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26 Mind-Blowing Mental Health Tips That Will Stick With You

FEEL YOUR FEELINGS.<p>Here are some words of wisdom that really stuck. (And remember, these tips aren't replacements for going to therapy for yourself — they're just pieces of advice that some people found helpful, and you might too.)<p>Btw, nothing is as good as having your own therapist who knows you …

Mental Health

7 Affordable Destinations for Nature Lovers

Love the outdoors but can't afford a big hit to your wallet this summer? Check out these seven destinations that won't break your budget.<p>If you love …

National Parks

7 Common Fears That Don't Have to Control Us

“<b>Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”</b> <b>~Marianne Williamson</b><p>As babies, we know nothing about the world. In the universe of an …

Positive Thinking

These Are 3 Yoga Poses That Every Runner Should Know

Love to run? Give the muscles of your lower body some much-needed TLC by adding these yoga poses to your post-run stretch session.<p>Intense Side …

5 Lies We Learned When We Were Younger (That We Still Live By Today)

In 1914, the great inventor Thomas Edison experienced a devastating hardship. His entire laboratory burned down to the ground, and several years …

Thomas Edison

No-Bake Peanut Butter Jelly Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free] - One Green Planet

<i>If you enjoy recipes like this, we highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App, it's available for both Android and iPhone and has free and</i> …

Fix Your "Stuck-at-My-Desk" Stiffness With This Standing Stretch

Had a long day at work? Feeling stiff? This active stretch will help stretch your lower back, which is ideal if you've been sitting at a desk all day!<p>Here's how to do a standing knee hug — make sure you keep your core tight while you balance on one leg at a time.<p>Stand tall and alternate pulling one …


Why Strong Glutes Are So Important For Runners

Most likely you’ve heard you need to strengthen your glutes to avoid injury and to become a stronger runner—but do you know why strong glutes are so …


A Science-Backed 7-Minute Workout That Hits All the Muscles You Forget About

Don't get us wrong—we're all about bodyweight exercises. And quick, high-intensity routines like the scientific 7-minute workout (plus the research …


20 Rice Noodle Recipes We Can’t Stop Slurping

It’s hard to imagine a food more perfect than noodles (sorry, pizza, but it’s true). There are so many different kinds to enjoy. But if the only noodle you’re intimately familiar with is ramen, you’re in for a treat. Rice noodles are a quick-cooking, gluten-free option that soak up basically …

Bok Choy

This Powerful Leg Exercise Will Sculpt and Tone With No Equipment

Get ready to work the hips and glutes with this simple at-home move, all while getting your heart rate up for some cardio. Let's do this!<p>Here's how to do the lateral shuffle with a touch — it'll work your hip flexors, quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, AND your abs!<p>Keeping a tight core and a soft …

7 Strategies That Will Help You Eliminate Procrastination

This column is by Zdravko Cvijetic, Founder of Zero toThe post 7 Strategies That Will Help You Eliminate Procrastination appeared first on iamwire.


10 Yoga, Meditative And Restorative Techniques Infographic To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Time flies. It seems as if it's only yesterday when our parents had to drag us, kicking and screaming, to our beds at 9 and make sure we fall asleep.

19 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Proven ways to control the symptoms of anxiety without medication.

Alternative Medicine

Vegan Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Empanadas

These satisfying vegan empanadas are filled with a curried mixture of sweet potato, chickpeas and spinach.


37 Wise Quotes That Will Inspire You to Succeed in Life |

In these crazy times, there's nothing we seek more than a bit of soothing wisdom in our lives. Words that inspire us to success--while still brimming with sage advice--are the best cure for any difficulties we may find ourselves in.<p>Let these 37 wise quotes fill you with newfound encouragement and …


10 Success lessons from APJ Abdul Kalam – “Missile Man of India” for entrepreneurs

Share44<p>Tweet<p>Share46<p>+13<p>Shares 93<p>APJ Abdul Kalam was 11th President of India and a pioneer of the country’s space and missile programmes. He was …


You Might Be Sleep Deprived and Not Even Know It: 8 Subtle Signs |

Ask anyone who has spent any significant amount of time with a toddler and they'll tell you that exhaustion doesn't always look how you'd expect. Sure, sleepy little ones yawn and get cranky when they're tired like the rest of us, but let them get even a little more sleep deprived and they enter a …

Immune System

14 bedtime habits of unsuccessful people

The more quality shut eye you get, the more refreshed you'll be in the morning. In turn, that'll set you up to effectively tackle the challenges of your day.<p>On the opposite end, as Arianna Huffington told Business Insider, there's a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and an increase in …

The Brain

Char-Grilled Eggplant With Almonds, Pumpkin, and Figs [Vegan] - One Green Planet

<i>If you enjoy recipes like this, we highly recommend downloading the Food Monster App, it's available for both Android and iPhone and has free and</i> …


It’s International Tiger Day — here is everything you ever wanted to know about these stunning, wild cats

These elusive, solitary Asian creatures have long inspired awe. They are the national animal of Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Korea. Every year, travelers flock to such places as Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh National Parks in India just for a chance of spotting one of these …


4 Habits of the Most Resilient People |

The truth is that life can be tough, business can be hard-hitting and success comes with challenges. What separates those who can hold their own and keep going in times of adversity is a cluster of habits that center on resilience.<p>Resilience means developing a strong solid level of mental …


The Kettlebell Weight Loss Workout

If you want to minimize your time in the gym and maximize your calorie burn and results, grab a pair of kettlebells. Most exercises using the …

10 Tidy Habits That Will Change Your Life

It's easy to think of all the good habits we wish we had. And, as it turns out, setting good habits can be a powerful way to achieve our goals, as well as keep us focused and organized. Once a good habit becomes etched in our brain, we're able to attain our objectives without even thinking about it.<p>…

Personal Hygiene

16 DIY Stir-Fry Recipes You'll Want To Try

Dinner is served.<p><i>Original article by Shalayne Pulia for Spoon University.</i><p><b>For more, check out Spoon University.</b>

Tip: Fix Your Tight Hamstrings

All you need is a lacrosse ball and the ability to tolerate pain. Here's how to do it.<p>Tight hamstrings limit your mobility. This self-myofascial …

5 Habits To Get Over Self-Limiting Beliefs

“Iceberg beliefs”–self-limiting, below-the-surface doubts–could be major obstacles to your success. Here’s how to overcome them.<p>Sometimes the biggest thing holding you back from greater success is something you might not even be aware of.<p>They’re called “iceberg beliefs,” and they could be major …


How to Make the Next 30 Minutes the Most Productive of Your Week

One small adjustment to how you work could make every 30 minutes twice as productive.<p>Constant connectivity is both a blessing and a curse for productivity.<p>On the one hand, the ability to carry out tasks and answer work-related emails on the move, wherever and whenever, is incredibly powerful. Your …

Time Management