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the fly

grey cat von Live Impression

grey cat von Live Impression
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FUJI X-T1 with Fujinon XF35, ooc jpg, Filmsimulation Black Yellow Filter,

Rabbit Enthusiast Documents First 30 Days of Newborn Rabbits

A fellow who goes by the name Arefin on boredpanda is a fine art photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh with an uncommon passion. For nearly a year …


happy landing




whats there

Animal photos of the year 2014: Part 2

15 Incredible Photos of Animals Gathering

Whether animals choose to stay in herds before they migrate or because they always travel together in packs, it's always amazing to see hundreds if not thousands of animals all together at once. This past year, we saw a record 35,000 walruses gathered on a beach near the village of Point Lay in …

Hey - I´m watching you!




Look! Over there!

Swan Portrait

Juliafalter (Julia Heliconian)

United World

forever white

Ready to Jump

Bath Time!


Piercing Eyes

Aerial Ballet

Angel Wings

Morning light