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iTools 3.0 全新功能新體驗,刷機、備份、管理一次搞定 - 硬是要學

<b>iTools</b> 一直是iOS系統(iPhone/iPad)的好伴侶,特別是在<b>裝置管理</b>、<b>備份</b>和<b>JB (刷機</b>)時更能把工具的極致發揮到最大。隨著版本的演進,在2.0版加入了對 Android 手機的支援,而在 <b>iTools 3.0</b> 版裡全面強化對 iOS 系統的支援,可輕鬆的將 iOS 裝置備份與還原,甚至 …

陸韓《Running Man》PK!李光洙見Angelababy冒愛心

男生心目中的清純夢想 阿喜化身「馬尾女孩最無敵」

「少時」9人合體廣告曝光! 潔西卡燦爛甜笑粉絲心酸

曾沛慈COSPLAY穿「爆乳比基尼」 秀單卡切蘋果絕技

「國民初戀」秀智遭詛咒! 心痛PO文:原來我死就好了

陸韓《Running Man》PK驚見血!李晨遭金鐘國撞飛破頭

女神安室奈美惠閃電駕臨台灣! 傳助陣蔡依林合拍MV

瘋了?微軟祭出 Office 三款 App 完全免費,Office 365 訂戶 OneDrive 空間無限升級

今年三月微軟才正式將 <b>Office</b> 的 <b>Word</b>、<b>PowerPoint</b> 與 <b>Excel</b> 以獨立 App 的型態上架於 Google Play 與 App Store 並開放免費下載,其中 iPad 版的 App 雖然功能較豐富,但免費版僅能瀏覽文件,若要編輯文件則須另外購買 <b>Office 365</b>,不過今天微 …

Android WebView 為你的使用者打開了漏洞之門你知道嗎?

[Credit: Chris Goldberg(flickr)]<p>為了解決在應用程式中顯示網頁的需求,開發者一般會使用到由系統提供的 WebView 元件。而由於 JavaScript 被廣泛應用在網頁上,開發者通常也會把 WebView 處理 JavaScript 的功能打開,好讓大部分網頁能正常運 …

11 K-pop songs in 2014 often heard in Seoul

Ever wondered which songs are popular here in Korea?<p>Here in Seoul, you get to hear the current trends and music released on a daily basis. Just by …


[NEWS] MelOn reveals their "10 Most Highly Favored Musicians in Korea"

With only two months to go until the year 2015, the year-end award ceremonies are rounding up the musicians who made strong showings in the K-pop …

Big Bang attract the 2nd most concertgoers in Japan, #1 among K-Pop artists

BTS have dropped their music video for "Fake Love"! "Fake Love" is the title track of BTS' new album 'Love Yourself: Tear', and it has the unmistakab…<p>…

安心亞 Amber An

Clara revealed to be the next star on Boys Republic's "Real Talk"

Has model, actress, and now-singer <b>Clara</b> been chosen as a featured artist on <b>Boys Republic’s</b> upcoming 2nd mini album, <i>Real Talk?</i><p>A cryptic image was …

B2ST, BTS, Strawberry Milk + Performances from October 25th 'Show! Music Core'!

Many handsome and charismatic male idols have graced the K-Pop scene since the Hallyu Wave swept over the world, but out of these idols, just who …