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Cooked Meals and Netflix on Mars? It Could Happen

There is no Ikea on Mars. There are no takeout joints or Internet cafes either. Getting to the Red Planet might be half the battle, but staying happy and comfortable there is also a serious challenge.

Earlier this week, NASA announced it was offering $5,000 for the best ideas on how to improve …


8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with a Coffee Filter

So much more than joe

The coffee filter is about to become your new favorite kitchen item. That .99 cent pack of thin paper does a lot more than what its name describes, as pointed out by the Crazy Russian Hacker on YouTube.

For example, drop a little baking soda into it, wrap the filter into a ball …


An Ode to New Horizons

New Horizon's first color picture of Pluto and its moon was nothing more than a big dot and a little dot. So why does it resonate so deeply within …


Scientists Are Using Electrodes to Remote-Control People

Next generation navigation services could tell you where to walk via electrodes on your thighs.The post Scientists Are Using Electrodes to …


Why Testing Drugs on Our Dogs Is Good for Our Health

Trying medicines out on pet dogs is a practical way to research new human uses for out-of-patent drugs.The post Why Testing Drugs on Our Dogs Is Good …


The Biggest Threat to the Earth? We Have Too Many Kids

Earth Day is a holiday focused on solving things like pollution, climate change, and extinction. But it rarely addresses their common cause: too many …

Family Planning

Crowdfunded Science Is Here. But Is It Legit Science?

More and more scientists are turning to crowdfunding to get money to run their experiments.The post Crowdfunded Science Is Here. But Is It Legit

Scientific Research

Megacities Might Not Save the Planet After All

Dense urban centers are supposed to be greener than sprawl–but megacities have too much of both.The post Megacities Might Not Save the Planet After …


One Doctor’s Quest to Save the World With Data

The world has more medical data than it knows what to do with. How can we use it to help save lives?The post One Doctor’s Quest to Save the World …

University of Washington

The Fight to Build Earth’s Most Powerful Optical Telescope

A new telescope would let astronomers see further than ever, but local opposition in Hawaii might scuttle the project.The post The Fight to Build …


An Atlas of the Bacteria and Fungi We Breathe Every Day

Citizen scientists helped construct the first atlas of airborne bacteria and fungi across the US.The post An Atlas of the Bacteria and Fungi We …


Pulling Farm Antibiotics Won’t Fix All Our Superbug Woes

Scientists still don't actually know everything they need to about how antibiotic-resistant bacteria move from livestock to people.The post Pulling …


Should You Get a Tesla Home Battery? Let Physics Explain

Tesla announced a battery for your house, the Powerwall. What are some interesting physics questions to consider for this new battery?The post Should …


This Is What You'll Be Eating In 2020

In the future, fat and bacteria are good, soil is smarter, and healthy convenience is king.

Today's food landscape looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago. Fast casual—not fast food—dominates. Your next meal is just a tap of the iPhone away. McDonald's is toying with the idea of kale. These …


The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True In 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the most futuristic breakthroughs and developments of the past year. This year's crop features a …

Scientific Research

Will we ever… live in underground homes?

As cities get more crowded, why not build down? Kieran Nash profiles some of the world’s most unusual underground constructions, from Australian rock homes to Beijing’s subterranean spaces.

In many respects, Bernadette Roberts’ three-bedroom house is like any other. “Lounge, dining area, kitchen – …


A five-step guide to not being stupid

Even the smartest people can be fools. David Robson explains how to avoid the most common traps of sloppy thinking.

If you ever doubt the idea that the very clever can also be very silly, just remember the time the smartest man in America tried to electrocute a turkey. Benjamin Franklin had been …

World War II

The people who are lost in time

What is it like to lose your memory after brain injury, drug abuse – or energetic sex? Christian Jarrett reports on the strange causes and consequences of amnesia.

After a car crash, the patient reported that her memories were wiped clean each night.

One morning in 2008, Naomi Jacobs, then 32, woke …


How to supercharge the way you learn

What is the easiest way to learn? David Robson meets a group of scientists and memory champions competing to find techniques that make facts stick... fast.

Face to face with the world’s leading memory experts, my mind is beginning to feel very humble. Ben Whately, for instance, tells me about the …


NASA has trialled an engine that would take us to Mars in 10 weeks

NASA scientists have reported that they've successfully tested an engine called the electromagnetic propulsion drive, or the EM Drive, in a vacuum …


Artificial gravity could solve space problems

New plans for artificial gravity tests in space using centrifuges may hold the key to helping future astronauts ward off the debilitating loss of muscle and bone due to weightlessness on long missions to asteroids or the moon under NASA's revised space exploration plan.

The new NASA budget proposed …


How Big Data Has Changed Healthcare (NFLX,WBMD)

Given the sheer size of data created every day, Big Data has become a trendy topic over the past few years. Built on 4 core principles, many …

Health Care

Human gene editing has arrived – here's why it matters

Read full article

It's becoming possible to edit our genes to treat and prevent conditions like HIV and sickle cell disease or, more controversially,

Life Sciences

Tesla expands into batteries for homes

HAWTHORNE, Calif -- Seeking to redefine itself as more than a high-tech automaker, Tesla Motors announced Thursday night plans to make inroads into residential and business battery systems.

While home batteries aren't as sexy as electric luxury cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk portrayed the Powerwall Home …


Vertical farms, smart ceilings and national pride at the world fair

Expo Milano is a makeshift city studded with spectacular pavilions. In an attempt to outshine each other at the world fair, which opens today, 143 countries brought in their A-list teams of architects, innovators and culinary experts to design their temporary buildings. The UK built a beehive …

Is solid helium a supersolid?

Recent experiments suggest that helium-4 atoms can flow through an experimental cell filled with solid helium. But that incompletely understood flow …

Smart Plankton-Like Particles Could Swim Upstream In The Human Body

They swim just like parasites, but would do good instead of harm

From armored fish scales to ice-proof airplane coating based on frog’s skin, the natural world has long been an inspiration to engineers. For those designing implantable medical devices, incorporating elements of the natural world has …

Health Tip: Spotting Signs of Urinary Tract Infection

(HealthDay News) -- A urinary tract infection (UTI) occurs when bacteria become prolific in the bladder, kidneys or elsewhere in the urinary …


How to Get Out a Wine Stain Every Time

“Out damn spot!” You’ve likely heard Lady Macbeth say it, you may even think you read “Dick and Jane” say it to their dog. But chances are you won’t read it on the wash-and-care label of your new favorite modern-fit white oxford, especially in your darkest time of need: When you have a red wine …

Put Yourself in Any Mental State With a Mental Sanctuary

How about using your imagination to create a place that you can go to at any time to generate or recreate any feeling, emotion or memory you feel …