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Pluto's escaping atmosphere extends 1,000 miles out into space

Pluto's atmosphere has an extended reach. Data collected by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft reveals that the gas surrounding the dwarf planet extends as far as 1,000 miles outward into space. That's more than 13 times farther than Earth's atmosphere, which tapers off at around 75 miles above our …


The new BattleBots is harder, better, faster, and finally all grown up

To me, the star of ABC’s shiny new BattleBots reboot is neither Nightmare, nor Warhead, nor any of the engineers who grip the controller with …

Carmen Electra

At The "Intersection Of Design And Destruction," ABC Reignites "BattleBots" With Creative Combat

After years off the air, robot wars are coming back to TV, with $100,000, bragging rights, and Mohawk Guy's admiration on the line.

When you’ve got caged robots trying to kill each other in front of screaming fans, you don’t need to add comedy to make it must-watch TV.

From 2000 through 2002, over 94 …


New Horizons craft sends new photos of Pluto's surface, including 'tail'

WASHINGTON, July 19 (UPI) -- NASA's New Horizons space probe has transmitted new images that depict the surface of Pluto in great detail -- and …


The Camera Behind The New Pluto Photos

How to build a camera that travels billions of miles from Earth

For decades after its discovery in 1930, Pluto looked like nothing more than a gray smudge in the abyss of space. We knew it was there—even knew its size and gravity—but, without better images, we could not answer seemingly basic …


Rover's-Eye View of Marathon on Mars


The Planets, If They Were As Far Away From Earth As The Moon

Solar System

Extend learning by NOT using grades

When a grade is given, the learning stops.
When specific feedback is provided and extending questions are asked, the learning goes deeper.

We've all …


Talk about your heavy metal. Don't miss the #BattleBots season premiere Sunday 9|8c.

5 Rarely Considered Obstacles To 21st Century Education

What are the biggest obstacles to changing education? Some are economic. Others are infrastructural. Few are technological. The most significant challenges are philosophical. We are wedded to particular ways of thinking about school and learning and life that are limiting our ability to best serve …


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The 4D Future of Stuff

Why limit ourselves to printing in just three dimensions?

Ours is a world of static objects, cut, cast, or forged for specific tasks. But let’s say you opened an Ikea box, and the desk inside assembled itself. Or your water pipes shrank as the pressure decreased: no more weak showers, less wasted …


The Physical Effects of Living in Space Could Create a New Human Species

What if one day we encounter aliens, and they are our descendants?

Societies living off-Earth sounds like a concept from science fiction. We spend our lives pinned to the planet. In half a century of human space flight, fewer than 600 people have traveled to low Earth orbit, and just 12 have stood …

Space Science

9 Simple Habits to Start Now for a More Energetic Day Tomorrow

Let’s just accept the fact that most of us don’t cook healthy meals every night, hit the gym every morning or have the best sleep habits. However, there are some simple ways to start working on healthy habits that don’t require you to have the discipline of a drill sergeant. Pick and choose which …

Scientists build toy car propelled by evaporating water

Machines that harness the power of evaporating water have been created by scientists in the US.

Researchers at Columbia University in New York have built a miniature car that draws on the process to propel itself along, as well as an evaporation-driven generator that powers a flashing LED lamp.

The …

Columbia University

What will it be like to live on Mars? Inflatable and super sustainable

It’s been a long day, but you take one last glance around at the ochre sky and clay-colored earth before heading inside the inflatable, windowless …


Student Ambassadors in Palo Alto Bring Flipboard to Their Schools

“It’s all about the vibe and the hype”—Liam Shalon, one of Flipboard’s first-ever student ambassadors, on how to run a successful street team program.

Along with schoolwork, extracurriculars and Kanye, there was another subject on a handful of Palo Alto teens’ minds recently: Flipboard. A small team …

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An Inflatable Tent For Camping On The Moon

Astronauts could use overnight habitats they can toss in the trunks of their rovers.

Hang time has always been a problem on the moon. The Apollo program landed a dozen men there from 1969 to 1972, but they spent a total of only three days and six hours actually walking the surface. That’s because …

Teaching Empathy Through Design Thinking

Rusul AlrubailDesign ThinkingWhile empathy is the first step in the design thinking process, keep your students focused on this necessary element as …


Real 'Jurassic World' Scientist Says We Could Bring Back Dinosaurs As Pets

Paleontologist Jack Horner, inspiration and advisor for 'Jurassic Park,' speaks

Here at Popular Science, we can't wait to see Jurassic World, which opens in theaters nationwide today. I mean, who can resist velociraptor biker gangs:

But we were also curious about the real scientific research that …

Glass Found On Mars May Hold Important Clues About Life On The Red Planet

Talk about shattering expectations!

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has circled the Red Planet more than 40,000 times since arriving there in 2006. During that time, the spacecraft has spied everything from avalanches to dust devils to buried glaciers.

And now, for the first time ever, it has …


Charting the Milky Way from the inside out

This artist’s concept depicts the most up-to-date information about the shape and structure of our own Milky Way galaxy. Our Sun is located about …

ABC Promo Battlebots 2015

Now NASA lets you go to Pluto without leaving Earth

What does the sun look like from 3 billion miles away?

Although you'll probably never head out to Pluto to find out for yourself, NASA has a nifty new way of giving Earthlings a simulation of noon-time sunlight on the distant dwarf planet.

All you need to do is enter your location information on a …


10 of the world’s best natural wonders … that you’ve probably never heard of

Mendenhall ice caves, Alaska, US

Imagine standing in a natural glassy dome illuminated by eerie blue light … A visit to Mendenhall ice caves is a rare chance to step into the heart of a glacier. The 12-mile-long stretch of ice (it is getting shorter every day, because of global warming) near Juneau …

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20 fascinating facts that make you think twice

The world is a fascinating place, and it's full of weird and interesting facts that you might have never realized were true.

Luckily, the folks over at Reddit have a collection of true facts about life, and we've combed through them to find our favorites.

From a creature that can survive the harsh …

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Can Mars One colonise the red planet?

When Nasa’s first rover set down on the surface of Mars in 1997, its streamed colour images caused an early internet sensation. After centuries of dreaming, here we were, at eye level to our closest potentially habitable neighbour, and the sight was as bleakly majestic as we could have imagined: a …


What We Learn From Living In The Harsh Conditions Of Mars Will Help Us If We Fully Destroy Earth

We may not ship the entire population off to the red planet, but as our environment gets more and more dangerous, the technologies we develop to live on the Martian surface will help us here, too.

When Earth's sky turns red and the clouds become flaking black soot, when the air chokes human animals …


Water: the strangest chemical in the universe – video

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