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One migrant's journey: A boat, a train, a bike, two arrests and a car ride

Yilmaz Pasha's story is equal parts Brothers Grimm and Blair Witch Project: Cold, hungry, exhausted and tormented by blood-sucking bugs, he and his friends found themselves hopelessly lost in a dark, forbidding forest with no clue where to turn.

This wasn't quite what he'd imagined when he planned …


Is there life on Jupiter's moons? Juice may hold the key

London (CNN) — Could the mysterious moons of Jupiter be hiding habitable zones under their icy crusts?

The Rosetta mission's startling discovery that Comet 67P contains multiple organic compounds that make up the building blocks of life adds weight to a theory that Earth may have been seeded with …


Study: Happy friends could help teenagers beat depression

(CNN) — For teenagers, surrounding themselves with friends -- particularly friends in a good mood -- could significantly reduce their risk of developing depression, and improve their ability to recover from it.

In a study published this week, scientists analyzed the data of more than 2,000 high …


The rise of Asian American leaders in tech

(CNN) — When Google announced this week that it is reorganizing itself under a new parent company called Alphabet, reactions were fast and furious, ranging from shock at the unexpected move to amusement at the quizzically goofy name to praise for the strategic clarity the change might bring to a …


Could the DNA-editing CRISPR revolutionize medicine?

(CNN) — A popular new gene therapy technology could help treat cataracts, liver disease, muscular dystrophy and other conditions. But the technology, dubbed the "Genesis Engine" by some, has not been tested in people yet, so no one knows whether it would be a safe and effective treatment option.

The …

Health Care Technology

Top Army leader: Russia is "most dangerous" threat facing U.S.

Washington (CNN) — The outgoing Army chief of staff said Wednesday that Russia posed the "most dangerous" threat facing the United States today, thanks to its "sophisticated" operations in Ukraine.

Gen. Raymond Odierno, who is leaving his post, estimated that only a third of U.S. brigades are …


The Navy SEAL running for Congress, who happens to be transgender

(CNN) — So it's not every day that I get to go out with a former U.S. Navy SEAL to learn tactical shooting. But in addition to being a top weapons consultant, my friend, Kristin Beck, just happens to also be transgender.

After sharing her story in a CNN documentary "Lady Valor," she decided to run …


Trump touts 'militaristic' policies, gets panned by general

Washington (CNN) — Donald Trump touted his foreign policy chops Wednesday, saying even as the "most militaristic" person in the world, he had the "vision" to oppose the war in Iraq.

"Unlike Jeb Bush, unlike the brother ... who you know got us into the whole war, I was totally opposed to the war," …


The truth about Asian Americans' success (it's not what you think)

(CNN) — Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the country. But not for the reasons you think.

For too long, conservative pundits and the news media have pointed to Asian Americans as the "model minority." They cite the Ivy League admissions and …


Fraud frenzy? Chinese seek U.S. college admission at any price

Beijing (CNN) — Jessica Zhang, a 21-year-old Chinese student from Jiangsu Province, says her English wasn't strong enough to fill in her U.S. college admission form.

So her parents paid three consultants $4,500 to fill out the application, write her personal essay and compose teacher recommendation …


'The Universe is slowly dying,' study shows with unprecedented precision

(CNN) — Goodbye, universe. You came in with the biggest bang ever, but now, you're on your way out with a drooping fizzle.

The conclusion of a new astronomical study pulls no punches on this. "The Universe is slowly dying," it reads.

Astronomers have believed as much for years, but the new findings …


As galactic light fades, astronomers study the death of the universe

Here's some cosmically bad news: The universe is dying. An international team of scientists that used seven powerful telescopes around the world to capture light coming from more than 200,000 galaxies has found that they’re putting out half of the light that they did just 2 billion years ago – and …


Iranians ready to retire 'Death to America'?

(CNN) — When I was 11 years old, I had to stand in a line every morning for half an hour, wave my fist in the air along with other girls at my elementary school in Tehran and chant: "Death to Iraq, death to Israel, death to Britain, death to Russia, death to France, death to Germany, death to …

Middle East

WHO: Trials show new Ebola vaccine is 'highly effective'

(CNN) — A newly developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus is "highly effective" and could help prevent its spread in the current and future outbreaks, the World Health Organization said Friday.

Trials of the single-dose VSV-EBOV vaccine began in March in Guinea -- one of three West African …


Nearest rocky planet outside our solar system found

(CNN) — Astronomers have confirmed the discovery of the nearest rocky planet outside of our solar system.

The planet orbits a star in another solar system about 21-light years away. It cannot be seen from Earth with the naked eye. The planet is bigger than Earth, but it's too close to its star to …


Conservatives Hate America Too

Looking to fill time during a slow news week, the good folks at Fox and Friends devoted multiple segments of their July 9th show to Ariana Grande's "I hate America" comments. The conversation fit nicely into the Fox News narrative that conservatives' devotion to America is greater than that of …


Goodbye International Space Station, Hello Moon Village

The International Space Station has been occupied for nearly 15 years, but the astronauts’ lower-Earth orbit home away from home won’t be around forever—or even that much longer.

So while NASA is all about reaching for Mars, the European Space Agency has its sights set a little closer to our home …


How paralyzed patients are able to stand again

(CNN) — In what's being hailed as a breakthrough in spinal cord injury research, four men paralyzed from the chest down have risen from their wheelchairs on their own volition and effort.

"I can stand up for more than half an hour," said Dustin Shillcox, who was paralyzed in a car accident five …

Spinal Cords

The evolution of hacking

(CNN) — Computer hacking was once the realm of curious teenagers. It's now the arena of government spies, professional thieves and soldiers of fortune.

Today, it's all about the money. That's why Chinese hackers broke into Lockheed Martin and stole the blueprints to the trillion-dollar F-35 fighter …


China's new status symbols: Travel and art -

Story highlights

Changing tastes, not an anti-graft campaign, hurting China's luxury market
• Consumers prefer to spend their money on travel and art, says Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein is the managing director of China Market Research Group and the author of The End of Cheap China and The End of Copycat China. …


What does Trump mean for U.S. image?

(CNN) — The American electoral circus has taken the stage and people around the world are watching in disbelief. To say they are not impressed would be an understatement. A Colombian columnist called Donald Trump a "lab rat," for testing the U.S. tolerance of toxic political debate. In India, a …

Donald Trump

On Confederate flag, southern white Christians do some soul searching

Washington (CNN) — As more photos emerge of Dylann Roof, the confessed killer in the Charleston church massacre, holding a Confederate flag, calls are increasing to remove the symbol from public property.

And some of the urgings are coming from a community that has often defended the flag: white …

Confederate Flag

How I met the friendly atheists next door

(CNN) — About ten months ago, I met a man named Harry Shaughnessy at a conference for atheists in the Bible Belt.

At first, he struck me as a typical atheist: he's white, upper-middle class and college-educated.

But the more I talked to Harry, the more I realized that he's not a typical anything. …


A Catholic reads the Bible, Week 16: Praying for the wisdom of Solomon

(CNN) — This is week 16 of an ongoing series: A Catholic Reads the Bible. Read Week One, Week Two and Week Three.

Oh, Solomon. I really like you.

In the first book of Kings, you have done everything "right" -- with one glaringly human exception.

Solomon became king when his mom, Bathsheba, insisted …


Will evangelicals support Trump?

Donald Trump told voters over the weekend that he's not sure he's ever sought forgiveness from God -- how will it impact him with evangelicals in Iowa?

Donald Trump

Trump believes in God, but hasn't sought forgiveness

(CNN) — Donald Trump talked about his Christian faith Saturday, but said he's never sought forgiveness for his sins.

Trump, who also made headlines for questioning Arizona Sen. John McCain's heroism Saturday, made the comments about his faith during a Q&A at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, …

Donald Trump

Tests reveal Quran manuscript is among oldest in the world, says UK university

London (CNN) — For years, the two parchment leaves covered in an elegant early form of Arabic script were misbound with leaves of a similar Quran manuscript dating from the late seventh century.

Now, with the help of radiocarbon analysis, the two fragments have been shown to be decades older -- …


Why is Pope Francis so obsessed with the devil?

(CNN) — Pope Francis seems to be obsessed with the devil.

His tweets and homilies about the devil, Satan, the Accuser, the Evil One, the Father of Lies, the Ancient Serpent, the Tempter, the Seducer, the Great Dragon, the Enemy and just plain "demon" are now legion.

For Francis, the devil is not a …

Pope Francis