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We don't understand AI because we don't understand intelligence

Artificial intelligence prophets including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Raymond Kurzweil predict that by the year 2030 machines will develop consciousness through the application of human intelligence. This will lead to a variety of benign, neutral and terrifying outcomes. For example, Musk, …


Deep Space Radiation Caused Heart Problems For Apollo Astronauts

The Apollo astronauts — the first men to land on the moon — took a giant leap for mankind. But the deep space radiation that dosed the men who left the Earth's orbit may have damaged their hearts, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal Science.<p>The number of deaths due to heart …


#katherinejohnson inspires me and so many people to work hard, embrace all, and be an inquisitive life long learner. Thanks my friend and I'm so glad you finally received your @NASA Johnson Space Flight Awareness Silver Snoopy Award for exceptional service in calculating the trajectories and orbits of America's pioneering space-flights. Can't wait to see @tarajiphenson play you in @hiddenfiguresmovie with @pharrell scoring the adaptation from the book "Hidden Figures" by @margotshetterly. So proud of you all. 🙏🏾🚀❤️

So long as man is faithful to himself, everything is in his favor, government, society, the very sun, moon, stars. ~ Henry David Thoreau

NASA Concerned That Juno Spacecraft Might Crash Into Europa

"We could possibly contaminate an entire alien ecosystem," says NASA lead program scientist.<p>Now that the Juno spacecraft is in orbit around Jupiter, NASA’s science team will spend a few months performing final tests before beginning its unprecedented close-up investigation of the biggest planet in …



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The Art of Recognizing Good Ideas

And why managers are so bad at it<p>There are two basic modes of judgment: criticism and praise. The former consists of identifying a subject’s flaws; the latter of noting its merits.<p>In most settings, criticism tends to dominate. For any idea or book or movie or what have you, the question that people …


World going to hell? Here are the Solar System’s five most livable places

Ars provides a guide to the best spots for DIY off-world colonists.<p>In the year 2016 one might be forgiven for thinking the world is going to hell. …


How Juno Will Survive Its Death-Defying Mission to Jupiter

A spacecraft's journey to one of the most treacherous places in the solar system.​<p>To the naked eye, Jupiter is a placid beacon, the brightest thing in the sky besides Venus and the moon. Seen through a telescope, it's a brightly banded world surrounded by a coterie of moons, some of which have …


The Geek Behind Google's Map Quest

Geographer Ed Parsons helps shape how Google sees the world—literally.<p>Ed Parsons, Google's geographer-in-chief, is leaning over an 18th century woodcut map from the <i>Chonhado</i>, the Korean atlas of the world. Here, on thin parchment, the earth is a wobbly blue watercolor dot centered around the sacred …

Pluto's moon Charon has a grander canyon than the Grand Canyon

There is no river rafting down Charon's Argo Chasma, but scientists are fascinated by the sheer scale of the Pluto moon's massive canyon.<p>The Grand …

Solar System


Earth, Mars, and the Sun Are Aligning This Weekend to Put On a Beautiful Show

And the moon even has a trick up its sleeve, too.<p>If you're lucky enough to live in a place with a clear sky this weekend, grab your binoculars, because there's going to be a lot to watch this weekend.<p>The Associated Press reports that on Sunday morning, Earth, Mars, and the Sun will be perfectly …


Daily Edition Top 10 (Week of May 2, 2016)

The impact of this week’s vote in Indiana was far reaching. Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and Ted Cruz and John Kasich withdrew from the race. While Trump’s ascendance and the reaction to it dominated the news throughout the week, other major events took place …

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Mars and Earth are getting closer (for now)

(CNN)We haven't seen Mars like this in more than a decade.<p>The red planet will soon be closer to Earth that it has been in 11 years: On May 30, Mars will be about 46.8 million miles (75.3 million kilometers) from Earth. Yes, that's still a long way off, but sometimes Mars is 249 million miles (400 …



SpaceX Undercuts ULA to Win Rocket Launch Contract With U.S. Air Force

The Air Force had relied solely on United Launch Alliance to launch satellites for the past decade.<p>The U.S. Air Force will save 40% by buying a GPS satellite launch from Elon Musk’s SpaceX compared with what United Launch Alliance has been charging, the head of the Space and Missile Systems Center …


Why Does Gravity Move At The Speed Of Light?

, Contributor<p>If you looked out at the Sun across the 93 million miles of space that separate our world from our nearest star, the light you’re seeing isn’t from the Sun as it is right now, but rather as it was some 8 minutes and 20 seconds ago. This is because as fast as light is — moving at the …


Hamilton tribute to Prince 4/21/16

March was Earth's 11th-straight warmest month on record

<i>UPDATE: April 15, 2016 3:45 p.m. ET</i><p>NASA's March temperature data was released Friday, showing that it was the planet's second-most unusually mild month on record, only somewhat cooler than February 2016.<p>The NASA data shows the monthly global average temperature was 1.28 degrees Celsius, or 2.3 …