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Strengthening Ourselves Through Self-Acceptance

When we see someone fall short of their mark, we willingly offer this kindness: "No worries! Nobody's perfect!" It's easy to offer compassion to others, but more difficult to offer the same compassion to ourselves in similar circumstances. When we catch ourselves in a slip, we often spend our …


With Gene Therapy We Could Direct Our Own Evolution

By Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans | March 9, 2015 9:00 am

Human genetic engineering is not new; it has been going on for a long, long time — …


6 Strategies to Boost Your HDL Cholesterol

The Fountain of Youth may be fiction, but there really is a magic gene pool in northern Italy. Thirty years ago, researchers discovered that, despite unhealthy cholesterol levels, 40 inhabitants of the village of Limone sul Garda were seemingly immune to heart disease. Turns out it wasn't the famed …

Healthy Food

Carbon Nanotubes Usher Molecules In And Out Of Cell Membranes

Success in the long-sought effort to make artificial pores

The membrane is a really important part of a cell—it keeps the organelles and useful chemicals in, and other things out. But the membrane also needs to be selectively permeable, letting in the right molecules (like DNA or water) when they …

Carbon Nanotubes

Searching For Stress Relief? Try Feeling Your Breath

Many Americans are swamped with stress, but there may be ways to ease the tension without changing the circumstances.

Almost half of all adults say they've experienced a major stressful event in the past year, according to a poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard …


This project in Google’s secret research lab could change the future of batteries

Google’s top secret Google X research lab is working on a handful of projects to build better batteries for mobile devices, reports the Wall Street Journal.

It’s not just about making sure our cell phones last a little longer, though that’s a nice side-effect too. Really, what’s going on is that the …


Chemicals formed on meteorites may have started life on Earth | Chemistry World

Could meteorites have brought the precursor molecules of life to Earth? © Shutterstock

The molecules that kick-started life on primordial Earth could …


9 psychological reasons why we love lists

The internet is awash with information that’s been sliced and diced into bite-sized chunks. But why do we find it so appealing? Claudia Hammond explores the canny mind tricks behind the buzz.

1. We know exactly what we’re getting

Whether it’s the 10 ways your body is disgusting or the 100 greatest …


The Difference Between Happiness and Pleasure

We are a pleasure seeking society. Most of us spend our energy seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. We hope that by doing this, we will feel happy. Yet deep, abiding happiness and joy elude so many people.

There is a huge difference between happiness and pleasure. Pleasure is a momentary feeling that …


Magnetically Levitating Elevators Could Reshape Skylines

They go up, down, and all around

With the debut of passenger elevators some 150 years ago, cities were forever changed. Freed from the tyranny of stairwells, architects built as high as they liked. That is, until they ran into another barrier: the weight of steel cables. A new elevator design from …


Cassini Spots the Sombrero Galaxy from Saturn

M104 imaged five years apart – from Cassini on April 12, 2015 (left) and from the Subaru Telescope on April 12, 2015 (right). Credits:


On Mars, Liquid Water Appears at Night, Study Suggests

Evidence collected by the Mars Curiosity rover shows that salt water may form in the Martian soil on cold nights.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Liquid …


Einstein's Universe Turns 100

One hundred years ago, a 36-year-old Albert Einstein presented the complete formulation of the General Theory of Relativity to the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Across the world, events and conferences will be celebrating what is considered, without hyperbole, the most beautiful of physical …


'Christian Taliban's' crusade on Ukraine's front lines

As officials work on peace deals with separatists, a rogue religious battalion vows to fight its way to Moscow.

Kiev, Ukraine - Vitaly Chornly looked ominous as he stared across the room dressed all in black, his long jet-black beard contrasting sharply against his pale features.

He sat up straight, …


I Will No Longer Pay Taxes for War

If a thousand men were not to pay their tax bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood.This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible.-- Henry David …

International Relations

33 Ways To Be An Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person

Saxon CampbellWe all try to be productive. We all have lots of stuff that we need to get done, for work, for our art, for our families. This is all …

Job Satisfaction

NASA says finding alien life almost certain within next two decades

NASA recently gave a definitive answer to one of the biggest collective questions humanity has ever asked: are Earth’s inhabitants alone in the …


The building blocks of life found orbiting another star

Looks like NASA's Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan may have over-estimated how long it would take to find extraterrestrial organisms. For the first time in the history of astronomy, scientists have discovered two complex organic molecules, which is vital to the formation of life as we know it, outside …


Life on Earth will be obliterated by the heat of the sun (1.75 to 3.25 billion years from now)

The Earth will stay livable for another 1.75 to 3.25 billion years before “a catastrophic and terminal extinction event for all life,” according to a …


Breakthrough Propulsion Physics

IntroductionThe term breakthrough propulsion refers to concepts like space drives and faster-than-light travel, the kind of breakthroughs that would …


Researchers Complete the First-Ever Trillion Particle Simulation of the Universe

​Researchers have for the first time ever computed a complete trillion particle cosmological “dark sky” simulation. The result, a set of high-resolution “cyber images,” is being made available to the public as a 55 terabyte data set. Said data provides a uniquely deep picture of the large-scale …


Scientists Cut Uncertainty of the Size of the Universe in Half

The night sky has captivated people for as long as we have told stories. For millennia, mankind has sat in the dark and taken in the glorious spectacle of the stars and planets as they have marched across the sky. While we now know that space goes on essentially forever, it's important to remember …


Finding The First Signs Of Alien Life, And Why NASA Thinks It's Coming Soon

When we think of alien life, images of little green men, Martians, or perhaps even spaceships carrying them to Earth are the first things that come to mind. Yet when you think about life on Earth, how it arose, and how it came to be the way it is today, you’ve got to recognize that the evidence of …


Lawrencium experiment could shake up periodic table | Chemistry World

Size of first ionisation energies for the elements © Kazuaki Tsukada/NPG

Lawrencium’s position on the periodic table may now be up for debate after …

Scientific Research

Silicon chip spots dangerous pathogens in human blood | Chemistry World

© Shutterstock

Scientists in China have developed a silicon chip doped with silver nanoparticles that can rapidly detect different pathogens in blood …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Baby genes to be mapped at birth in medical first

Could genome sequencing newborns give valuable insight or do harm? That's the question US doctors are trying to answer in a pioneering trial starting …


If the drugs don't work on the cancer, transform it

Rather than designing drugs to target hard-to-treat cancers, what if such cancers could be made susceptible to existing treatments? That is the …


Why do we have allergies?

Allergic reactions to everything from pollen to peanuts make life a misery for millions. But why does our body over-react to seemingly benign intruders? Carl Zimmer reports.

For me, it was hornets.

One summer afternoon when I was 12, I ran into an overgrown field near a friend’s house and kicked a …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Critical mass

When we talk about how nuclear weapons work, we inevitably mention the “critical mass.” This is the amount of fissile material you need to create a …

Critical Mass

Voltage Fluctuations Converted to Electricity