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The GOP just despises science: No, really — why would Trump, Rubio and Cruz rather live in a sizzling hellscape than face reality?

Don't take our word for it. You might listen to the world's most distinguished scientists and intellectuals, though

The Republicans are pushing human civilization toward a global catastrophe.

This is the unavoidable conclusion of a recent announcement made by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ …

Climate Change

His stress is not like her stress

Muscles tighten, the heart pounds and nausea takes hold: In the face of sudden stress, men and women respond alike. But when threats, scares or …

Russian PM Medvedev says new cold war is on

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said strains between Russia and the West have pushed the world "into a new cold war".

"On an almost daily basis, we are being described the worst threat - be it to Nato as a whole, or to Europe, America or other countries," Mr Medvedev said.

He cited Nato …

Cold War

‘Spoils of War’: The Muslim Man’s Sexual ‘Rights’ Over Non-Muslim Women

In word and deed, in Islamic and non-Islamic nations, Muslim men appear to think that non-Muslim women—impure “infidels”—exist solely to gratify their sexual urges.

First, consider the beliefs and actions of those committed to waging jihad for the cause of Allah, such as the Islamic State:

In the …


Alzheimer's preventative drug hope

Scientists have detected a number of drugs which could help protect against Alzheimer's disease, acting like statins for the brain.

In experiments on worms, University of Cambridge researchers identified drugs which prevented the very first step towards brain cell death.

They now want to match up …

Space architecture: Six buildings for the final frontier

By Cat DiStasio

Mars has captured the world's attention recently, but space agencies around the globe haven't forgotten that there's a whole slew of other planets out there. And with continued planetary exploration, of course, comes the necessity to set up bases that can support life, research and …


The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is leaving, but the troops are staying

KABUL — Gen. John. F. Campbell, commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan, arrived here 18 months ago expecting to be the U.S. military leader who would bring the war to a close. On Saturday, as he prepares to hand-off command to his successor, Campbell was instead promising that coalition …


Atheist Doctor Witnesses Telepathy, Now Aims to Merge Science and Spirituality

In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into


Richard Dawkins: Church of England denies 'trolling' biologist by sending 'prayers' following minor stroke

Dawkins is expected to make a 'full or near full recovery'

Richard Dawkins

Ask Ethan: What Makes A Theory A Scientific One?

If you listen closely to the darkest corners of the internet, you’ll often hear people decry well-established scientific facts like evolution, the Big Bang and even gravity as, “just a theory.” Sure, there might be a big difference between a scientific theory like evolution and the story of …


New 10 minute test for cancer developed by scientists

Scientists are developing a 10 minute cancer test which can be taken at home with just a drop of saliva

A 10 minute cancer test which can be taken at home using just a drop of saliva is being developed by scientists.

David Wong, a professor of oncology at California State University says it is …


Quick-thinking tanker crew saves F-16 pilot over ISIS-controlled territory

(CNN)An F-16 pilot was nearly forced to eject from his aircraft over ISIS territory due to a fuel emergency last year, an incident that could have led to the airman's capture or death, the U.S. Air Force said.

But the pilot was saved from having to abandon his aircraft due to the quick thinking of a …


New research points to the unexpected and dangerous nature of Jupiter

I’ve always liked the idea that Jupiter has acted like a protector to its little brother, Earth.

That it has used its massive gravitational pull to divert asteroids and comets from a collision course with Earth.

Maybe Jupiter even felt bad when one got through, and doomed the dinosaurs to extinction. …


Vladimir Putin wants to destroy Nato: the Syria war may offer him the chance

The tragedy now unfolding in Aleppo poses a direct threat to European security, including the risk of conflict between Nato and Russia

When is a ceasefire not a ceasefire? Perhaps when it allows a blood-soaked tyrant to continue raining barrel bombs on his rebellious people. The “nationwide …


Ted Cruz Is Not a True Christian

Publicly humiliating a porn actor is not what Jesus would do

And it came to pass that Jesus entered the city of Capernaum, where a sinful woman came to him while he was at table. Weeping, she washed his feet and anointed him with oil, and He told her, “your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Because …


Holy Hell, the US Military Made the Fastest Quadcopter I've Ever Seen

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research division, just revealed a speed demon quadcopter that flies 45 miles an hour. It’s like a cheetah drone. I can’t stop …

U.S. Military

US intelligence head warns of Isis chemical attack capability

The director of US National Intelligence has warned that Islamic State (Isis) “would like to use chemical weapons” in an attack on America.

Speaking alongside Robert Hannigan, the head of GCHQ, at an annual global security conference in Munich on Friday, James Clapper said the terror group has …


Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge

A researcher in Russia has made more than 48 million journal articles - almost every single peer-reviewed paper every published - freely available …

Scientific Research

Top scientists explain how enormously exciting and important gravitational waves are

One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity, which described how gravity warps and distorts space-time.

While this theory triggered a revolution in our understanding of the universe, it made one prediction that even Einstein doubted could be confirmed: the …


‘We May Not Have Another Election’: Tony Perkins Issues Bold Warning if ‘Godly’ Leader Not Elected President

Conservative leader Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, issued a strong declaration Friday, warning voters that unless a “godly leader” is elected, the U.S. may no longer have presidential elections.

Perkins, who endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential …


This is the most profound explanation I've heard of what it means to detect gravitational waves

The scientific world is still reeling over the first ever detection of ripples in the fabric of space-time, called gravitational waves.

Albert Einstein predicted their existence 100 years ago but never believed we'd actually detect the waves. So right now if you hang around physicists, who can't …

Gravitational Waves

Why North Korea's satellite launch is troubling

(CNN) — Pyongyang celebrated with fireworks, and a North Korean government spokesman dismissed international efforts to block the successful launch of the country's second satellite as nothing more than a "puppy barking at the moon." Grandiosity, provocation and defiance clearly remain the key …


Iran may use detained Americans as 'bargaining chips'

(CNN) — Iran may use detained Americans who were not part of last month's prisoner swap as leverage in future dealings with the United States, America's intelligence chief said Tuesday.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's testimony comes after a coalition of Iranian-American groups …


New Iran video appears to show U.S. sailor in tears

Washington (CNN) — Iran's state television released new footage Wednesday of 10 U.S. Navy sailors detained by Tehran that appears to show one of the men in tears. U.S. military officials told CNN the video, released by broadcaster IRIB and titled "American Tears," is likely authentic.

None of the …


Ranking North Korean army officer said to be executed by regime

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) — A senior North Korean military leader has been executed for "factionalism, misuse of authority and corruption," a South Korean government official with knowledge of North Korean affairs told CNN Thursday.

The official, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, declined …


How to Practice Walking Meditation

‘Let’s take a walk.’

These are the words Steve Jobs used to say whenever he had to meet someone important in his office. He preferred taking long …

How To Practice Mindfulness When You Don't Have The Time

This hack or that routine may not be the best thing for everyone, but you can still become more reflective on your own terms.

As I write this, I'm sitting by myself, watching the blanket of white snow covering everything outside my window. I’m not really thinking about anything specific. Millions of …


Elon Musk hints that his next project could be an electric plane

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal, has hinted that his next project could be building a vertical takeoff electric plane.

Making a surprise appearance at the Hyperloop pod competition, a contest to design a futuristic, high-speed, people-moving pod between Los Angeles and San Francisco, …

Elon Musk

Stylish NASA posters imagine the future of space tourism (pictures)

In future centuries, popular vacation destinations may literally be out of this world. NASA commissioned a new installment of speculative vintage …


C.S. Lewis: how an Oxford Atheist became worlds most famous Christian Apologist

Throughout the month of February, this column will be featuring stories of noted atheists who experienced dramatic shifts in their views, eventually …