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Top Ten 'Princess Bride' Quotes

The year that Buttercup was born, the most beautiful woman in the world was a French scullery maid named Annette.

—The Princess Bride’s opening …

Top 10

Common Core Picture Poems: Robert Frost's "Mending Wall"

Feelings run in various directions, regarding the Common Core standards, but one thing we notice in the standards is an emphasis on some pretty …


Poetry at Work: The Poetry of Retirement

In my book Poetry at Work, I conclude with a chapter on the poetry of retirement. At the time I wrote it, I didn’t have a set date for retiring, …


Loki Goodness Campaign, 6

Sometimes we publish fiction here at Tweetspeak Poetry. And we definitely give a place to student writing. This co-written series qualifies as both.


Mariposa Museum & History Center (Mariposa, California)

“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.”

—Michael Crichton

After a short visit …


Poetic Voices: Allison Carter and Maggie Smith

Allison Carter explores echoes and space, calling them ghosts, while poet Maggie Smith creates fables for contemporary readers.

In her latest poetry …


Photo Play 2: Heroes and Villains

In photography, the interplay of light and shadow can be used to create a graceful dance or a dreamlike scene. On the other hand, the stark contrast …


Too Late for Poetry?

On the eve of National Poetry Month, March 31, I led a workshop on How to Read a Poem at Highland Community College in Freeport, IL.

For an hour, …


Casual E

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our National Poetry Month “Show Us Your Poetry Jeans” Project. We love doing special projects with you …


Top Ten Anne of Green Gables Quotes

If the research is right, a book published today might sell 500 copies. At least that’s an average one often hears bandied about. Female authors are …

Anne of Green Gables

Holocaust Poems: Interview with Poet and Filmmaker Janet R. Kirchheimer (Part 3)

In this, the concluding segment of my three-part interview with Janet R. Kirchheimer, I speak with the poet and filmmaker about the conception of her


Poets and Poems: Wendell Berry and “Terrapin”

Writer Wendell Berry is known for many things – poetry, novels, short stories, essays, his longstanding opposition to what he calls industrial …


Photo Play and Poetry Prompt: Heroes and Villains

Sometimes we want to be the hero and other times, the villain. Depends on our mood, really. It’s good to have choices.

Thanks to everyone who …


Holocaust Poems: Interview With Poet and Filmmaker Janet R. Kirchheimer (part 2)

In Part 2 of my interview with Janet R. Kirchheimer, I speak with the poet and filmmaker about her recent collaboration with photographer Aliza


10 Tempting Poems to Celebrate Poem on Your Pillow Day—and Cinco de Mayo to Boot

Are you ready to take poetry to bed?

Today is Poem on Your Pillow Day, sponsored by Tweetspeak Poetry and Meadowbrook Press, and it’s a chance to do …


Poetic Voices: Susan Lewis and Katharine Hoerth

The two poetic voices featured today come at poetry from decidedly different directions. Susan Lewis, in How to be Another, exclusively uses the prose …


It's Poem on Your Pillow Day!

Somewhere in the marked up scraps of paper that composed Emily Dickinson’s poem drafts, I like to think that there is one that says “A Pillow” is the


10 Great Mother's Day Gifts—for the Writing Mom

I have always been one of those last-minute Mother’s Day gift givers, which is inexplicable considering my approach to other holidays, where I often …


Poem on Your Pillow Day- Tweespeak Poetry, NY, USA

The first annual Poem on Your Pillow Day, will take place on May 5, 2015. (Check out our new post on it, which includes an amusing history of the …


The Poet is In: Ask Us Anything About Poetry Taboo Words

In a survey this year for Tweetspeak Poetry (please take our main survey if you haven’t yet; we’re listening), one reader suggested we create a place …

The Best in Poetry: This Month's Top Ten Poetic Picks

The best in poetry (and poetic things)

1 Art & Apps

Is there a connection between the rise of street art and hard times? Some would say yes, including …


Holocaust Poems: Interview with Poet and Filmmaker Janet Kirchheimer (Part 1)

. . . They left us without a trace, and we are their trace.

—Eli Wiesel

In Part 1 of my three-part interview with Janet R. Kirchheimer, I speak with the


Poetic Voices: Karen Paul Holmes and Claire Trevien

When is a marriage like a knot? And those bumps under the carpet in the living room – could they be whales, like the ones who live under your …

Poetry Prompt: Dewsweepers

The first players off the tee in the early morning are known as Dewsweepers. From the 1st to 18th hole, these golfers literally help sweep the dew …

Was Hamlet Sane or Insane?

In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of intrigue and ghostly mystery, some have asked, “Was Hamlet sane or insane?” The answer depends partly on how you …

Not Your Father's Dictionary: A Word-Discovery Tool

An Interview with WordSurge® Founder Jordan Ackerman

Move over Dictionary.com. Make way OneLook Dictionary Search. Say so long RhymeZone. The Beta

Poetic Voices: Jessica Goodfellow and Michalle Gould

For the next few weeks, we’re taking a look at recent (and some republished) works by poets perhaps not as well known as some but with unique and …


Photo Play 2: Golf & Greens

In the spectrum, green fills more space visible to the human eye than most colors. When it comes to favorites, it’s second only to blue. As a …

Writing Workshop: Becoming Mindful in Place

June 1-August 23

Are you interested in slowing down and being more mindful of the world around you? Do you want to sink your roots somewhere, explore …

Loki Goodness Campaign 5

Sometimes we publish fiction here at Tweetspeak Poetry. And we definitely give a place to student writing. This series qualifies as both. If you’re a