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By Len Stein | Publicity Results: Visibility Public Relations

The 25 Brands US Consumers Feel the Most Loyalty Toward

Consumers in the United States feel the most loyalty toward Amazon's e-commerce store and Google's search engine among major brands, according to …

Search Engines

MGM Under Fire For #VegasStrong Ad

MGM International is being criticized on social media for releasing a TV spot that features shots of its multiple Las Vegas hotels.<p>The spot debuted …

Las Vegas

Marketing world pivots, pays attention to ‘forgotten generation’: baby boomers

But those ads are the exception, not the norm. Why?<p>“They want to market to the cool segment, the modern segment, the ‘in’ segment,” Light said of …


Baby Boomers: Advertisers’ “Forgotten Generation”

<b>As much of the marketing world focuses on new ways</b> to woo and dazzle the highly coveted millennial generation, some companies are setting their …

Baby Boomers

Why marketers shouldn't neglect baby boomers

Mercedes-Benz selected R/GA to manage its US creative and social account following an unannounced review. The business was previously handled by …

Baby Boomers

Wrongly stereotyped: Are baby boomers the forgotten generation?

AS much of the marketing world focuses on new ways to woo and dazzle the highly coveted millennial generation, some companies are setting their …


National anthem controversy hurting the NFL’s brand

While ticket prices to NFL games remain relatively unchanged overall, there is mounting evidence the league’s brand is taking a significant hit.

Roger Goodell

NFL Brand Negatively Impacted By Political Displays

Fans are regarding the NFL less favorably as a result of the political debate resulting in kneeling vs. standing during the playing of the national …

Advertising Industry

National anthem controversy hurting the NFL’s brand — Political News

Those seeking reasons behind Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week taking harder-line stances toward player …

Roger Goodell

What Health Plans Must Learn from Amazon

One in two U.S. consumers told Aflac that enrolling in health insurance should feel like an experience on Amazon.<p>But health consumers still lack that …

Medical Technology

2017’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty

Amazon has taken over as this year’s brand loyalty leader, displacing last year’s leader Google for the top spot. That’s according to the latest …


Amazon, Nike Top Brand Keys 2017 Consumer Loyalty List - Vamp

When it comes to brand loyalty, Amazon ranks number one.<p>The e-commerce giant topped Brand Keys’ recently published Loyalty Leaders List. The global …


Baby Boomers to Advertisers: Don’t Forget About Us

As much of the marketing world focuses on new ways to woo and dazzle the highly coveted millennial generation, some companies are setting their sights on an overlooked (at least by advertisers) group: baby boomers.<p>T-Mobile, for instance, recently unveiled a phone plan aimed at people 55 and older. …


New Brand Keys report reveals attributes defining loyalty

Digital technology and social networking brands—and brands that facilitate digital tech or social networking—represent more than a third (36 percent) …


Restaurant Loyalty Leaders and Revel Teams with LoyaltyPlant

<i>MRM's Daily Bite features a loyalty survey, restaurant technology companies teaming up and bug-infused cuisine. Send news items to Barbara Castiglia</i> …


Amazon, Nike Top Brand Keys 2017 Consumer Loyalty List

Amazon tops the consumer loyalty list by hooking shoppers with one product or service and offering them a wide variety of other options to which they …


Amazon, Google, Apple Lead In Loyalty

Amazon and Google traded places in the top two spots of the 2017 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders, followed by Apple and Netflix.<p>More than a third of the …

Advertising Industry

Georgina Chapman announces she will leave Harvey Weinstein

NEW YORK — Designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are two fashion swans worthy of the red carpet gowns they create for A-list stars. So exactly how will their dramatic luxury brand Marchesa fare in the onslaught of sexual abuse claims against Chapman’s disgraced husband, Harvey …

Georgina Chapman

Harvey Weinstein’s wife, fashion mogul Georgina Chapman, leaving him

Chapman’s move comes amid mounting calls for boycott of Marchesa, luxury brand she heads along with Keren Craig, in wake of scandal swamping Weinstein

Georgina Chapman

Brand Keys Says Nike Ranks Top in Loyalty Among Retail Brands – WWD

Nike is the number-one retail brand when it comes to loyalty, according to the 2017 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List.On the overall list of the top …

Trader Joe's

Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders - 21st annual survey

<b>2017 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders</b><p><b>Digital Brands & Online Access Own Lion's Share</b><p><b>of Consumer Loyalty</b><p><b>Amazon, Google, Apple, Netflix, Samsung & Facebook</b> …


Nike named top retail brand for loyalty

Nike Air VaporMax 2017 — Picture courtesy of NikeLOS ANGELES, Oct 11 — Nike has topped the leaderboard for the retail brand that inspires the most …


2017 Brand Keys Loyalty 100 Leaders

<b>Financial Brands See Big Dividends</b> <b>From Loyalty Investments</b> <b>–Vanguard, Google Wallet, JPMorgan Chase,</b> <b>Discover Big Winners–</b><p><b>NEW YORK, NY October 10, 2017</b> …

Customer Experience

2017 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders

<b>NEW YORK, NY October 10, 2017</b> – Retail brands comprise sixteen percent (16%) of the top 100 brands in the 2017 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List, the …

The Trump brand's shrinking power

The family name attached to so many products is losing its cachet as one that's worth the money

Donald Trump

Trump shirts and ties fall out of favor, but hotels still popular

The name brand that first put President Trump in the spotlight is showing signs of struggle nearly a year into his presidency.

Donald Trump

The Trump brand'south shrinking power

<i>A survey shows consumers today are willing to pay much smaller premiums for Trump-branded dress shirts, ties, suits and watches compared to the</i> …

Donald Trump

Time-Sucking Turnarounds: Struggles Persist At J. Crew, Abercrombie

Falling sales at both J. Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch show that once a brand alienates its core audience, winning them back is a hard-fought …

Brands Celebrate Back-To-School Season With Humor, Positivity And Magic

It’s time to go back to school, and that means shopping carts both physical and electronic are being filled with everything from crayons to the …