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Poets and Poems: Hart Crane, “The Bridge” and Me

Time’s rendings, time’s blendings they construe
As final reckonings of fire and snow…

(from “The River” in The Bridge)

Hart Crane (1899-1932) was born …


Circus & Carnival: Playlist and Prompt

This month’s Circus & Carnival playlist is as diverse and exciting as the circus itself. We have a variety of songs like Carnival Town by Norah Jones, …


Emily Dickinson's I Started Early - Took My Dog

We have a thing for Emily Dickinson. Sort of.

I Started Early — Took My Dog —

I started Early – Took my Dog –
And visited the Sea –
The Mermaids in the …

Emily Dickinson

The Best in Poetry: This Month's Top 10 Poetic Picks

The best in poetry (and poetic things)

1 Art & Apps

We’ve been sailing poems all month as part of our Ship, Sail, Boat theme. One morning on Twitter, …

An Adjuster's Letter to John Keats

Editor’s note: The letter that follows is written by a character we’ll be introducing soon in a new fiction series available as exclusive content for

John Keats

Poetic Voices: Megan Fernandes and Sandra Marchetti

I read some poetry collections that are enjoyable and well crafted but soon disappear in the far reaches of memory. I suppose that’s a nice way of …


Ship, Sail, Boat: The Age of Sea Shanties

I soon got used to this singing, for the sailors never touched a rope without it . . . Some sea captains, before shipping a man, always ask him


Memoir Notebook: Sweet Talk

Mama knew how to sweet-talk people. Her magic had served her well in McAllen, Texas. And it seemed to be working in our new home in south Louisiana, …

Kitchen Cabinets

Top 10 Places in The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Life is very different when you walk through it.

—The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, by Rachel Joyce

What is it that makes a man leave his house to …

Top 10

Write the Best Essays, for Pleasure and Profit—New Workshop!

A workshop that will help you write the best essays.

Begins August 30, 2015. Limit 10 participants.

Annie Dillard has claimed, “The essay can do …


Riding a Bicycle on an Unlikely Pilgrimage with Harold Fry

I had spent quite a bit of the day at my desk. Mid-afternoon, I needed to find some head room. I’d already been out to putter in my small garden, …


How to Write a Poetry Review

We had considerable conversation, and a little controversy, around my post two weeks ago, “The 6 Most Overused Words in Poetry Reviews.” I didn’t …


Ship, Sail, Boat: Build a Boat of Poetry

The U.K. poet, Philip Gross imagines a vessel built from poems. In a way, his poem teaches us about the process of writing a poem, plus what it takes: …


Memoir Notebook: Too Close for Comfort

By the end of October 1962, my family was in an awful mess. Mama found a job as a switchboard operator at Petroleum Helicopters, but Roger spent too …


Take Your Poet to Work Day: Poets Who Didn't Want to Be at Work

Now that Take Your Poet to Work Day has reached the ripe old age of three years, we feel like we can begin to detect some patterns in the way our …

It's Take Your Poet to Work Day!

It’s possible, depending on who frequents your neighborhood coffee shop, that there was a recent influx of colorful poets on sticks ordering …

Poets and Poems: Susan Lewis

Prose poetry isn’t as easy as it might look. I didn’t realize what tight control it can require until reading three recently published works by poet …


Ship, Sail, Boat: Ship Of the Old School Poetry & Photo Prompt

“Some years ago, never mind how long precisely, having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I


Literary Tours: Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, Denton, Nebraska

Mountains, forests, farms, shore—New England’s landscape is as varied as its seasons, which present a fresh palette like clockwork every three …


Creativity Inside the Box: The Freedom of Constraint

Reading about one woman’s decision to create a uniform for herself in her work as an art director at an ad agency got me thinking about the …


Take Your Poet to Work: Walt Whitman

It’s one thing to start every day with a poem. But another altogether to start your day with a poet. One of our favorite days of the year is fast …

The 6 Most Overused Words in Poetry Reviews

I read a lot of poetry, and I read and write a lot of poetry reviews. I have a rule about reading poetry reviews, however: if I’m reviewing a book of …


Ship, Sail, Boat: Playlist & Prompt

“There is nothing like lying flat on your back on the deck, alone except for the helmsman aft at the wheel, silence except for the lapping of the sea …


The Windhover, by Hopkins: Sound, Image, Meaning

To Christ our Lord

I caught this morning morning’s minion, king-
dom of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding
Of the rolling level …

Take Your Poet to Work: Wisława Szymborska

It’s one thing to start every day with a poem. But another altogether to start your day with a poet. One of our favorite days of the year is fast …

Poetic Voices: Rachel Heimowitz and J.L. Jacobs

We are all from a place. It may be a place where we grew up. It may be a place we visited and we instantly felt at home. And it may be a place that …

Shakespeare and Company: Playing the Fool Poetry Prompt

King Lear: Dost thou call me fool, boy?

Fool: All thy other titles thou hast given away; that thou wast born with.

—William Shakespeare, King Lear

It’s …


Loki Goodness Campaign 7: At the Salon

Sometimes we publish fiction here at Tweetspeak Poetry. And we definitely give a place to student writing. This co-written series qualifies as both.

Popular Fiction

Top 10 Shakespeare Sonnets

Word on the street (and the English wing of your high school campus) is that William Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets. Among other things about which I …

Take Your Poet to Work: Anna Akhmatova

It’s one thing to start every day with a poem. But another altogether to start your day with a poet. One of our favorite days of the year is fast …