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Bones of a Colossal Human-Sized Penguin Have Been Discovered in New Zealand

Whoa!<p>A new species of prehistoric penguin has been found in New Zealand, and it's so big that the researcher who found its bones initially couldn't …


'Mouse Kabobs' and Saliva: Why Animals Give Strange Gifts

Let's just say it often involves sex.<p>During this festive season, Weird Animal Question of the Week couldn’t help wondering: Are there any other animals that give gifts? And are their gifts any good?<p>Great Things in Small Packages<p>Dead bugs and body parts may not seem appealing to us, but they're …


John James Audubon's Birds of America

United States

17 Winning Photos From National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

Missing Planet Earth 2 already? This will help.<p>Featuring three categories: Animal Portraits, Landscape, Action, and Environmental Issues, the <i>National Geographic</i> Nature Photographer of the Year covers some of the most incredible images from around the world.<p>Scroll through the gallery to see a …


Birds in the News: Feathered Muses

The <i>New York Times</i> has a great article and slideshow about birds as the inspiration for artists throughout history. The piece surveys a handful of new …

When a crow dies, other crows investigate

Crows may be the homicide detectives of the avian world.<p>Despite birds’ reputation for being, well, bird-brained, crows and other members of the corvid family—which includes ravens and magpies—are actually quite intelligent. They’ve shown an ability to understand basic cause-and-effect …


Dat look

Musician Instagrams Amazing Shots of Hummingbirds in Her Backyard

Meet Tracy Johnson, a musician and self-professed "bird paparazzi" who uses her iPhone 6 to take stunning pictures of hummingbirds. Her work captures …

Scientists Just Figured Out How This Bird Can Fly For Months Without Landing

The great frigate can stay aloft for 56 days by riding natural updrafts.<p>Plenty of birds fly vast distances on their migratory trips around planet Earth. But the most amazing of all might the frigate bird, which can stay aloft for <i>two months</i> straight without landing or resting. How the heck do they …


archatlas: Revealing the Hidden Patterns of Birds in Motion Dennis Hlynsky, a film and animation professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, creates videos at the intersection of art and science. Hlynsky transforms ordinary footage of birds and insects into ethereal illustrations by digitally tracing the paths they travel. Hlynsky’s work is typically featured in galleries, where the video is projected on large screens with recorded sound. To see more videos from Hlynsky, please visit his Vimeo channel. GIFs by ARCHatlas Text + video via (via archatlas)

Spice gull: seabird turns orange after falling into vat of curry

Wildlife hospital uses washing-up liquid to clean bird that was scavenging for food at factory<p>A seagull turned bright orange after it fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala.<p>The bird fell into the container while trying to scavenge meat from a food factory bin on Monday. It was rescued by workers …



Photos: The beautiful birds that may soon be lost to climate change

The winner of this year’s photography contest held by the National Audubon Society have been announced. More than half the species in the winning and honors list are considered threatened or endangered by the effects of climate change. The fact that every month this year has been the hottest on …


England's last golden eagle feared dead

Wildlife experts are worried that England's last remaining golden eagle has died.<p>It had made its home near to Haweswater in the Lake District, but has not been seen since the turn of the year.<p>Golden eagles have been living in the area since the 1950s, but this particular bird had been without a …

Golden Eagles

There’s a reason some birds don’t seem to fly south for winter anymore, scientists say

The birds and the bees are telling humans about much more than sex, a new study released Thursday says.<p>They are a harbinger of climate change, with species swapping habitats like a game of musical chairs as regions in Europe and the United States warm. Populations of American robins that winter in …

Climate Change

Birds – Orinthology

Birds have been the study of many artists throughout history, most notably the artist John J. Audubon. Audubon was a renown ornithologist who became …

Scientific Illustrator Hand-Paints Giant Mural Featuring 243 Modern Bird Families

Scientific illustrator Jane Kim (of Ink Dwell) spent over 16 months painting one member from each of the world's 243 modern bird families. To make this feat even more impressive, Kim painted the individual birds to scale in her 40-foot by 70-foot mural. It all began when she was interning at the …




Traffic Camera Snaps Shots of a Snowy Owl in Flight

A CCTV traffic camera in Canada is getting high praise for its photography skills this week after shooting a series of beautiful photos of a snowy …


Eye To Eye

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