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Levi's and Patta Are Making Acid Wash Jeans a Thing Again

Levi's and Patta's Fall 2015 collaboration has given new life to an old trend: acid wash jeans.


FCB West Wants You to ‘Live in Levi’s’

The Best Of The Basics: The Buys That Defy Seasons

We don't follow trends because we have to — we follow trends because we like to. There's always something exciting about seeing what new colors, patterns, and silhouettes start to pop up season to season, from the runway to our favorite brand-name stores.

But at the end of the day, it's the basic …

The Blue Jean: A Brief History

“Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn” – Lana Del Rey, “Blue Jeans”

The unisex uniform for casual cool is …


Levi Strauss touts ambitious garment recycling initiative

Earlier this year, American denim giant Levi Strauss & Co. asked consumers to be more aware of the impact washing their jeans had on the environment. Now, in its continued sustainability efforts, the company is ramping up its clothing recycling initiative. Levi Strauss recently announced that all …


Junya Watanabe MAN Revamps Iconic Levi's Pieces for Fall/Winter 2015

Junya Watanabe MAN and Levi's continue their longstanding relationship with another season of classic outerwear with just the perfect amount of …

Levi Strauss expands clothing recycling program

San Francisco-based clothier Levi Strauss & Co has expanded its clothing recycling initiative to all Levi’s mainline and outlet stores in the United …


Levi's Tailor Shop: The Independents

The brand taps British record stores for a new project.The precursor to Junya Watanabe’s tartan squares, Meadham Kirchhoff’s toweling monsters and …

Inside Levi's Effort to Win Back the Hearts, and Butts, of Shoppers

Distressed Denim: Levi’s Tries to Adapt to the Yoga Pants Era

Levi Strauss may have invented jeans, but it never saw yoga pants coming. Inside the …


How to Get a Discount Every Time You Buy Levi's

And do something good for the planet at the same time.

Americans throw 10.5 tons of clothing in the trash every year. That's an astonishing number, considering cotton, wool, and polyester are just as recyclable as paper and glass. But Levi's is hoping to change that by expanding its clothing …


This Is What Goes On Inside Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab

Innovation is a hot commodity within brands these days; you need to up your game if you’re to compete with everybody else. Making sure you’re the …


Levi’s just made it incredibly simple for Americans to recycle their old clothes

Most sustainability efforts by fashion brands tend to focus on cleaning up their supply chains. These endeavors are certainly positive, but that’s just the first part of a garment’s life cycle. The second part only begins after a customer purchases the garment, and often it ends in a landfill. In …


15 Things Invented in San Francisco

Known as a hub for innovation, San Francisco has been setting trends for well over a hundred years. We looked into San Francisco’s contributions to …

San Francisco Bay Area

How Levi’s Built the Most Authentic Clothing Brand in the World

It’s hard to be cool when you’re old, but the 162-year-old company has leveraged its heritage into relevancy.

Fashion Trends

Jean Machine: Google Is Leading The Next Stage Of Wearable Tech

From Google Glass, to smartwatches and even “smart” workout clothes that could measure muscle activity in real-time, we’re now familiar with the array of wearable tech. Joining the ever-increasing list is Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP)’s Project Jacquard. The project’s goal is to …

Wearable Tech

Levi's launched its new women's denim collection with an exhibition by Petra Collins

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Paris hosted plenty of parties during this week's couture shows, starting with the Vogue Paris Foundation Gala on Monday …

Addicted to Your Phone? There’s Help for That

LIKE pretty much everyone these days, Susan Butler stares at her smartphone too much. Unlike most everyone, she took action, buying a $195 ring from a company called Ringly, which promises to “let you put your phone away and your mind at ease.”

Ringly does this by connecting its rings to a …

Mobile Technology

Levi's Celebrates 50 Years of Grateful Dead

In honor of Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary and the band’s Fare Thee Well shows at Levi’s Stadium next week, Levi’s is releasing a limited run of 50 …

Grateful Dead

Ralph Lauren and Levi's Are Considered Some of the "Most Patriotic" Brands, According to Survey

A new survey reveals which brands American consumers think are the most patriotic.

Ralph Lauren

Jean-ious! Your denim is about to get one smart upgrade

Brace yourself for some seriously futuristic fashion as Google and Levi’s come together to bring us “wearable technology”! Both of these two …

Welcome to the new wave of wearable technology

Smart phones, smart watches ... in the super-speedy cybersphere these are already looking a bit passé. But what about a pair of smart jeans, eh? Not …

Levi's Debuts 2015 Pride Collection

Levi’s has been a longtime ally to the LGBTQ community, and has looked back to the pinnacle representation of the fight for equality for inspiration …

Google Smart Jeans Could Bring All New Meaning to 'Butt Dialing'

Never mind the flop that was Google Glass. Google's technology has already taken over the world, and now driverless cars are on the way. So what's …


Levi's Expands Pride Collection

A long-standing ally to the LGBTQ community, the Levi's Pride 2015 collection has expanded to include tees, a tank, jean shorts and collectible …

Google and Levi's Are Teaming Up to Make Your Clothes Smarter

Haven't quite jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon just yet? Well, Google and Levi's may have an answer that will eliminate the need for high-tech arm candy all together. The tech giant just announced an initiative, dubbed Project Jacquard, that will transform fabrics into interactive surfaces.

These …


Levis "New Nevada" w/ Levi's Historian Tracey Panek

Photos via Levi Strauss & Co.
Recently Levi Strauss & Co acquired an 1880 pair of jeans found in Nevada. This may be one of the oldest pairs in …


The Making of the Ornamental Conifer x Levi's Eureka Lab 2015 Capsule

The goal of San Francisco’s Eureka Lab, which first opened in 2013, is to provide the space for the brand’s denim specialists to experiment with existing silhouettes while imbuing products with modern technologies. Its processes precede mass development, meaning any new fit or material is tested in …


Google and Levi's to make smart clothing that interacts with your devices

(CNN) — Google and Levi's are teaming up to make digitally connected clothing, literally, smarty pants.

The company's Advanced Technology and Projects group, known as ATAP, is working on fabric that can sense touch gestures. Using a new kind of conductive yarn and woven multitouch panels, they can …


Google reveals smart fabric developed with Levis

Google's smart thread can be woven into existing clothing. Button sized computers will then allow it to communicate with a mobile phone and other …