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Comparing Apples with Oranges: Leica Q vs Fuji X100T

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I decided to make it clear right from the title that this is not a scientific comparison between two cameras with almost identical specs. On the …


Fuji Fun Vs. Sony Specs…. a Story about my 3 days Flirt with the Sony A7rII and why I now Love Fujifilm even more!

I guess it’s my time to say something about the SonyA7rII. I was reluctant to write anything about it, even though I’ve tried the Sony A7rII for


The Fuji X100s and X100t

I have been shooting with the Fuji X100 series (X100s / X100t) for several years now, and I can say with complete confidence that these cameras have …


The Sony A7R II Is NOT the Camera that I Need

Every time a new, awesome camera is released, I start thinking of all the reasons I need it.

Canon 5Ds? Check.

Blackmagic URSA Mini? Check.

Sony A7R II? …


7 Things I Learned from My Portfolio Review

Last weekend I went to the small city of Ballarat in Australia for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. I took a portfolio of prints of my most …


5 times your camera meter will be wrong

Camera metering systems are pretty amazing and I’m usually very happy for the evaluative metering systems in my cameras to figure out the exposure …


sunset cityscape

the golden base

city pattern

Critique the Community Episode 5: Weddings with Lee and Patrick

Earlier this week, we asked the community to submit their wedding photographs to be critiqued by Lee and Patrick. Thank you everyone for all for …


The Best Mirrorless Camera Lenses for Photojournalists

On the heels of our roundup of best mirrorless cameras for photojournalists, we thought we’d complement that piece with a roundup of the best lenses …

15 Points Of Comparison Between The Sony A7r II & The Fuji X-T1

I used a Sony A7r II for a half hour this week. It’s one of the most hyped (over hyped) cameras of the century.

I admit my bias is against Sony stuff …


Zhongyi LensTurbo II AI-FX on Fuji X-Pro 1 and results with Nikon 100mm Serie E and Nikkor 70-210 F4

Zhongyi LensTurbo II AI-FX on Fuji X-Pro 1 and results with Nikon 100mm Serie E and Nikkor 70-210 F4

Tips to Capture Beautiful Seascape Photographs

The seashore. The coastline. The oceanfront. No matter what term one prefers to use, the seas have long been a favorite subject for photographers. …


X-Photographer Per-Anders Jörgensen “Eating With The Chefs” and Fujfilm X100 series cameras

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Back in May this year, Flemming and I went to Malmö with the Fujifilm Nordic team to listen to the imitable Per-Anders Jörgensen speak …


Das Tamron SP 90mm 2.5 Macro Objektiv mit Adaptall 2

1979/80 stellte Tamron seine SP Objektiv Serie vor. Die SP-Serie wurde für ambitionierte Amateure und Profifotografen entwickelt. Hier wurde das …

L'âme de Paris

Can places have a soul? Can a city? If it does have one, will it present itself? Even in the brief encounter that tourism dictates?


For the …


classic meets modern


A Review of the Fuji XF 56mm f/1.2 & XF 90mm f

Until this year, Fuji’s thoughtful and extensive lens line-up was missing an important component: a telephoto prime lens at the popular portraiture …


classic meets modern

classic meet modern II

How to photograph through windows: my top 12 tips - from QT Luong's Blog

The only way to get some of the most striking cityscapes and city skylines is to shoot through windows, often from high-rise hotels. The techniques

Microsoft Windows

Why do you love photography?

So I’ve been thinking.. Why do we love photography so much? I thought I’d put brain-to-keyboard to see if I could justify it all.

Firstly let me say …


Street Etiquette Preset Pack Available FREE for VSCO Cam Right Now! | Life In LoFi: iPhoneography

Do you have VSCO Cam™? You should. It’s a great iPhone photo app and it’s a free download. When VSCO Cam is fully loaded with all available presets, …


User Report: From Canon to Fuji by Stuart Cripps

From Canon to Fuji by Stuart Cripps Hi Steve, Firstly can I congratulate you on your fantastic website. I love and appreciate your honesty and …