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How paralyzed patients are able to stand again

(CNN) — In what's being hailed as a breakthrough in spinal cord injury research, four men paralyzed from the chest down have risen from their wheelchairs on their own volition and effort.

"I can stand up for more than half an hour," said Dustin Shillcox, who was paralyzed in a car accident five …

Spinal Cords

The evolution of hacking

(CNN) — Computer hacking was once the realm of curious teenagers. It's now the arena of government spies, professional thieves and soldiers of fortune.

Today, it's all about the money. That's why Chinese hackers broke into Lockheed Martin and stole the blueprints to the trillion-dollar F-35 fighter …


China's new status symbols: Travel and art -

Story highlights

Changing tastes, not an anti-graft campaign, hurting China's luxury market
• Consumers prefer to spend their money on travel and art, says Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein is the managing director of China Market Research Group and the author of The End of Cheap China and The End of Copycat China. …


What does Trump mean for U.S. image?

(CNN) — The American electoral circus has taken the stage and people around the world are watching in disbelief. To say they are not impressed would be an understatement. A Colombian columnist called Donald Trump a "lab rat," for testing the U.S. tolerance of toxic political debate. In India, a …

Donald Trump

On Confederate flag, southern white Christians do some soul searching

Washington (CNN) — As more photos emerge of Dylann Roof, the confessed killer in the Charleston church massacre, holding a Confederate flag, calls are increasing to remove the symbol from public property.

And some of the urgings are coming from a community that has often defended the flag: white …

Confederate Flag

How I met the friendly atheists next door

(CNN) — About ten months ago, I met a man named Harry Shaughnessy at a conference for atheists in the Bible Belt.

At first, he struck me as a typical atheist: he's white, upper-middle class and college-educated.

But the more I talked to Harry, the more I realized that he's not a typical anything. …


A Catholic reads the Bible, Week 16: Praying for the wisdom of Solomon

(CNN) — This is week 16 of an ongoing series: A Catholic Reads the Bible. Read Week One, Week Two and Week Three.

Oh, Solomon. I really like you.

In the first book of Kings, you have done everything "right" -- with one glaringly human exception.

Solomon became king when his mom, Bathsheba, insisted …


Will evangelicals support Trump?

Donald Trump told voters over the weekend that he's not sure he's ever sought forgiveness from God -- how will it impact him with evangelicals in Iowa?

Donald Trump

Trump believes in God, but hasn't sought forgiveness

(CNN) — Donald Trump talked about his Christian faith Saturday, but said he's never sought forgiveness for his sins.

Trump, who also made headlines for questioning Arizona Sen. John McCain's heroism Saturday, made the comments about his faith during a Q&A at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, …

Donald Trump

Tests reveal Quran manuscript is among oldest in the world, says UK university

London (CNN) — For years, the two parchment leaves covered in an elegant early form of Arabic script were misbound with leaves of a similar Quran manuscript dating from the late seventh century.

Now, with the help of radiocarbon analysis, the two fragments have been shown to be decades older -- …


Why is Pope Francis so obsessed with the devil?

(CNN) — Pope Francis seems to be obsessed with the devil.

His tweets and homilies about the devil, Satan, the Accuser, the Evil One, the Father of Lies, the Ancient Serpent, the Tempter, the Seducer, the Great Dragon, the Enemy and just plain "demon" are now legion.

For Francis, the devil is not a …

Pope Francis

These are 2015's most exciting building projects


Terminally ill mom writes a lifetime of greeting cards for daughter

(CNN) — It was a grim realization for Heather McManamy when she discovered during an echocardiogram that the breast cancer she fought so hard against had metastasized.

Her stage two cancer, which was diagnosed in April 2014, had spread. There was cancer in her liver, bones, even her skull.

"It was …


Narcissistic parenting: When you compete through your child

(CNN) — The dad stood as close to the goalpost as he could get, coaching his 9-year-old daughter from the sidelines of her recreational soccer league game.

His daughter had two coaches, but that didn't matter. He was determined to coach her separately.

"Move faster. Hands up. Get ready."

"Come on. …


Former Apple engineers build 'a computer that cooks' - Jul. 15, 2015

What happens when you put 10 Apple engineers in a kitchen

What do you get when you put ten former Apple engineers together in one kitchen? An oven equipped with an iPhone-like interface and built-in camera to help you "optimize" your cooking.

Co-founders Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogal created June, …


This is the tablet prisoners use - Jul. 23, 2015

Prisoners' connections to the outside world had long been relegated to an outdated technology: landline telephones.

But JPay, a prison contractor, has helped bring prison communications into the 21st century.

The company recently released a new tablet for the prison population, called the JP5mini, …


FDA approves new cholesterol lowering drug

Atlanta (CNN) — The FDA approved the new cholesterol lowering drug alirocumab, brand name Praluent, on Friday. The injectable drug, from Regeneron and Sanofi, is the first in a new class of drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors.

The drug works by making the liver more efficient at getting rid of LDL, or bad …


Oleogustus: why we might all be getting a new taste for fat

The taste of fat might be joining sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami as an official sense of the human palate after scientists said they found people have a distinct and basic ability to detect it.

But it’s nowhere near as delicious as it might seem, either in name or nature – they propose calling …

Scientific Research

The world is getting better all the time, in 11 maps and charts

Reading the news, it sometimes feels like the world is falling apart: that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and we're on the verge of a …

World History

Colonizing The Moon May Be 90 Percent Cheaper Than We Thought

And that in turn could help us get to Mars, says NASA-commissioned study

Only 12 people have walked on the moon, and we haven't been back since 1972. But a new NASA-commission study has found that we can now afford to set up a permanent base on the moon, by mining for lunar resources and partnering …


Former Top NASA Scientist Predicts Catastrophic Rise In Sea Levels

Dr. James Hansen has been described as "alarmist and also right." | Credit: Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- One of the nation's most recognizable names in climate science, Dr. James Hansen, released a new paper this week warning that even 2 degrees Celsius of global warming may be …

Space Science

Has Nasa found another 'Earth' in corner of Milky Way?

Astrophysicists at Nasa today annouce they have found new Earth-like worlds

• Nasa finds ‘another Earth’ in Milky Way which ‘would feel a lot like home’

The science world is abuzz with anticipation as Nasa holds a press conference on Thursday to announce ‘new discoveries’ from its Kepler mission, …


Nasa may have found the most Earth-like planet to date

UPDATE: Nasa has now announced its findings. Read all about it here.

Nasa may have just found the closest thing to an Earth-like planet in the Universe.

The US space agency is holding a press conference tomorrow, 23 July, to reveal the latest discoveries of its exoplanet-hunting Kepler Space …


Fermi Finds 'Transformer' Pulsar

For the first time, scientists have watched a pulsar transition from a low-energy system to a high one.


Intergalactic plasmas in the lab

A powerful laser experiment provides a platform to study how magnetic fields evolve as galaxy clusters merge.


Scientists want to send wind-powered robots to Jupiter

An icy moon with hidden oceans would of course require an underwater probe, but what about gas giants with no solid surface to land on or water to swim in? A team of NASA JPL scientists believes the answer lies in robots that can float in the atmosphere for extended periods of time, without …

How nature's deadliest venoms are saving lives

(CNN) — They grow up to one meter in length and kill their prey using injections of venom.

Once the venom takes effect, victims black out from a drop in blood pressure, leaving them trapped and ready to be eaten -- head-first.

This is the feeding habit of the Brazilian pit viper, a snake found in the …


Newly discovered Jupiter twin hints at new solar system similar to Earth's

(CNN) — While scouring our corner of the galaxy for planets similar to Earth, some scientists have gotten pretty picky. Along with being able to support life, they believe the ideal habitable exoplanet should reside in a solar system that mirrors ours.

But our solar system appears to be unlikely to …


California man faces deportation to a country he's never known

(CNN) — On the morning of June 2, Daniel Maher knew he would not be on time for work. He'd stayed up late attending a waste commission meeting the night before, like he did every month as the recycling director for an environmental agency in Berkeley, California.

What Maher didn't know is that he …


Egg-shaped home powered by sunlight and wind lets you live anywhere

(CNN) — The sleek, egg-shaped capsule resembles a spaceship, complete with antennae and a layer of futuristic cells.

But the striking design from Slovakian group Nice Architects represents a creative effort to offer housing solutions for this planet. The 'Ecocapsule' is a mini apartment with all the …

Wind Power