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Earth - What would happen to you if gravity stopped working?

Gravity, in the form of gravitational waves, is on a lot of people's minds at the moment.

We have all experienced the force of gravity. It is what …


“Early Birthday treats from @cityartsinc , momma Tsipi, and the students of @thehamiltongrangeschool Big thanks🚀”

You've Never Seen These Black History Photos Before

The New York Times is publishing never-before-released photos from its archive.

1964: "Princeton’s two elementary schools were integrated 16 years ago," The Times reported. "Thus began a three-act racial drama — first, a period of Negro hopes; next, Negro frustration and disillusionment; and then, a …

Historical Photography

What a $19 Billion Budget Will Buy NASA

​The newest NASA budget proposal is out. Here's how the agency would spend that money.

President Obama's 2017 budget request for NASA is out. While nothing is final (this is, after all, a presidential budget going up against a Congress that has not supported Obama's policies), NASA tends to have …


Noaa and Nasa team up to investigate strongest El Niño on record

America’s two leading climate science agencies are conducting an unprecedented survey via land, sea and air to investigate the current El Niño event and better understand its impact on weather systems that have brought both parched and soaking conditions to North America.

The project, which will …


Audi R8 Big Game Commercial – Commander – Extended Cut

Portrait of a Black Hole

You have probably seen the television commercial in which a cell phone technician travels to remote places and asks on his phone, “Can you hear me …


New NASA Spacecraft Will Be Propelled By Light

Solar sails could travel to the outermost regions of the solar system faster than ever before.


In 1418, European sailing vessels left their ports to explore the Atlantic Ocean, initiating a great Age of Discovery.

In 2018, a small space probe will unfurl a sail and begin a journey to a …


Evaluating Our Importance In The Universe

For the past two weeks we've been exploring some of the questions related to life's origin on Earth and possibly elsewhere.

We know life was present on Earth at least 3.5 billion years ago. It may have been present even earlier, but results remain controversial. The window of opportunity for life to …

Big History

A wild new Tesla feature lets a car park itself without anyone in the car

Tesla car owners already get a lot of attention on the road when they cruise around in the slick, all-electric vehicles.

But now they're sure to get even more stares, thanks to a head-turning new trick that Tesla cars can perform.

A new "Summon" feature allows Telsa cars to park themselves, driving …


The hypnotic, kinetic wind sculptures of Anthony Howe

Kinetic sculptor Anthony Howe creates abstract, organic sculptures from various metals and polymers. He is based in Eastsound, Washington state.

For …


How the NFL Prepared Me to Be a NASA Astronaut

How Earth Changed In 2015: The View From Far Above

From raging forest fires to dwindling snowmelt to the extraordinary birth of new ocean islands.

Sometimes the best way to witness planetary happenings — and to gain perspective on them — is from high above. Below are satellite images and aerial photos from the NASA Earth Observatory that capture …


Research Shows Household Chores Are A Proven Predictor Of Success

The study, which checked in with 84 kids during preschool and then at ages 10, 15 and in their mid-20s, found that the ones who began chores at ages …


The Year in Space Pictures: 2015

See Pluto close-up, distant galaxies, astronauts in orbit and other out-of-this-world photos from 2015.


The Most Awe-Inspiring Space Pictures of 2015

Of the hundreds of awe-inspiring space photos we liked in 2015, here are our picks for the 15 best of the year.

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The Most Awe-Inspiring Space Pictures of 2015

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Our Most Stunning Antique Photos of Women Around the World

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Postal Service honors NASA with stamps that are out of this world

Having taken over the internet in 2015, NASA's next communication frontier is apparently snail mail.

The US space agency announced this week that the Pluto flyby — arguably one of the most important scientific achievements of the past year — would be honored with two stamps in 2016. The first …

This Hypnotizing Illustration Depicts the Whole Known Universe

This is the universe as we know it, if not exactly to scale.

What's it like to gaze through a telescope into the heavens? It's a little something like this illustration, which shows the entire observable universe ranked from most distant in the outer part of the circle to our own solar system in the …


The 11 most beautiful apps of the year

What makes an app catch your eye?

We think the most beautiful apps of the year use color creatively, simplify otherwise annoying experiences, and spark our imaginations with stunning game environments. They feature a strong attention to detail, along with a smart overall design that matches the …


The 15 most jaw-dropping images of Earth from space in 2015

Astronauts on board the International Space Station beamed back some spectacular views of Earth this year.

The Earth Observations team at NASA's Johnson Space Center selected the 15 best photographs, which we've republished here.

Check them out, then head over to NASA to view their full image gallery.


SpaceX releases close-up photos of Falcon 9's successful launch and landing

SpaceX hit a major milestone last night when it stuck the landing of its Falcon 9 rocket. As usual, SpaceX documented the entire event for the public, broadcasting live video and publishing photos from the launch and landing sites so it can all be seen up close. A lot of people were watching last …

A helicopter caught this epic footage of SpaceX's rocket landing

On Monday, the aerospace company SpaceX made history by launching its most powerful rocket to date and then landing the first stage of that rocket back on the ground for reuse.

SpaceX has been working toward this moment for years, and they weren't about to miss the action. They filmed it with …


China's Lunar Rover Found a New Type of Moon Rock

China’s Yutu rover just passed its two year anniversary of living on the Moon, and what a ride it has been. The robotic explorer has gone from writing its own death notes to recently becoming the longest-lived rover ever to grace the lunar surface.

Now, Yutu has padded out its resume further by …


SpaceX successfully launched its first rocket in 6 months

SpaceX just successfully launched their most powerful Falcon 9 rocket to date.

The rocket ferryied 11 satellites into orbit for the telecommunications company Orbcomm Inc.

A few seconds after lift off, SpaceX announced that its Falcon 9 had cleared the towers, marking a successful launch.

Within the …


Komrad and I getting @Astro_Bones ready to explore the void on @NASA #STS129.

Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say

The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution in the past 40 years, with potentially disastrous consequences as global demand for food soars, scientists have warned.

New research has calculated that nearly 33% of the world’s adequate or high-quality food-producing land …


Those Blasts of Radio Waves from Deep Space? Not Aliens. – Phenomena: No Place Like Home

For years, mysterious blasts of radio waves coming from billions of light-years away have stumped scientists on Earth. Lasting a mere several thousandths of a second, the blasts – called fast radio bursts – appear randomly in the sky and are often discovered hiding in data sets, months or years …

Radio Waves

Lake Powell drought - in pictures