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It Was So Random: Random Acts of Poetry Day

Nearly every week, I take a morning and go away to write. By “go away,” I mean go away, as in leave my office and my little town in search of …


It's Random Acts of Poetry Day!

Back in 1982, maybe 1983, as the story goes, Anne Herbert wrote “practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a Sausalito …


Poetic Voices: Joan Murray and Ellen Kombiyil

When I think of poets who tell stories, I think of Chaucer, Milton, Dante, Tennyson and Longfellow. Storytelling isn’t something I usually associate …


Games: Playlist and Poetry Prompt

This month’s playlist is all fun and games. Listen to Lorde, Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan and many others while you deal a hand of cards or play a board …


How to Break Your “Writer’s Block”

I don’t believe in writer’s block. With kids, dogs, work, and Facebook to keep up with, I don’t have time to get stuck. I’ve got to find a way to …

Creative Writing

Artist Date: Black Cow Coffee Company

On a busy Thursday, my mom and I took time off from everything and went to the Black Cow Coffee Company. We passed through the glass door to see a …


Top 10 Street Poems

There is street poetry, and then there is street poetry. Poetry on the street, like the Sidewalk Poetry project underway in St. Paul in which poems are …


How to Write an Epic Poem: Infographic

Somewhere in medias res between Iliad and Odyssey, betwixt Gilgamesh and Beowulf, a lonely hero (of noble character) trods a path constructed of dactylic …


Robert Crawford on the Young T.S. Eliot

Before he was the winner for the Nobel Prize for Literature, before he was recognized for some of the most innovative and remarkable poetry of the …


The Literary Epic: Poetry Prompt

Epics come in different styles. Secondary or literary epics include Virgil’s Aeneid, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Spenser’s Faerie Queen, and Milton’s …


Lydia Davis and Selective Memory, at Purchase College

What to leave in, what to leave out. Writing is not just all we remember. It is choice.

Now I find myself pressed to do the very same—choose, in …


Listen to a Poem: Seamus Heaney’s "The Rain Stick"

Up in northern Illinois, we’ve been enjoying the soft, silver rainfall of September. These autumn rains signal closing time, tamping the red maple’s …


Robert Frost and “The Road Not Taken”

In 1912, poet Robert Frost (1874-1963) and his family moved to England. His writing career was not happening in the United States, and a flip of a …


Epic Poetry: The Simile Prompt

Epic poetry comes in various forms.

Homer’s epics are composed in dactylic hexameter, which became the standard for Greek and Latin oral poetry, and …


Top 10 Fishing Poems

I grew up in the state which prides itself as the land of ten thousand lakes. Many of my childhood summers included week-long stays a couple of hours …

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The Writing Life: What Hemingway Can Teach You About Professional Loneliness

The clock ticks, my dog snores, and traffic picks up outside my front window. I’m working in the living room today, surprised by how different it …


Poetic Voices: Shelley Puhak and Jennifer K. Sweeney

If I were asked what might be the largest genre of poetry, I would likely answer “the poetry of longing.” I could likely classify a lot of poetry …


Epic Poetry: Invocation of the Muse Prompt

An invocation begins the epic poem and serves as a prologue to the events to come. A prayer or address is made to one of the nine muses of …


Book Love: Of Tractors and Mockingbirds

My first year in the homeschool co-op, I taught American Literature to high school upperclassmen. Over the summer I formulated objectives based on …


Healing with Poetry: Interview with Fred Foote (Part 3)

Today we conclude our interview with poet and physician Fred Foote of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Foote discusses the Green Road


Poetry Dare: Dreaming with Darwish (Part 2)

Editor’s note: Amidst all the mischief, merriment and mirth, at Tweetspeak Poetry we’re in the business of becoming, and of helping people become who


Awards by the Academy of American Poets

In late August, the Academy of American Poets announced the recipients of a number of Academy awards, which also carry significant financial stipends …


Epic Poetry: Playlist and Prompt

Every great epic deserves a spectacular soundtrack and we think this month’s playlist is destined to pull you along on a fabulous journey. You’ll …


Memoir Notebook: Molly and the Thieves

In 1999 my house was robbed. It was one of thirty-eight houses hit in my neighborhood that stood at the edge of Coffeepot Bayou in St. Petersburg, …

German Shepherd

Healing with Poetry: Interview with Poet Fred Foote (Part 2)

Today, in Part 2 of our interview, poet and physician Fred Foote talks with Maureen Doallas about using poetry to heal the psychic wounds of war. He


Finding Eliot in St. Louis

I’ve been reading Young Eliot: From St. Louis to the Waste Land by Robert Crawford, a biography of T.S. Eliot’s life from 1888 to 1922. The period …


Circus and Carnival Prompt: A Kids-Eye-View

Through the eyes of children, everything is bigger and brighter. Bring them to a circus or carnival and fantasy comes to life. Floating high in the …


Healing with Poetry: Interview with Poet Fred Foote (Part 1)

Maureen Doallas spoke with Fred Foote, a retired Navy Medical Corps physician who served in the 2003 Iraq War and currently leads the Warrior Poetry


Top 10 Picks at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

I’ve been to a lot of museums in my time, in locations from England to France to Spain, from Texas to New York to Washington (State and D.C.), and …


Poetry Dare: Dreaming with Darwish

Editor’s note: Amidst all the mischief, merriment and mirth, at Tweetspeak Poetry we’re in the business of becoming, and of helping people become who