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A Frame Within a Frame

The getting-ready room at the Hanover Inn in Dartmouth, New Hampshire, was in such a state of disarray that when it came time to take portraits of …


How Quick Thinking and an iPhone LED Light Led to a Nat Geo Cover Photo

Photographer Alessandro Barteletti had one of his photo featured on the cover of this month’s issue of <i>National Geographic Italia</i>. It’s a beautiful …


Breathtaking Timelapses Turn Massive Stormfronts Into Swirling Masterpieces

It might seem like photographer Mike Olbinski is always at the right place at the right time to capture Mother Nature’s fury. But for his latest …


A Photographer’s Guide to Mexico City Architecture | Moment

July 26, 2017<p>A Photographer’s Guide to Mexico City Architecture<p>Words + Photos : David Muñiz<p>One of the most fascinating aspects of Mexico City is its …


Photographer wins $20,000 prize for a 'portrait photo' made of pen scribbles and saliva

Sydney artist Justine Varga recently won the $20,000 Olive Cotton Award for a portrait photo of her grandmother. Only, her work is not really a …


Tim Smith's black and white minimalist photography that helps you live in the present

When Texas-based creative Tim Smith sold his business last year, he wondered what he could possibly do next. Photography was the obvious way to fill …


The golden age of luggage labels – in pictures

From the sun-baked beaches of Sri Lanka to the Saigon watering hole adored by Graham Greene, the world’s greatest hotels had to have the world’s greatest luggage labels – and AbeBooks has now brought together the most beautiful examples


Photos of Tiny, Lone Figures Dwarfed by Large Buildings

<i>Insignificant Moments</i> is a photo series by Australian photographer Thomas Ryan that juxtaposes tiny, lone human figures against the architecture of …


Simple Editing Hacks That Will Make Even Your Worst Travel Photo Insta-Worthy

Editing photos for Instagram can be a slippery slope. There are the obvious "don'ts" — don't mess with someone's skin or body — as well as some unspoken rules, such as not making your photo look overdone or fake. But an edit that's done well can have major pluses.<p>"At the end of the day, the reason …


Macro Beauty: Glamour Photography by Alex Malikov

<b>Alex Malikov</b> is an professional photographer, retoucher and educator currently based in Magnitogorsk, Russia. Alex focuses on fashion, he shoots …


The tongue-sucking genius of Masahisa Fukase – in pictures

Pierced by pins, tormented by ravens, obscured by bathtub bubbles … the great Japanese photographer created astonishing, disturbing, highly personal images of himself, his family – and his beloved cat Sasuke the Second


11 mesmerizing aerial photos of cities at night

In an era when most human contact happens on screens, it's easy to feel disconnected from the world around you. Photographer Vincent Laforet likes to take flight for a little perspective.<p>For his 2015 book, "Air," the Pulitzer Prize-winning aerial photographer traveled to 10 cities around the world …


This photographer travels the world capturing the night sky you rarely see

'The Flow of Time' features Mount Bromo, one of the most popular active volcanoes. Image by Grey Chow<p>New Zealand's Wanaka town alone in the night. Image by Grey Chow<p>The view of the Milky Way from South Peak, Mount Kinabalu. Image by Grey Chow<p>A solitary ship in Terengganu, Malaysia. Image by Grey …


1940s Photos of Pittsburgh Steel Workers Hold a Mystery

A steel worker in front of his home with his family in the slum area of Pittsburgh.<br>Wallace Kirkland—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images<p>1 of …


Abandoned Italy

The Italians certainly know how to construct breathtakingly beautiful buildings, which means it is all the more heartbreaking when you see the ones …


Psychedelic Photographs of Flowers

Los Angeles-based photographer Maggie West likes to experiment with lightnings in order to create surreal and captivating atmospheres. For this …


Stunning Time-Lapse Featuring the Most Extreme Weather Phenomena of the American Midwest

Mike Olbinski, an award-winning photographer, did it again. Here is his latest production, a stunning time-lapse showing some of the most powerful …


Incredible Pagan-Themed Photoshoot By Polish Photographer Reveals Stunning Beauty Of Slavic Culture

Christianity arrived in the Slavic world between the 7th and 12th centuries, but before that the region was a hotbed of mythology and polytheism. …


Best photos of the day: Madonna and 700 teddies

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of photo highlights from around the world, including Madonna on stage in Saint-Tropez and teddy bears on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral

Sydney, Australia

This Book Might Be The End of Photography As We Know It

In his new book ‘General View,’ photographer Thomas Albdorf pieces together a travel diary from photos found on the internet. Like some sort of …

Google Street View

After travelling halfway around the world to get there, Tokyo reignited this photographer’s love of taking pictures

Before a recent trip to Tokyo, Dutch photographer Patrick Ebu-Mordi found himself becoming more and more disengaged from the art of taking pictures. “After living in Amsterdam for so long”, he tells Lonely Planet, “I felt like there was nothing more to see. I’d been looking at the same things over …


TSA Requires a Separate Screening of Cameras in Airports Now

Bad news, photographers: your airport experience in the United States is now more tedious if you’re planning to carry a camera onto the plane. The …


Stunning Photos Showing NYC Subway Cars Being Dumped Into the Ocean

New York City has developed a special way to get rid of broken-down subway cars…<p>Custom barges are loaded high with subway cars and carried out to the …


Smooth Structure

Lake Michigan

In the Urban Canyon

Houston, Texas

Sailing Past the Ruins

A tour boat sails past ruins at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco Bay. • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i>

San Francisco Bay

Yellow and Black, On Blue

Las Vegas’ Veer Towers at CityCenter rise into the blue Nevada sky. • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i> • <i></i>

Las Vegas

Gritty Photos Capture the Real Street Life of New York in the 1970s

Chilean street photographer Camilo José Vergara moved to New York City in 1968, after completing his sociology degree at Notre Dame. Combining his academic interests with his creative passion, he began photographing the streets of the city, capturing the gritty streets of the South Bronx and Lower …

Street Photography

The most incredible travel photography destinations in the world

Coffee tables have collapsed under the weight of all the books written about bucket-list destinations for the intrepid traveller, so it’s not easy …