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The Oracle wait interface granularity of measurement

The intention of this blogpost is to show the Oracle wait time granularity and the Oracle database time measurement granularity. One of the reasons …


No Data Loss without Sync Data Guard

A few months ago I wrote about an exciting product that allows you to achieve no data loss in a disaster even without using the maximum protection …

See ALL Initialization Parameters

This is very common on the web, but I will still want to have it here as well.<p>Sometimes hidden parameters are interesting, and we would like to see …

Deep Learning

12c Multitenant internals: AWR tables and views

I received a question about multitenant. AWR tables are often raised as an example of Object Links because automatic workload repository is stored …


Adventures in RAC: gc buffer busy acquire and release

It seems that I’m getting more and more drawn into the world of performance analysis, and since I sometimes tend to forget things I need to write …


Diff’ing AWR reports

I don’t know if you are ever asked to compare to AWR periods. AWR period comparison is pretty easy if you have access to the two periods in the same …


Little things worth knowing: automatic generation of extended statistics in 12c Part II

In my last post I demonstrated an example how to use a PL/SQL package to monitor a workload in order to identify correlated columns. Such columns are …

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MemSQL & Delphix - Win Win Option

MemSQL & Delphix Express - Win Win Option<p>Actors<p>Delphix Express<p>Delphix: "Delphix Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for …

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Wrap up!

Thanks to all those that attended the In-Memory sessions and stopped by the In-Memory demopod during this years Oracle OpenWorld. It was an amazing …

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Connect, Virtualize, Secure and Manage Data

Your Data<p>Today vs with Delphix.<p>Scattered<p>Multiple in-house datacenters, and public/private cloud environments.<p>Managed<p>Control data across all of your …

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Delphix versus Storage Snapshots

photo by Gonzalo Iza<p>This article lists some of the key capabilities that Delphix provides over and above Storage Snapshot based cloning solutions to …

Agile Development

Oracle Database on ACFS: a perfect marriage?

Update: I will give this presentation at UKOUG Tech15, Wed 9 December at 14:30.This presentation has had a very poor score in selections for …


How to clone a database across servers without copying files - Toad for Oracle Blog - Toad for Oracle

With Oracle (or newer) and Toad beta (or newer), you can clone a database from one server to another with just a few clicks. …


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Oracle Data Redaction

Freedom of Information

CBO series

Update 9th July 2015: part 4 now published.I’ve changed the catalogue from a post to a page so that it gets a static address: …


Why Developers Need SQL

If you dove into a course like Rails for Zombies as your introduction to web development, or jumped right into a web framework with something called …


CPU-starved LGWR

In my recent post I showed how log file sync (LFS) and log file parallel write (LFPW) look for normal systems. I think it would also be interesting …


Querying trace files

SQL trace file provide the highest level of detail possible about SQL execution. The problem with that information is converting it to a convenient …


Migrating to ASM

On the Maximum Availability Architecture website, there’s a paper on<p>Best Practicesfor Database Consolidation. It’s a great paper, as you’d expect …

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12c In-Memory on RAC

I started looking into In-Memory on RAC this week. Data can be distributed across RAC nodes in a couple of different ways. The default is to spread …

Understanding Flash: The Flash Translation Layer

A couple of posts ago in this series, I explained how a NAND flash die is comprised of <b>planes</b>, which contain <b>blocks</b>, which contain <b>pages</b>… which contain …


Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and Pluggable Databases: When MAA Meets Multitenant (#OOW14 Version)

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics.<p>Start clippingNo thanks. Continue to download.

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Oracle RAC Internals - The Cache Fusion Edition

Oracle Open World (OOW) 2014 presentation on Oracle Cache Fusion; how it works and how to use it in an optimized fashion to scale an Oracle RAC system.


limited trial version of Delphix for instant database cloning, oracle

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CarajanDB - Blog

Oracle 12.2 Collation<p>Published: 01 September 2017<p>Written by Johannes Ahrends<p>Reading the "new features" topic "Case insensitive database" for Oracle …


Interesting observations executing SLOB2 with ext4 and xfs on SSD

My lab server has 2 SSDs, one is connected using SATA 2 and another is connected using SATA 3. I’d expect the SATA 3 connected device to be equally …