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Poetry in Public: The Poet as 'Unacknowledged Legislator'

A few years ago when my friend Peggy passed away, her daughter asked me to read a short essay I had written.. Her mom had liked it, and the family …


Read for Fun—It’s Time to Put the Love Back In

I clearly remember my first year out of college—that is, in relation to books. I’d become an English major quite late (can you say, last semester?) …

Education Systems

Poets and Poems: Willie Perdomo and Saeed Jones

The five finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry are, on the face of it, an eclectic group of poetry collections. And perhaps …


Air, Breath, Wind Playlist & Prompt

From In the Air Tonight to Just Breathe, this month’s playlist is an easy, breezy assortment of classic songs and new-found favorites. Let the wind …


The Poet is In: Ask Us Anything About Poetry

In a recent survey for Tweetspeak Poetry (please take our main survey if you haven’t yet; we’re listening), one reader suggested we create a place …


Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

We spend a lot of time on Twitter. (We’re Tweetspeak Poetry, after all.) In fact, we figure we read thousands of tweets every month. One of the …


Poets & Writers Toolkit: Five Invaluable Word Tools for Poets

So you’re in the mood to write a poem. Feeling contented and inspired, you sit down next to the window and start to write out your thoughts, only to …


Poets and Poems: Christian Wiman and “Once in the West”

Christian Wiman is an essayist, translator, and poet. For ten years (2003-2013), he was the editor of Poetry Magazine. He’s published four …


Poetry Prompt: Imaginary & Fantastical Creatures

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”Jabberwocky is the …


10 Spring Books to Help Kiss Winter Goodbye

It was one degree outside my door the other day—as in, thirty-one degrees below the freezing point. An unusually hard winter, again.If it weren’t for …