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Miso soup

SERVES<p>Four<p>INGREDIENTS<p>500ml filtered water<br>• 1 tsp bonito flakes<br>• 15g kombu<br>• 2 tbsp good-quality miso paste (I like Clearspring brown rice miso paste)<p>METHOD<p>Warm the water to just below boiling point in a saucepan. Add the bonito flakes and kombu, remove from the heat and leave to infuse for 30 …

Food Preservation

47 Comfort Foods for Cold Nights, Broken Hearts, and Tuesdays

The coziest recipes for long underwear season.<p>When you're fending off subzero temps, the only thing that helps is long underwear. Okay, and lots and lots of comfort food. Heavy, cheesy, meat-y, bread-y: This is not the time to pretend like you want to eat a salad. You don't.


One batch of minced pork, four recipe ideas

Pork mince is a fantastic and versatile product. Often overlooked for its beef equivalent, it can provide a welcome change in the kitchen. A good butcher will mince the cuts that you want, so you can ensure that you get the quality, flavour and provenance you want.<p><b>To make your pork and ginger …


Recipes for spiced chicken and chapatis from Pakistan

It’s a question I don’t shy away from, but the answer is never straightforward. What makes Pakistani food so different? What shapes Pakistan’s flavours most are its geography and borders, its history of invasion and migration, and the ethnicities of its culturally diverse provinces. Much of its …

Silk Road

How to make the perfect beef pho

The first thing you need to know about pho is that it doesn’t tend to rhyme with “know”. Most Vietnamese will pronounce it “fuh”, rather like the French word for “fire”, which is unsurprising, since the name is generally thought to come from the pot au feu casserole brought over by the French – …

Time I

Rise and dine: breakfast recipes for busy teachers

It’s national Breakfast Week, the only time of the year when it’s perfectly legitimate to celebrate everything from the humble bowl of cornflakes to the basic but brilliant boiled egg and soldiers.<p>As well as providing a delicious start to the day, breakfast also has a stream of health benefits. And …


20 best rice recipes: part 4

Helen Willinsky’s rice and peas<p>Serves 4-6<br>For the curry goat<b><br>goat meat</b> 900g from the leg or shoulder<b><br>onion</b> 1 large, chopped<b><br>garlic</b> 1 clove, minced<b><br>habanero or scotch bonnet chilli</b> 1, seeded (or not, depending on how hot you want it) and chopped<b><br>curry powder</b> 2 tbsp<b><br>vegetable oil</b> 2 tbsp<b><br>water</b> 500ml<p>For the …


6 DIY Frozen Yogurt Recipes

The next time you get a craving for creamy, tangy frozen yogurt, don’t go running to your nearest Pinkberry. Instead, make your own.<p>The next time you …

Healthy Eating

Readers’ recipe swap: Noodles

Noodle dishes are a clever comfort food: they somehow manage to be both soothing <i>and</i> vibrant, bringing a welcome bright spell to any grey day.<p>This week, Peckish Pescy’s wholewheat noodles with prawns, crunchy green veg and satay sauce – a hugely satisfying riot of textures – did just that. As did …

Kuala Lumpur

How to Make Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread

We bet you're already thinking about how great the French toast will be...<p>More: How to make frosted cinnamon rolls at home<p>We still have a few more days of summer on the calendar, but kids all over the country are trading in their swim trunks for backpacks and I am slowly shifting my baking to more …



It’s time to say goodbye to summer and return to the regular autumn routine. For us, that means returning to the kitchen as well and making sure we …

Balsamic Vinegar

13 Insanely Delicious Ways To Use Ricotta Cheese

It's basically a weapon for making all food awesome.


The trick to a fantastic fish feast recipe? Leave out the garlic

Success in cooking, as in life, sometimes depends upon knowing what to leave out. For many years, I put garlic in almost every savoury dish I made, assuming that it was bound to improve the flavour. This habit came to an abrupt end some years ago when I was staying with my friend Kamal Mouzawak, …


Here's How To Roast A Leg Of Lamb For Eid

The secret the Aunties never tell you: IT'S REALLY EASY.<p>Serve the lamb with a mix of homemade dishes and stuff you can get from your favorite take-out (like samosas and naan).<p>Read about the whole menu here.<p><b>Tandoori Leg of Lamb</b><p>Serves: 4-6<p>Recipe by Zainab Shah<p><b>INGREDIENTS</b><p>1 (1.5-pound) bone-in leg of …

5 Easy, Delicious Recipes for Your Game Day BBQ or Tailgating Party

The punishing August haze has receded for the most part. And, let's face it - it's one of the most magical times of the year... when football games bring families and friends together in front of TVs or in the stadium parking lot for an epic tailgating session. If you're planning an early-fall …


The bread's stale and the tomatoes are ripe: Make panzanella

There are two things you'll almost always find on my kitchen counter at this time of year: ripe tomatoes and stale bread. The first is a blessing, of course; the second less so. But between them, I usually have a head start on dinner.<p>If the bread is only slightly stale, use it as a base for …


Are You Man Enough to Make Ernest Hemingway's Favorite Burger Recipe?

Hamburgers and Ernest Hemingway are eternal. The author, who stood for a certain brand of red-blooded drinking, shooting, bullfighting masculinity, …

Comfort Food

10 insanely hot (healthy) recipes to help you lose weight

Cheesy Habanero Stuffed Turkey Burgers<p>This recipe uses a grilled poblano pepper to jack up the heat. Mildly hot poblano peppers are common in Mexican …


The Guacamole Recipe To End All Guacs

It was only a few months ago (yet it seems so far away) when the New York Times nearly tipped the Earth's axis by suggesting we all put peas in our guacamole.<p>"Actually no," people said. "Not buying [it]," Obama said. "F*ck off with your pea guacamole, New York Times, f*ck off straight to hell," …


The chocolate and espresso cookie recipe to fulfill all your cookie desires

<i>Flavorful</i> by Tish Boyle is an exercise in decadence. Boyle identifies the nine flavors most prominent in the dessert world, and puts them through …

Sausage Casserole Recipes (Any Other Kind Is the Wurst)

We added a layer of zesty lemon slices to brighten every bite of this lasagna made with sweet Italian sausage and Swiss chard.

Where to find the perfect Baja fish taco in D.C. (Hint: it’s not in a restaurant.)

If I got to choose my last meal on Earth, I’d choose fish tacos.<p>But I’d need to catch a plane heading west first. Because if I’m dying, I’m not wasting what precious time I have left eating Washington’s version of my favorite food.<p>I’m not a snob, I’m just from California. San Diego, specifically — …

Deep Frying

8 Essential (and Delicious!) Vodka Cocktail Recipes

This mix of old and new ideas ensures that your vodka bartending game is never boring.<p>We teamed up with the brilliant mixology minds at New York's The Roof to create these eight drinks. With classics like the Moscow Mule, plus new ideas — like the refreshing Trouble Maker —vodka is never boring.


3010_0.jpg<p>Lebanese-Style Grass Fed Ground Beef Kabobs<p>Flavor! Speed! Versatility! That’s what I love about ground beef, and I never seem to go wrong …


Blackberry Swirl Cheesecake Recipe | Dessert Recipes

Ingredients<p><b>For the crust:</b><br>• 1 cup whole rye flour (or whole wheat flour)<br>• 1/2 cup pecans<br>• 1/3 cup coconut sugar (or brown sugar)<br>• 5 tbsp butter, melted<br>• 1/2 tsp …

21 Chicken Recipes For Fall

Are you more of a thigh man or a breast man? Asking for a friend.

8 Creamy Risotto Recipes That Are Actually Healthy

Though it’s typically packed with cheese and butter, there are ways to make healthy risotto without sacrificing its signature creaminess. Here, eight …


17 Fall Casseroles That Are Like an Edible Hug

When the temperatures drop, let these comforting dishes warm you up.<p>When the temperatures drop, let these comforting dishes warm you up.