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More Travelers Are Experiencing Trauma on Airplane Flights

Tuesday’s horrific tragedy on a Southwest Airlines flight that left one passenger dead and many shook up is a stark reminder of how vulnerable we are …

Southwest Airlines

House Intel Chairman Says Subpoenas Are Imminent for Comey Memos

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is running out of patience and said Thursday executive branch …

Donald Trump

Trump Slashed Red Tape But Report Finds It Still Cost Taxpayers Trillions

President Donald Trump has executed “the most aggressive effort at regulatory reform in over a quarter century,” but federal regulations and …

Trump Administration

Missing Submarine from World War II Is Found 403 Feet Below Sea Level

A German submarine from World War II — rumored to have been used to transport Nazi leadership to South America following the war — has been located …

Sea Level

Veteran Political Strategist Says Running from Trump Won't Work for GOP

Vulnerable Republicans cannot save their political fortunes by distancing themselves from President Donald Trump, a conservative activist said …


What Barbara Bush Had to Say About 'The Simpsons'

In the wake of the death of former first lady Barbara Bush, a “The Simpsons” showrunner is paying his respects by sharing a very kind letter she …

Barbara Bush

Slideshow: The 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds Anywhere

Dog breeds are a lot more complex than most people think.<p>They actually have an entire pedigree, which if you know little about animal lingo means …


The Three Most Important First Amendment Cases of 2018

This year 2018 is turning out to be a big one for the First Amendment. Whether it’s a big year in a positive or a negative way has yet to be decided. …

Same-sex Marriage

New Immigrants Better Educated But Still Lagging

New research by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) zeroes in on an odd paradox: America’s recent immigrants have never been better-educated but …


GOP Candidate for Governor Sees Anti-Sanctuary ‘Revolution Brewing’

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Jerry Brown

Starbucks Incident Has People in a Frothy Fury

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Rights & Freedoms

Professor Hides Behind Tenure to Spew Hatred About Bush Family

An associate professor of English at Fresno State University in Fresno, California, used the power of the pen — or keyboard, in this case — to spread …

Bush Family

Robert De Niro Hopes to Bash Trump Some More on 'SNL'

For decades Robert De Niro was known for his impressive filmography. These days, he’s known as someone who will say “yes,” it appears, to any project …

Robert Mueller

Diamond and Silk Know Just How to Fix Facebook

Don’t be fooled: They’re not just entertaining to watch. Diamond and Silk — two conservative sisters from North Carolina with a vast online following …

Social Media

Poll Is Big Yellow Caution Sign for Impeachment-Hungry Democrats

While impeachment fever has gripped the Democratic Party, the voters are not nearly so sure, according to a poll released Wednesday.<p>The Marist poll …


GOPers Urge Sessions, Wray to Probe Clinton, Top FBI and DOJ Officials

Eleven GOP lawmakers sent a criminal referral urging the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate former FBI Director James Comey, former …

Donald Trump

College Tennis Player's Lewd Remarks Land Him in Hot Water

There’s fun — and then there’s sheer shamelessness.<p>The University of Portland in Oregon knows this all too well recently.<p>A tennis player for the …

Student Athletes

Don McLean of 'American Pie': 'It's Always Nice When You Win'

Don McLean rose to fame when he first sang about the end of rock and roll’s innocence in his 1971 hit “American Pie.”<p>These days, the rocker is …

New York City

Hey, Night Owls — Your Days May Be Numbered

It can be really tough to get a full night’s sleep these days — something many Americans struggle with on a regular basis. More than one in three …


Sweet Barbara Bush Could be Tough When Needed

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Tariffs Are a Sideshow Compared to the Weaponized Dollar

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Economist Stephen Moore Says Trump Winning on Taxes, China

Economist Stephen Moore on Wednesday mocked Democrats for opposition to tax cuts and praised President Donald Trump’s confrontational approach to …

Donald Trump

Boy with Autism Builds World’s Largest ‘Lego’ Titanic

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Comey Claims Nobody Asked About Clinton Obstruction Before Today

When WTOP’s Joan Jones asked former FBI Director James Comey Wednesday if the “smashing of cell phones and destruction of thousands of emails” during …

Donald Trump

Comey: I’m Like a ‘Breakup’ That Trump Can’t Get Over

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United States

Michael W. Smith on the Power of Song, the Pain of Loss — and the Love of God

The iconic Christian entertainer Michael W. Smith recently embarked on his “Surrounded By A Million Lights World Tour,” and LifeZette was lucky …

Billy Graham

This Is the Secret Ingredient to Long, Loving Relationships

A shared sense of humor is critical to a long marriage — just ask any couple who has shared an entire lifetime together.<p>“My husband Jim and I have so …

Barbara Bush

Veteran Navy Pilot Is a Hero in Fatal Southwest Flight

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Gorsuch Delivers Surprise Blow to Trump on Immigration

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch — President Donald Trump’s first appointee to the nation’s highest court — provided the decisive fifth vote in a …