Lx : Larry King's Stars of Heart Health

By Larry King Cardiac Foundation | A prescription for making hearts beat stronger: share stories that save lives. Who are your local heart health heroes? Tweet me ideas @LarryKingHeart

Red Cross recognizing range of heroes

Animal Hero: Chris Kittredge (Santa Rosa) Chris has volunteered with Canine Companions for Independence for over 20 years, raising dozens of puppies …

Calling All Young Chefs: The 2014 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge is Here | Let's Move!

Time to break out your chef hat! The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge is back.

First Lady Michelle Obama is again teaming up with the U.S. Department of …


Q&A: Larry King Recalls Heart Attack, Talks Cardiac Foundation, Women

Renowned talk show host Larry King — whose Larry King Now airs four nights a week on Hulu and RT America and CITS in Canada, and Politicking with Larry

Larry King

Chef Sam Talbot

Sam’s new foundation, Beyond Type1, has officially launched! Sam is a founder alongside Sarah Lucas and Juliet De Baubigny.

Founded in February 2015, …

United States Healthful Food Council

Fostering Healthier Choices

Connecting people who care about eating healthful food, to businesses that provide it.

Certification Program
for Foodservice …


Made Local Magazine December-January 2014

Listen to this 3 minute KRCB Radio interview with Gretchen Giles and Terry Garrett, by Bruce Robinson

Find Made Local Magazines in stands at:

Andy's …

San Francisco Bay Area

Food Waste Is Ripe for Profit

Just an hour and a half north of Silicon Valley, home to the vast campuses of Facebook and Google, Nick Papadopoulos is running a startup out of a barn. Under a chandelier made of recycled wine barrels, two laptops perched atop wooden slab tables account for the bulk of the assets of his company, …


Nike Picks 10 Startups That Could Change Health and Fitness | Greatist

Greatist News examines and explains the trends and studies making headlines in fitness, health, and happiness. Check out all the news here.

Driving innovation in health technology has become a huge concept in the last year, and now the tech-savvy shoe producer is getting in on the act with their …


Setting the Record Straight about that GAO School Meal Report

IN THIS ISSUE: We chat with school food expert Tracy Fox, who answers questions about a Government Accountability Office report that studied the …

About Health - Winter 2014 - Baptist Health

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: The Quickest Morning Meals, Seriously Ever (VIDEOS)

You'd describe your lifestyle as "on-the-go." Truly, you barely have enough time to dress yourself for work, so the concept of whipping up a frilly, masterful breakfast in the morning is mere fantasy.

We hear you. But in order to be fueled for your frenetic day, a healthy breakfast is a must. …


Michelle Obama unveils food label proposals: 'This will be the new norm'

Michelle Obama has some bad news for weight-conscious shoppers and food manufacturers: we’ve all been cheating.

In a rare foray into a frontline political battlefield, the first lady on Thursday announced a series of proposed changes to US food labelling rules that seek to tackle the fact that the …

Michelle Obama

Fried and grilled meat may raise risk of diabetes and dementia

Toxic chemicals found at high concentrations in fried and grilled meats may raise the risk of diabetes and dementia, researchers say.

US scientists found that rodents raised on a Western-style diet rich in compounds called glycotoxins showed early signs of diabetes, along with brain changes and …

Healthy Eating

Why recess and physical education are making a comeback

Students at Fox Hill Elementary school in suburban Indianapolis, Indiana take dancing ‘brain breaks’ in class. Photo by Mike Fritz


How We're Tackling Food Waste One Facebook Alert At A Time


This story was produced in partnership with Facebook Stories. Submit your own Facebook story here.

Sometimes a chance to help solve a problem hits you like a ton of bricks. And if that problem relates to a fundamental human need, like food, suddenly your chance becomes an obligation. You …




Wellness in the Schools (WITS) inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools. …

Watch "Dive in for Change: Wellness in the Schools : Nancy Easton at TEDxMontclair" Video at TEDxTalks

CVS stores to stop selling tobacco

Want to pick up a pack of cigarettes with your prescription refill? A major U.S. pharmacy chain is breaking that habit.

CVS Caremark announced Wednesday it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at its CVS/pharmacy stores by October 1.

The retailer said the move makes CVS/pharmacy …


We Passed the Pulse Ox Law in New York!

How to Reduce your salt intake

Need to cut back on the sodium? Limiting your daily salt intake can help prevent major diseases. Here's how to cut the sodium out from your diet.

You …

10 Vegetables & Herbs You Can Eat Once and Regrow Forever


Most of the above suggestions are for indoor gardening, but you can put them outside too once they have roots. Some (like onions) if you soak and …


A Partnership For Healthier Out-of-School Time

On January 14, 2014, at the third annual Clinton Foundation's Health Matters conference in La Quinta, California, the Alliance for a Healthier

Do the Texans really care about their fans? If so, they should check this out

Well aware that their fans were far less fit than their professional players, Scottish Premiere League teams began a weight-loss program in 2011. They called it Football Fans in Training.

As part of the 12-week program soccer fans, 90 percent of whom were obese, participated in discussions, walked at …

This Little Girls Potato Experiment Will Change The Way You Think About Food!

Are you eating real food? A little girl decided to do an experiment with a sweet potato, and her results will completely change the way you think …

Sweet solution? Google tests smart contact lens for diabetics

Diabetics could in future avoid painful pinprick blood glucose tests using a smart contact lens being developed at Google which measures glucose levels in tears.

A prototype shown off by the company uses an embedded miniaturised glucose sensor and wireless chip in a contact lens to measure glucose …


Mediterranean Diet for Diabetes

More good news on the Mediterranean diet. Sticking to a Mediterranean-style diet may help reduce the risk for Type 2 diabetes, even when people don’t lose weight or increase exercise levels.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, nuts, fish, beans, fruits and vegetables, with few dairy …

A Heart Helper May Come at a Price for the Brain

After a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery in 2010, Steve Colburn of Portland, Ore., began taking a cholesterol-lowering statin at the maximum dose. Soon, he began experiencing memory problems.

"Thinking and remembering became so laborious that I could not even recall my three-digit telephone …