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Pope at the UN: 5 things Francis thinks are wrong with the world

(CNN) — In a sweeping address to the United Nations on Friday, Pope Francis presented himself as a champion of the poor and dispossessed, urging world leaders to adopt concrete solutions to combat widespread poverty and environmental destruction.

Francis, who is in New York as part of a weeklong …

United Nations

Why your cat needs an iPad

(CNN) — The old ball of yarn isn't cutting it anymore when it comes to cat toys.

As with kids' toys and adults' favorite board games, diversions for pets have overwhelmingly gone digital. A slew of apps and other tech toys are now being marketed to our cats and dogs. (OK, marketed to us, who then …


Keys, cash, passports: Nine everyday objects that are about disappear

(CNN) — From passports to parking meters, design iconoclast Karim Rashid sees a world overflowing with outdated objects that will soon be banished by smarter design. Here he gives an insight into a future where digital tattoos, LCD bodysuits, and electromagnetic furniture have created better lives …

Karim Rashid

Monaco Yacht Show 2015: Forget the boat, here's the island you can sail


NASA to reveal 'Mars mystery solved'

(CNN) — NASA is tantalizing the world with big Mars news.

It says a mystery enshrouding the Red Planet has been solved.

The space agency is scheduled to announce a "major science finding" on Monday.

A special news conference is slated for 11:30 a.m. ET, and will be broadcast live on NASA Television as …


Black hole is 30 times bigger than expected

(CNN) — This shouldn't be possible. Researchers say they've detected a supermassive black hole at the center of a newly found galaxy that's far bigger than current theories allow.

The research was done by astronomers at Keele University and the University of Central Lancashire and will be published …


Pope Francis brings tough love to America

Washington (CNN) — America may be in for some tough love from the Pope.

After a lifetime of watching the world's most affluent and powerful nation from afar, Pope Francis walked on U.S. soil for the first time Tuesday, at the age of 78, when he arrived in Washington from Cuba.

He's assured of a warm …

Pope Francis

Black holes heading for 'massive collision,' says astronomer

(CNN) — A really, really big bang not due for a hundred millennia may help astronomers test one of the central theories of physics, according to one of the authors of a new paper.

Two black holes in Virgo are heading for a "massive collision," Columbia University astronomer Zoltan Haiman said in a …


Boeing's new spaceship to bring humans into orbit is now called Starliner

Boeing's spacecraft designed to bring humans to and from space over the next two years officially has a name.

The private spaceflight company announced on Friday that the spacecraft, previously just called the CST-100, will now be called the "CST-100 Starliner."

"When we were looking for a name for …


Climate change is going to reshuffle ocean animals

Marine species are relocating, generally toward the poles, to find water temperatures that suit them, scientists say. By the end of the century, they …

Climate Change

Cricket farmer on eating insects: 'Wow, this is a better way to go'

As a third-generation cricket farmer in West Monroe, La., Jack Armstrong has seen the family business evolve. When his grandfather started it in the 1940s, most of the crickets were sold for bait. His father began selling crickets as food for iguanas, bearded dragons and other exotic pets. Now, …


What Does Scientific Literacy Really Mean?

What is scientific literacy and how do you measure it?The post What Does Scientific Literacy Really Mean? appeared first on WIRED.

Scientific Research

Dark Matter May Be More Complex Than Physicists Thought

The physicist James Bullock explains how a complicated “dark sector” of interacting particles may illuminate some puzzling observations of the …


Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth

Climate change will kill off plenty of species...leaving room for new ones to adapt and thrive.The post Climate Change Means One World’s Death and …


Scientists Unearth a Trove of New Bacteria-Killing Viruses

Bacteria prey on humans, but the bugs have to beware of their own predators, too: a special class of viruses called phages.The post Scientists …


SETI’s Top Astrobiologist Has a Plan to Find Life on Mars

Nathalie Cabrol just took the reins of the Carl Sagan Center at the extraterrestrial search organization. And she has some big ideas about where it's …


Almost Fully-Formed Human Brain Grown In Ohio State University Lab Could Further Alzheimer's And Autism Research

Scientists have grown an almost fully-formed brain in the lab that has the maturity of a 5-week-old fetus.

Formed from skin cells it is estimated to be around the size of a pencil eraser.

A team from Ohio State University say the organoid could help further research around neurological diseases such …

New Study: Testosterone Changes the Brain 

However much we’d like to think of gender as a social construct, science suggests that real differences do exist between female and male brains. The …

The Brain

How to Change Your Mind: The Science of Breaking Habits

Everything you do, think and feel is the result of one powerful organ -- your brain. The conductor of consciousness, the author of your story, the frontier of your future -- whatever name you want to call it, it's important to recognize the vital role your brain plays in directing your life.

Your …


A popular strategy for slowing down the aging of your brain might not work at all

AP Photo/Mark LennihanThe number of people around the world living with dementia — mostly due to Alzheimer's disease — has skyrocketed to 46.8 …

Aging Brain

7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make You Smarter

For a long time, it was believed that people are born with a given level of intelligence and the best we could do in life was to live up to our potential. Scientists have now proven that we can actually increase our potential and enjoy ourselves in the process. We now know that by learning new …

The Brain

Scientists studying a rare and terrible brain disease made a huge discovery

Multiple system atrophy, or MSA, is a rare and horrible disease that will destroy your brain and inevitably kill you, and the study of it has now yielded a major breakthrough in our understanding of brain diseases.

Researchers have discovered that MSA is caused by a prion, a kind of deformed protein …

The Brain

Under the skin: Incredible images reveal complexity of human body

Images showing the complexity of the human body have been released as part of an exhibition showing cutting edge imaging techniques. The University …

Human Anatomy

The Change in Mindset That Makes Your Dream Possible

It is certainly true that no matter how positive-minded you try to be, it can be painful when things don't work out the way you want—when your application isn't accepted at an elite school, you don't get the job, your artwork isn't taken by a gallery, your business doesn't catch on or you find that …


10 Tips That Can Take Your Life From Average to Awesome

What are the top 10 good habits that I should follow daily to have a beautiful life? originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question.

Answer by Nicolas Cole, Creative Marketing Strategist, on Quora:

These 10 habits have helped me transform my life from one of frustration, anxiety, …


Why Being the Best Is Not the Key to Happiness (And What Is)

“A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul.” ~Jillian Michaels A few weeks ago, when I was feeling a bit down on life, I was surfing …


Turn Your Fear into Excitement So You Can Pursue Your Dreams

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has


10 Insanely Nice Things You Can Say to Anybody

Columnist Leigh Newman weighs in on the tiny but enormously kind things you can say that may change a person's day...and (sometimes) even their way of looking at themselves.

Published 09/06/2012

Why It's Okay (Actually, Essential) to Put Yourself First

I learned the hard way how to put myself first.

Almost 30 years ago, my husband's identical twin brother killed himself. He was addicted to drugs. My husband—also addicted, I soon discovered—began a rapid descent along the same ruinous path, forsaking me and our 1-year-old son for grief's dark …

The Black Hole That Birthed the Big Bang

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In his Allegory of the Cave, the …