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6,242 Flips | 1 Magazine | 3 Likes | 2 Following | 403 Followers | @lindsleydaibert | Artist, professor at the School of Fine Arts of UFMG. Interests: Holography, 3D printing, 3D scanning, sculpture, new technologies. Artista plástico, professor na Escola de Belas Artes da UFMG. Interesses: Holografia, impressão 3D, escaneamento 3D, escultura, novas tecnologias.

This Clever 3D Print Turns Thumbstick to A Steering Wheel

Clever and functional 3D printing is always so satisfying to see. This 3D printed assembly allows you to use a little steering wheel for racing games. Sure, it isn’t as nice as a full-blown steering wheel that you could purchase, but it actually seems like it might be pretty nice of an improvement …

Real Estate

3D Printed Magnets In Functional Assemblies Could Lead to New Machines and Medical Devices

Since 3D printing began to diversify, allowing for the printing of materials beyond just metal and plastic, scientists have been experimenting with …

Medical Technology

Duke University’s 3D Printing Innovation Lab Allows Surgeons to Create Accurate 3D Printed Medical Training Models

3D printers in Duke University’s Innovation Co-Lab [Image: Innovation Co-Lab Studio]3D printing is becoming increasingly more accessible and …

Duke University

How 3D Printing Can Help Bring Photography Full Circle

[Image: Alexander Gee]Photography is an art form that has gone through a lot of changes in a few years. First there were digital cameras, which …

3D Printing

Hailey Dawson’s Inspiring The 3D Printing Community Through Pitching Baseball Games

Hailey DawsonHailey Dawson is the inspiring seven-year-old with a 3D printed hand. Featured in newscasts, print, and on the web, Hailey’s journey has …


3D Printed Ballet Shoes Offer Dancers Support and Protection From Injury

Ballet dancers make what they do look effortless, but it’s far from it. If you’ve ever seen a ballet dancer’s feet, you were probably shocked, but …

Performing Arts

Siemens 3D prints low-emission pre-mixer for SGT-A05 gas turbine

Global technology giant Siemens has successfully 3D-printed and engine tested a dry low emission (DLE) pre-mixer for the SGT-A05 aeroderivative gas …


New photosensitizers help overcome color limitations in SLS 3D printing

One of the biggest challenges facing 3D printing is the ability to print in full, highly detailed color. However, not all 3D printing technologies, …

3D Printing

MIT self-assembly lab uses rapid liquid printing to create lamps and vases within minutes

MIT’s self-assembly lab and Swiss designer Christophe Guberan has unveiled a collection of new lighting and household items at new york’s patrick …

3D Printing

U.S. judge blocks posting of blueprints for 3D printed guns

A U.S. judge on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of 3D printed gun blueprints hours before they were set to hit the …


New 3D printing method could make your smartphone battery last longer

Engineers at the Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new method of 3D printing battery electrodes that creates a 3D microlattice structure …

Carnegie Mellon University

ETH Zurich uses sand 3D printing to build 80m2 concrete Smart Slab for DFAB House

Researchers at ETH Zurich have realized an 80 m² lightweight concrete slab at the DFAB House, making it the world’s first full-scale architectural …

ETH Zurich

Actinomorphic Shape Memory Soft Robots with 3D Printed Parts Zig-Zag Through Sand and Water

One of my favorite things about my job here at is the fact that I learn at least one new thing every single day. The first new thing I …


Researchers Use AI, 3D Printing & Bending Light for Numerical Calculations

Today, you will find 3D printers in the most surprising places—and all over the world. Not only that, but they are often busy doing the most …

Machine Learning

Fashion Designer Creates Both Attractive and Wearable 3D Printed Clothing

Lingxiao LuoOften fashion on the runways looks good but is unwearable in a real-life setting, and that goes double for 3D printed fashion. Much of it …

Wearable Tech

Trends & Innovations in Dentistry: Sign Up at the Early Bird Rate through August 17

September is right around the corner — and our three-day showcase, <b>Trends & Innovations in Dentistry and 3D Printing for Dental Materials</b><b>, starts</b> …


The Impact of 3D Printing on the Medical Device Industry

[Image: NASA]In January of 2017, Dr. Julielynn Wong, founder of 3D4MD, used Made In Space‘s Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) aboard the …

Medical Technology

3D Printed Drone Saves Thousands of Crops per Year

The corn borer is a pest that attacks maize stalks, causing the loss of thousands of crops every year. Rather than drenching said crops with …

Pest Control

Unique 3D Printed Connectors Help You Create Versatile Pieces of Furniture

[Image: Riley Young, Digital Trends]While it is absolutely possible to 3D print custom furniture today, I think we can all agree that doing so is …


Materialise to 3D print life-size Mammoth skeleton, its largest SLA 3D printing project

Materialise is currently realizing its largest SLA 3D printing project to date: a life-size, 3D-printed reconstruction of the first mammoth skeleton …

3D Printing

Chinese researchers taking ice lithography to nano 3D printing

In a vacuum environment, near minus 130 degrees, water vapor may condense into a layer of super smooth, thin ice. Scientists used this special "ice" …


NASA awards AI spacefactory for MARSHA, a 3D-printed vertical Martian habitat

New york-based architecture and technology company AI spacefactory released details of MARSHA (MARS HAbitat), a 3D-printed visionary verticle housing …

Carbon Fiber

Workers may use RoboGloves to handle 3D printed parts at GM assembly plant

General Motors is using various new technologies such as robotic arm and 3D printing at its assembly plants. At a General Motors' Assembly plant in …

General Motors

Branch Technology builds worlds largest 3D printed structure in Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tenn.–based architectural fabricator Branch Technology officially unveiled a bandshell pavilion at Nashville’s oneC1TY development that …

Carbon Fiber

Shining 3D Einscan-Pro 3D Scanner assists brainwaves research

Chinese company SHINING 3D is known for being one of the 3D printing world’s leading suppliers of consumer-class 3D scanning and 3D printing systems.


Michelin working on wood-based tires, wants to use 3D printing to retread tires

Michelin wants to put wood in your tires, and the company believes wooden tires will be a reality in less than two years.

3D Printing

Flying Iron Man 3D printed jet suit now on sale for £340,000 at Selfridges

If you've ever wanted to be a Iron Man, now you can with your very own Iron Man gravity flight suit.


3D printed surfboard fins help surfers optimize performance and catch extra waves

Balance might be the only thing on your mind the first time you stand on a surfboard, but the experienced surfers from the University of Wollongong …


Chinese Sexbot Maker Embraces 3D Printing

DS Doll uses 3D scanning, printing to create life-like sex robots (via DS Doll)<p>It was only a matter of time before sexbot makers commandeered 3D …


MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab Hints at the Future of 4D Design in Pneumatic Objects

MIT provides a place for brilliant minds to develop in each other’s company and, not surprisingly, fascinating developments in design and technology …