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Looking for Life in All the Wrong Places? - Out There

By Corey S. Powell | March 15, 2015 2:56 pm

Europa, seen orbiting in front of Jupiter, emits plumes of water (visualized in blue). Beneath its icy …


Will we ever… speak faster than light speed?

If we explore the outer reaches of space, keeping in touch with home will be a daunting task. But are there ways our words could travel faster than light? Peter Ray Allison investigates.

Light travels so fast it can make the transatlantic journey between London and New York more than 50 times each …


5 Trends Shaping The Future Of Architecture

Architects from 2015's most innovative companies look into their crystal balls and divine the ways the built environment will evolve.

What does the future of the architecture industry hold? We asked experts from some of the world’s most innovative companies to look into their crystal balls and …

Structural Engineering

Contact lens with built-in telescope

Lights, mirrors, action! Scientists are developing smart contact lenses embedded with miniscule mirrors that can magnify your vision by almost three times.

The 1.55mm-thick lenses incorporate a thin reflective telescope made of mirrors and filters; when light enters the eye it bounces off the series …

Contact Lenses

Bill Gates: World must prepare for outbreaks deadlier than Ebola

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is calling for a global effort to combat future epidemics, much the way Western nations formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to confront military threats.

In a Perspective article published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, the cofounder …

Bill Gates

Scientists Solve a Puzzle: Cosmic Dust Comes From Supernovas

Cosmic dust containing elements like iron, carbon or oxygen plays an important role in the formation of planets and stars. But early galaxies consisted only of gas, and the dust appeared later. Where the dust came from has long been a mystery.

After years of searching, astronomers have observed …


New Dwarf Galaxies Discovered Nearby

Hello, neighbors!

Guess who just moved in down the block? In a study published today in the arXiv, scientists announced the discovery of at least nine star clusters orbiting our own Milky Way Galaxy. Three of the satellites are believed to be three dwarf galaxies.

“The discovery of so many satellites …


Citizen science is making scientists of everyone

Citizen science is getting a lot of attention these days, which might make you think it is a new social phenomenon. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth: citizen science has been around much longer than any one of us. It was going strong long before Benjamin Franklin almost …

Citizen Science

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Not Obliterate Humanity

It's not smart enough to turn sinister

Elon Musk is terrified of artificial intelligence (AI). The founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors predicts it’ll soon be "potentially more dangerous than nukes," and recently he gave $10 million toward research to "keep AI beneficial." Stephen Hawking has likewise …

Artificial Intelligence

Time lords: The clocks that rule our world

The best clocks now lose only a second every 300 million years – and the minuscule differences in their time-keeping is changing the world we live in. David Robson reports.

Time is money – and never was this clearer than at 09:59:59.985 Eastern Time, on 3 June 2013. Due to a glitch in its …


Should we give up on the dream of space elevators?

Elevators that can whisk people and cargo up from the planet’s surface into space could spell an end to polluting rockets. But making them reality is a challenge. Nic Fleming investigates.

Elon Musk is considered by many to be visionary – a pioneer of private exploration, and the man behind the …

Space Science

Could Apple really be about to make cars?

Speculation that computing giant Apple is to start building cars has been one of this week’s biggest tech stories. But how likely is it – and what challenges does Apple face to become a carmaker? Jack Stewart investigates.

At the moment it is all just speculation – a sea of rumour and what-ifs, all …


News Picks: Scientists want to improve public outreach, but are cautious about doing so

News Picks : Scientists want to improve public outreach, but are cautious about doing so

By: Physics Today

20 February 2015

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American Association for the Advancement of Science

DARPA's 'Cortical Modem' will plug straight into your BRAIN

Who needs tech specs when you could have a $10 HUD on your visual cortex?The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a brain …


Furiously Fast Winds From Supermassive Black Holes Shape Galaxies

The furious, ultra-fast cosmic winds produced by supermassive black holes are blasting through their host galaxies so strongly, they can reshape the entire star formation.

NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) and ESA’s XMM-Newton telescope worked together to observe one of our …

How Can Space Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Acknowledgement: Flickr user Det58

Cosmologists are intellectual time travelers. Looking back over billions of years, …


Cosmology 101: The Beginning

Representation of the timeline of the universe over 13.7 billion years, from the Big Bang, through the cosmic dark ages and formation of the first …

Scientists Plan to Hunt for Alien Life on Europa

Jupiter's icy moon is a candidate for harboring alien life—but would we know life if we found it?

Are we truly alone in the universe? Or is Earth just one of many inhabited worlds? These are some of the most fascinating questions facing humanity, and soon, thanks to a 2016 federal budget allocation …


This concept of a drone ambulance promises to revolutionise emergency operations

A design firm from Austin, Texas, has designed a drone ambulance that promises to speed up emergency support in rural areas and provide quick treatment for major traffic accidents.

Argodesign, a firm that normally works in partnership with software companies, has decided to expand its portfolio and …


How Wi-Fi is Changing the Way We Work

By: Matt MacPherson

The explosive growth of connected mobile devices is in no way slowing down, and neither are the network speeds users will demand to support these devices. In recent years, the conversation around mobility and the workplace has revolved around the influx of smartphones and tablets …

The Moon was a first step, Mars will test our capabilities, but Europa is the prize

The prize, Europa, a watery world. Credit: NASA

The icy moon Europa is perhaps the most tantalising destination in our solar system. Scientists have …

Here's what will happen to Earth when our galaxy collides with the Andromeda Galaxy

Take a good, hard look at the Milky Way Galaxy in the image above — eventually, this view will be destroyed by a collision of galactic proportions. Earth will survive, but when this galactic war happens, Earth's night sky will look like nothing any human has seen before.

An epic war is coming: A …


What if the universe had no beginning?

Most of us understand the Big Bang as the idea that our entire universe came from a single point, what astrophysicists call a “singularity.” But we …


Interstellar technology throws light on spinning black holes

(Institute of Physics) The team responsible for the Oscar-nominated visual effects at the center of Christopher Nolan's epic, 'Interstellar,' have …


Heart of darkness: Scientists probe dark matter near Milky Way's core

Even though scientists have managed to quantify how much dark matter lurks in distant galaxies, astronomers have been hard-pressed to figure out how much of the mysterious stuff lies within our own.

But in a paper published in the journal Nature Physics, a team of researchers has managed to measure …


Will ET Be Here Soon? NASA Brings Scientists, Theologians Together To Prepare

Looking for extraterrestrial life is akin to a search for a cosmic needle-in-a-haystack, as evidenced by the above incredible Hubble Space Telescope image showing approximately 10,000 galaxies.

In large part, thanks to NASA's Kepler spacecraft, more than 1,400 planets have been identified beyond …


‘Early RNA’ reactions characterised

Enzyme-free linking of nucleotides suggests possible route for the synthesis of ancient RNA


Bacteria Turn Sunlight to Liquid Fuel in 'Bionic Leaf'

Researchers have paired a solar-powered catalyzing device with genetically engineered bacteria to convert water and carbon dioxide into an alcohol-based liquid fuel. The system, dubbed a "bionic leaf," is described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The process is modeled after …


Calculations predict pentagonal graphene | Chemistry World

Penta-graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in pentagons

Scientists in China have proposed the existence of a novel 2D allotrope …