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Humans causing climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces

Researchers behind ‘Anthropocene equation’ say impact of people’s intense activity on Earth far exceeds that of natural events spread across millennia<p>For the first time, researchers have developed a mathematical equation to describe the impact of human activity on the earth, finding people are …

Climate Change


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Astronaut Gene Cernan, last man on moon, dies at 82

Cernan made significant contributions to the US space program, going into space three times during his career at NASA.<p>Gene Cernan, a US astronaut who was the last man to step foot on the moon, died Monday. He was 82.<p>NASA announced his death in a tweet Monday morning. The cause of death was not …


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There are 2,076 black holes lurking in this photo of deep space

Stretch out your hand and raise your pinky finger.<p>Now imagine an area roughly 10% as large as your fingertip.<p>That's the size of a patch of space shown below, and astronomers behind the Chandra X-ray space telescope have photographed it 102 times over the past 17 years. In total, they've observed …


Katherine Dunham Launched a Black Dance Revolution

Meet the woman who showed the world that black dance is beautiful.

Thanks Cameron for capturing the essence of my dad who lifted me and many others on this planet. The quote is by Robert Ingersoll. 🚀

'That's Amazing' Episode 5 | The Risk Takers

All the Biggest Space News to Look Forward to in 2017

Running a space program ain’t easy. Spacefaring missions can take as long to plan and fund as they do to execute, so you’d better bet there’s some …

Becoming a Fighter Pilot

F-35 test pilot Billie Flynn describes what you should be doing now in order to become a 5th Generation fighter pilot.<p>Video Gallery<p>View by Media …

I read 15 books this year on happiness, productivity, and success — here are the most meaningful insights I've taken away

The good thing about getting to read a lot of books for work is that I'm constantly challenged to rethink my conceptions of happiness, productivity, and success.<p>The bad thing is that one time a stack of said books collapsed on my desk neighbor.<p>Without a doubt, the books that moved me most this year …


Hubble Space Telescope Photographs IC 5201 — A Distant Barred Spiral Galaxy

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have captured an image of a distant spiral galaxy in unprecedented detail. The barred spiral galaxy, …


Former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn lies in repose, under a United States Marine honor guard, in the Rotunda of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Friday, December 16, 2016. Photo Credit: (NASA

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25 Daily Habits to Adopt for a Happier Life

We are creatures of habit. Everything we think, say and do is a result of deep-seated habits etched into our minds through years and years of …


Spaceflight Pioneers Honored by NASA at Premier of "Hidden Figures"

Space Travel

Humans may dream of traveling to Mars, but our bodies aren’t built for it

Reports of a new space race tell of NASA’s plan to send astronauts to Mars in the 2030s and SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk’s ambition to get private explorers there first. This race, however, can’t be won with either’s current technology, regardless of their spending or commitment.<p>The barrier is …



IT's Official: NASA's Peer-Reviewed EM Drive Paper Has Finally Been Published

It works.<p>After months of speculation and leaked documents, NASA's long-awaited EM Drive paper has <i>finally</i> been peer-reviewed and published. And it …

Leland Melvin

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AI is Disrupting These 4 Industries

Westworld's AI world might not be science fiction.<p>If you needed any clarification that Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's mind, you need only tune into HBO's new buzzed-about series Westworld.<p>But AI is quickly making its move from the futuristic and fictional to the realm of reality with many …

Artificial Intelligence

Huge Puffin Die-Off May Be Linked to Hotter Seas

Hundreds of birds are washing up dead in the Bering Sea, causing alarm among scientists. It may be linked to climate change.<p>The tufted puffins started washing ashore on St. Paul Island in mid-October—first a handful, then dozens, then so many that volunteers patrolling to collect dead birds began …


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Curiosity Rover confirms strange meteorite on Mars using laser

NASA’s Curiosity Rover spotted a small dark object that's very different than the typical rocks found on the red planet. USA TODAY NETWORK<p>NASA’s Curiosity Rover spotted a dark, golf ball-sized object earlier this week that looks completely different than the typical rocks found on the red …


Five Independent Signs Of New Physics In The Universe

, Contributor<p>The CMS detector at CERN, one of the two most powerful particle detectors ever assembled. Image credit: CERN.<p>Since the Large Hadron Collider at CERN turned on, it’s brought with it an incredible slew of results. Large numbers of rare, exotic and unstable particles have been created, …

Particle Physics

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