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11 Hidden Messages in Company Logos

When Wendy's redesigned its logo in 2013, the company insisted the word "MOM" in the collar was unintentional. But plenty of other logos contain …


Hey Larry David: that’s prett-ay, prett-ay prett-ay, pretty misleading

Hey Larry David: that’s prett-ay, prett-ay prett-ay, pretty misleading.<p><b>#3. Tons of Sexual Partners</b><p>In real life, men ages 25 to 44 – the age group of pretty much every sitcom character – average around six sexual partners. Women of that same age group average four. Over a lifetime, only 21 percent of men and 9 percent of women have had more than 15 sexual partners.

29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand

Stop, drop, and find the nearest dark room to curl up in a ball.

It Gets Better, Unless You're Fat

When you first come out, gay men are eager to let you know that you're not alone, and that you have a seat at the table. Unless, of course, you're also fat, in which case, no, you can't sit with us.<p>I never had to come out as fat.<p>When you grow up overweight, everyone notices — not just your …


17 Signs You Grew Up With A Government


27 Things People Who Didn't Like "Harry Potter" Are Tired Of Hearing

Over it!

Harry Potter

22 Signs You Were A Theatre Major

You don't get stage fright; the stage gets frightened of you.

Dining Rooms

10 Horribly Annoyingly Cliché Things That Actors Need To Stop Saying Immediately

We know you're "so blessed." No need to rub it in.

The 26 Stages Of Starting A Band

"We should jam sometime."

Universal Pictures

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves: Music Edition

This bit is still good.

Jimmy Kimmel

Why I Don't Talk About My Period

Growing up, I had the blessing and pleasure of having a mother who was a Title IX Crusader. In college, my mother participated in sit-ins so the women's swim team that she captained could get letter jackets like the men. Both my mother and father taught me that being a woman was in no way a …

Glee Remembers Cory Monteith: Rachel Says Finn Was “My Person”

Pass the tissues! <i>Glee</i> paid tribute to its late star <b>Cory Monteith</b> on the Thursday, Oct. 10 episode of the FOX hit, and none of the actors displayed …

Wow! Lea Michele's courage on Cory Monteith's Glee tribute was amazing! Were you as blown away as we were? http://hollywood.li/19FVBsW

Celebrities Reveal When They Lost Their Virginity

Celebrities have been candid this week, when it comes to making confessions about the sex lives of their younger selves.<p>In an interview with the Guardian, Chris Brown claimed he lost his virginity at the tender age of 8. Then a few days later, Malin Akerman appeared on "Chelsea Lately" and told the …

Ten ways to kick-start your office's sustainability efforts

It goes without saying that technology plays a critical role in helping businesses of all sizes be successful in today's always-on, constantly evolving operating environment.<p>One area that is often overlooked, however, is how office technology can not only streamline operations and improve …

Google's Plan To Shove You In Ads (And The Danger Of The Friendorsement)

Two years ago, Google launched its own version of Facebook, a social network dubbed Google+ that claimed it would fix the “broken” and “awkward” state of sharing online. Along with breathless descriptions of everything Google+ could do for us, there was a brief hint at what we could, in turn, do …

I hear I’m not supposed to wash my jeans. Is this true?

<b>The question</b><p>I finally bought myself an (expensive!) pair of raw-denim jeans. Now I'm hearing that I'm not supposed to wash them – ever? Won't they start to smell?"<p><b>The answer</b><p>Raw denim is dyed and left unwashed before sale. It is sometimes called dry denim. The idea is that it is not pre-shrunk or …

21 Times Rickie Vasquez From "My So-Called Life" Spoke Directly To Your Heart

Rayanne Graff doesn't deserve you, beautiful boy.


The 17 Most Stressful Things About Owning An iPhone

In case you've run out of things to complain about.

The 31 Most Gut-Wrenching Moments In The "Glee" Episode Honoring Cory Monteith

Tissues. The whole box.

21 Ways "The Sims" Lied To You About Your Future Home

Having all of this unlimited money is so hard.

The Sims

31 Insanely Clever Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

When you can't be Facebook for the fourth consecutive year.


24 Products That Are Totally Feeling You Right Now

Yes, in fact, there is such a thing as uninspirational quotes.

Low Blood Sugar

Glee: “The Quarterback” 

<b>Brandon Nowalk:</b> I might need a better look at Emma’s “Wait, Am I Callous?” pamphlet, because I’m happy that’s over, and not entirely for the closure, …

5 Iconic Symbols You Associate With the Wrong Country

Every nation has cherished icons, symbols that represent its unique individuality. Australia has cork hats and spiders. Colombia has cocaine and …


Woman is the what of the world? 8 image-altering John Lennon songs

<b>1. “Woman Is The Nigger Of The World,” Some Time In New York City (1972)</b><br>Since his murder in 1980, John Lennon—who would’ve turned 73 on Wednesday—has …

The 23 Absolute Worst Things About Midterms

More like beginning-terms, during-terms, and end-terms, amirite?

30 Things Only Hypochondriacs Will Understand

I really don't want to die, it's just that I'm pretty sure I'm dying.

Mayo Clinic