isaac Lidsky learned this profound lesson firsthand, when unexpected …


8 TED talks that will change how you think about human psychology

TED talks on psychology rank as some of the most-watched and highest-rated of all-time, most likely because people are endlessly fascinated with themselves.<p>Some of the talks deal with happiness and success, and others with memory and motivation. But all of them provide an important window into what …