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Is there life on Jupiter's moons? Juice may hold the key

London (CNN) — Could the mysterious moons of Jupiter be hiding habitable zones under their icy crusts?

The Rosetta mission's startling discovery that Comet 67P contains multiple organic compounds that make up the building blocks of life adds weight to a theory that Earth may have been seeded with …


'The Universe is slowly dying,' study shows with unprecedented precision

(CNN) — Goodbye, universe. You came in with the biggest bang ever, but now, you're on your way out with a drooping fizzle.

The conclusion of a new astronomical study pulls no punches on this. "The Universe is slowly dying," it reads.

Astronomers have believed as much for years, but the new findings …


As galactic light fades, astronomers study the death of the universe

Here's some cosmically bad news: The universe is dying. An international team of scientists that used seven powerful telescopes around the world to capture light coming from more than 200,000 galaxies has found that they’re putting out half of the light that they did just 2 billion years ago – and …


Nearest rocky planet outside our solar system found

(CNN) — Astronomers have confirmed the discovery of the nearest rocky planet outside of our solar system.

The planet orbits a star in another solar system about 21-light years away. It cannot be seen from Earth with the naked eye. The planet is bigger than Earth, but it's too close to its star to …


Goodbye International Space Station, Hello Moon Village

The International Space Station has been occupied for nearly 15 years, but the astronauts’ lower-Earth orbit home away from home won’t be around forever—or even that much longer.

So while NASA is all about reaching for Mars, the European Space Agency has its sights set a little closer to our home …


The evolution of hacking

(CNN) — Computer hacking was once the realm of curious teenagers. It's now the arena of government spies, professional thieves and soldiers of fortune.

Today, it's all about the money. That's why Chinese hackers broke into Lockheed Martin and stole the blueprints to the trillion-dollar F-35 fighter …


Former Apple engineers build 'a computer that cooks' - Jul. 15, 2015

What happens when you put 10 Apple engineers in a kitchen

What do you get when you put ten former Apple engineers together in one kitchen? An oven equipped with an iPhone-like interface and built-in camera to help you "optimize" your cooking.

Co-founders Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogal created June, …


This is the tablet prisoners use - Jul. 23, 2015

Prisoners' connections to the outside world had long been relegated to an outdated technology: landline telephones.

But JPay, a prison contractor, has helped bring prison communications into the 21st century.

The company recently released a new tablet for the prison population, called the JP5mini, …


Oleogustus: why we might all be getting a new taste for fat

The taste of fat might be joining sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami as an official sense of the human palate after scientists said they found people have a distinct and basic ability to detect it.

But it’s nowhere near as delicious as it might seem, either in name or nature – they propose calling …

Scientific Research

The world is getting better all the time, in 11 maps and charts

Reading the news, it sometimes feels like the world is falling apart: that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and we're on the verge of a …

World History

Colonizing The Moon May Be 90 Percent Cheaper Than We Thought

And that in turn could help us get to Mars, says NASA-commissioned study

Only 12 people have walked on the moon, and we haven't been back since 1972. But a new NASA-commission study has found that we can now afford to set up a permanent base on the moon, by mining for lunar resources and partnering …


Former Top NASA Scientist Predicts Catastrophic Rise In Sea Levels

Credit: Mary Altaffer/Associated Press Dr. James Hansen has been described as "alarmist and also right."

WASHINGTON -- One of the nation's most recognizable names in climate science, Dr. James Hansen, released a new paper this week warning that even 2 degrees Celsius of global warming may be "highly …

Space Science

Has Nasa found another 'Earth' in corner of Milky Way?

Astrophysicists at Nasa today annouce they have found new Earth-like worlds

• Nasa finds ‘another Earth’ in Milky Way which ‘would feel a lot like home’

The science world is abuzz with anticipation as Nasa holds a press conference on Thursday to announce ‘new discoveries’ from its Kepler mission, …


Nasa may have found the most Earth-like planet to date

UPDATE: Nasa has now announced its findings. Read all about it here.

Nasa may have just found the closest thing to an Earth-like planet in the Universe.

The US space agency is holding a press conference tomorrow, 23 July, to reveal the latest discoveries of its exoplanet-hunting Kepler Space …


Fermi Finds 'Transformer' Pulsar

For the first time, scientists have watched a pulsar transition from a low-energy system to a high one.

Intergalactic plasmas in the lab

A powerful laser experiment provides a platform to study how magnetic fields evolve as galaxy clusters merge.


Scientists want to send wind-powered robots to Jupiter

An icy moon with hidden oceans would of course require an underwater probe, but what about gas giants with no solid surface to land on or water to swim in? A team of NASA JPL scientists believes the answer lies in robots that can float in the atmosphere for extended periods of time, without …


Newly discovered Jupiter twin hints at new solar system similar to Earth's

(CNN) — While scouring our corner of the galaxy for planets similar to Earth, some scientists have gotten pretty picky. Along with being able to support life, they believe the ideal habitable exoplanet should reside in a solar system that mirrors ours.

But our solar system appears to be unlikely to …

Planetary Habitability

Egg-shaped home powered by sunlight and wind lets you live anywhere

(CNN) — The sleek, egg-shaped capsule resembles a spaceship, complete with antennae and a layer of futuristic cells.

But the striking design from Slovakian group Nice Architects represents a creative effort to offer housing solutions for this planet. The 'Ecocapsule' is a mini apartment with all the …

Wind Power

Can a machine ever think?

Would a supersmart AI have a conscious experience like us? As Marcus du Sautoy demonstrates, you can fake intelligence.

Imagine we had invented a computer that could act like a human in every possible way. Every decision it made, every word it spoke, seemed to be the same as a living, breathing …

Western Philosophy

Self-Charging Phones Are on the Way, Finally

A handful of companies are coming up with ways to extend your phone’s battery life when you’re far from a power outlet. The case that Will Zell …

Mobile Technology

Pluto close-up pictures reveal 11,000 foot high ice mountains

These are the first close-up images from NASA's New Horizons probe as it passes Pluto marking the 'end of an era' in Solar System exploration

Pluto has 11,000 ft mountains made of water ice and is likely to have volcanoes and geyzers, the New Horizon team announced today.

Nasa said it had inspired a …


Mind-blowing Pluto has ice mountains and water

Laurel, Maryland (CNN) — It had been downgraded to a dwarf planet. It looked like a fuzzy blob in our best telescopes. And it was often referred to as just an icy orb. Even scientists working on the first mission to Pluto expected to find an old, pockmarked world.

But Pluto is turning out to be full …


UN: World can end AIDS epidemic by 2030

UN officials says the key to defeating disease was breaking 'tight grip' drug companies had on government policies.

The UN has said the world can end the AIDS epidemic within 15 years, but senior officials said that would only be possible by breaking the pharmaceutical industries "tight grip" on …


Little world, big heart: Pluto stuns in New Horizons image

Pluto may be a dwarf planet, but it’s got an out-sized heart. Before NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew past the icy world, it snapped and sent back this image showcasing the big, bright, heart-shaped feature covering a large part of the surface.

This was the final and most detailed snapshot before …


CERN's Large Hadron Collider has discovered a new class of particle

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have announced the discovery of the pentaquark, a class of subatomic particle consisting of four quarks and one antiquark bound together. Like the Higgs boson before it, the pentaquark's existence has been theorized for years, but experiments in the …

Particle Accelerators

What the Soldier of the Future Will Look Like

The next 15 years will change troops’ gear in virtually every respect, from body armor to communications to robot interactions.

New technologies will replace a number of jobs in the next 15 years, but one occupation that's unlikely to go away is the most dangerous one in the world—soldier. The …


Your New Ride To Space

You don’t need a rocket to leave Earth. There’s a slower, gentler trip in the works—and it comes with a cocktail.

When Alan Eustace lifted off into space from the New Mexico desert this past October, it was with a quiet whoosh, and a slight jostle of his harness. The 57-year-old computer scientist …


Wireless Medicine and the Future of Health

Fitbits, Fitbugs, Flex bands, Basis bands… Everybody is using some type of wearable wellness device, it seems. And as more of them come on the …