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Joe Zee’s Guide to Wearing Denim on Denim

The double-denim trend—also known as the “Canadian tuxedo”—is a favorite among fashion folk. As of late, street style stars have been seen layering …


How Levi's and vintage soul scored a commercial leg up

Anyone who grew up in the 80s probably remembers the first time they encountered the late Percy Sledge, or at least his biggest hit. It was in a 1987 ad for Levi’s 501s, which featured his signature song When a Man Loves a Woman. In the mini-drama that it accompanies, a girl sees off her soldier …

Percy Sledge

Leila Yavari Loves Sleek Stilettos, Vintage Levi’s

The street style star shares a page from her style notes.

As the buyer and fashion director of luxury e-commerce site Stylebop.com, Leila Yavari is constantly on the hunt for investment pieces that make a wardrobe. Here, she reveals her favorite accessories, day-to-night pieces, stores, and …


What’s Timeless, Classic, and Goes With Everything? The Denim Jacket, of Course

As we transition into spring, it can be a bit tricky figuring out which pieces to put away for next year. Those in-between seasons months, like April and May, bring about so many style questions (like when do you stop wearing tights?), but if there’s one piece that works any time of year, it’s the …

Celebrity Style

Fashion Weekend: See What Fans Wore to Coachella 2015 Pictures

As the unofficial start to Summer Concert Season, Coachella sets the bar for everything from onstage controversies to festival fashion. Our photographers scoured the desert in Indio over the weekend to find out who wore what, and what we can expect to see a lot more of as the season starts to …

Music Festivals

The Best Places to Shop for Denim in NYC


California Denim Brands Forced to Cut Water Usage

California Governor Jerry Brown's mandatory water restrictions might cause denim manufacturers in California to change the way they do business, WWD

California Drought

The Spring Denim Shopping Guide

Fashion Trends

The Jean of the Moment

The days when you could buy a pair of used Levi’s in the basement of Antique Boutique on Broadway for $18.99 are more than two decades gone. In the …

Fashion Trends

Gap and Levi’s Speak Out on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

Criticism of Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act is growing rapidly, and now fashion is joining the fray. The CEOs of Gap Inc. and …


How To Buy Vintage Denim: Tips From The Experts

No doubt about it, vintage denim is having a moment, popping up everywhere from Instagram to the front row. We asked the folks at Levi’s, Reformation …


The Coolest Way To Customize Your Jeans


Photographed by Victor Prado.

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Whatever the denim trend of the moment is, we're bound to have a pair — or three. Problem is, so does everyone else. But, instead of looking like every other street style star we know, we're taking inspiration from the latest It denim (think major …


How Levi's Became a Brand With Staying Power

In our consumer culture of shiny-new-object syndrome, it is increasingly unlikely that a brand will survive—much less thrive—for more than a few seasons. But for 162 years, Levi Strauss & Co. has done just that. The staying power of the Levi’s brand stands out boldly in this era of pop-up stores, …


From Rihanna to Ashley Olsen, The Denim Brand Almost Every Celeb Wears

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Behati Prinsloo

PHOTO: TS, PacificCoastNews

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Chiara Ferragni

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Leandra Medine

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Ashley Olsen


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Sienna …

Ashley Olsen

The SXSW Levi's Trucker Jacket: Always Use Responsibly

If you attended SXSW this year you may have noticed that the staff had a certain look about them. Cool. Classic. Comfortable. It might have been the …


Levi’s saves water

Levi's SS15 Lookbook image

23 Mar. 2015

Since first implementing its WaterLevi’s has saved up 1 billion liters of water. Simultaneously, the brand has …


Levi's Tapers Its Water Usage By 1 Billion Liters

Levi’s has announced it's saved 1 billion liters of water in its manufacturing process. That's enough to fill 400 Olympic-size pools. That's enough to make a huge water-footprint dent. That's enough to provide H20 for days for all of its high-waisted-wearing hipster clientele in New York.

Paul …


Levi's CEO Says You're Washing Your Jeans Too Frequently

This drought is really bad, so stop washing your jeans, okay?

Chip Bergh can easily go a year without washing a pair of jeans. Last year, the Levi's …


Meet Your New Favorite Jean: The “Slimmy”

No matter how many times the Internet proclaims the end of the skinny jean, another brand rolls out a new pair of wear-everywhere skinnies and proves all the haters wrong. Although we’ll likely never get rid of the style entirely, it’s clear that the denim world needs a major kick in the pants …


Levi's CEO: Do the world a favor n' wash your jeans once every 10 wears

Manufacturing jeans is typically a water-intensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. And CEOs can do more to protect the planet.

I am the CEO with “dirty jeans.” Well, not exactly. My jeans are clean; I just don’t throw them in the washing machine all that much – research we began conducting in …


Updated Your Wardrobe With These 6 Spring Classics You'll Go Back To Again and Again

Don't get me wrong. I love shopping at all times of the year (a problem I'm in control of, thank you very much), but there's something about spring shopping that just makes me positively gleeful—we're talking about-to-do-a-cartwheel joyful. While there are a ton of great fashion trends out there …

Yves Saint Laurent

The Jean Style That Looks Good on Everyone (Really)

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For the curvier gal, a good pair of high-rise jeans is truly your best friend. They highlight the tiniest part of your body (your waist) …


Levi’s® WaterLess™ Products Saved Over 1 Billion Litres of Water

Continually innovative and cutting edge in its offerings, Levi's has a long history of making denim for everyone. But in the process, Levi's hasn't forgotten about the environment, instead making it a priority. Levi's Water<Less initiative began in 2012, and so far, the company has saved over 1 …


Levi Strauss's Water

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) has saved 1 billion liters of water since 2011 through its Water<Less™ process, which reduces the water used in garment …

Levi Strauss

Levi's to breath life into women's denim with 701 series

Levi’s is sticking true to its heritage, and will be launching a new line of women’s denim called Lot 700. The collection takes inspiration from the …


136-year-old pair of Levi's blue jeans was built to last

SAN FRANCISCO — The oldest pair of blue jeans in the Levi's archive are kept in a fire-proof safe to which only two people know the combination.

They are wide and durable enough to wear over long johns while out harvesting timber or mining silver in 1879, the year they were produced. Back then, the …


The Lifecycle of a Pair of Levi’s® 501® Jeans — Summary of Key Findings

Levi Strauss and Co. today announced it has saved one billion liters of water since 2011 through its Water<Less™ process, which reduces the water …

Natural Resources

This is how Levi's makes its jeans

Like something straight out of science fiction, a laser beam slowly travels down the pant leg of a crisp blue jean, wisps of smoke billowing up off the surface and leaving behind a perfectly roughed-up look. Meanwhile, the denim washing machines nearby are generating ozone—O3 gas is a more powerful …

Fashion Holy Grail: How to Find the Perfect Pair of Vintage Levi's

When it comes to style, the perfect pair of jeans is equal parts secret weapon and security blanket. And, when it comes to denim, vintage Levi's 501s are pretty much the gold standard.

The term "style icon" is one ripe for examination: Why do we worship others based on their clothes? How deep do

Holy Grail