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The 20 photographs of the week

The Times Square car crash, riots in Venezuela, the Cannes film festival and fighting in Mosul – the news of the week captured by the world’s best photojournalists

North Korea

Photography Flashback: Do You Remember Flashcubes?

Gone are those days when photography was not only a rare profession, but also a dangerous one. By dangerous, I mean, photographers have taken risks …


These Simple Animations Are an Intro to Film Photography

Back in February, we shared a simple animation made by the film brand Ilford that shows how a film SLR works. It turns out that video was the first …


Beautiful Mountain Landscapes by Taylor Burk

<b>Taylor Burk</b> is an established landscape and adventure travel photographer currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Through my …

Landscape Photography

The Return of the Iconic Rangefinder Camera

Back in the 1920S, fleet-footed photojournalists were casting aside their bulky, sheet film-shooting Speed Graphics in favor of the new pocket-sized …


Vibrant Fashion Photography by Don Mupasi

<b>Don Mupasi</b> aka visualdon is a talented 22-year-old self-taught photographer, filmmaker and visual artist currently based in Manchester, United …


Jump Start the Creative Process by Using a Sense Other Than Sight

If you're constantly seeking inspiration from the same places, it can be hard to move forward creatively. Worse yet, if many others are also using …


Frank Lloyd Wright: fantasist or genius?

As an exhibition in New York marks 150 years since the birth of Frank Lloyd Wright, is it time for a reappraisal of this flawed hero of modernist architecture?<p>“June 8 1869 will for ever mark the beginning of a new epoch for the world,” gushed Olgivanna, third wife of Frank Lloyd Wright. On this …


Emotional and Cinematic Portrait Photography by Ruben Martin

<b>Ruben Martin</b> is a multi-talented self-taught photographer, filmmaker, artist and community manager currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Ruben focuses …


The Story of One Dying Man and the Photographer He Trusted

When photographer Justine Bursoni gave birth to her son, midwife Ray Spooner stood by her, and when Ray Spooner died, Justine Bursoni stood by …


Eerie Photographs of Solitary Cars in 1970s New York

Langdon Clay, “Charlie Robert’s campaign car, Chevrolet Bel Air, Hoboken, New Jersey” (1976) (courtesy Steidl, © 2016 Langdon Clay)Taken between 1974 …

The 'Coffin Homes' of Hong Kong

Associated Press photographer Kin Cheung spent time recently photographing some of the tiny subdivided housing units in Hong Kong, known as “coffin homes,” and those who live in them. Cheung reports that there is a “dark side to the property boom in wealthy Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands of …

Hong Kong

Banished Brutalism: Death knells abound for building style

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — When an exposed concrete subway vault near the U.S. Capitol was painted white this spring, riders rejoiced at the brightened Washington Metro station. But some preservationists were unhappy, complaining that a "cardinal rule" of the Brutalist style was broken.<p>Brutalism, …


15 Photographers Share Their Go-to Lenses for Taking the Perfect Shot

While it's true that great photography is much more than stocking up on gear, the perfect lens can help photographers achieve their vision. And with so many talented photographers featured over the years, we were curious about what lenses our favorites reached for first when they went out to …


The abstract and beautiful street photography of Nick Turpin

<b>Street photographer Nick Turpin has created a project of abstract and ambiguous beauty by shooting London’s legions of nightly bus commuters</b><p>Around …

Street Photography

African Americans in the armed forces – in pictures

From the civil war to Iraq, African Americans have played a key role in the US military. A new book in the Double Exposure series, Fighting For Freedom, features a concise history of their involvement, drawing on the photographs held in the collection of the Smithsonian

Black History

Rare Photos Of NYC Underground In The 70’s And 80’s A.K.A “Hell On Wheels”

A New York resident between the years of 1977 and 1984, Spiller witnessed the birth of rap music, the rise of grafitti, and Ed Koch's election as …


Filmmaker and photographer collaborate to show natural beauty of ocean waves

How do you capture the beauty of an ocean wave with a single still image? You turn it into a cinemagraph, of course.<p>After discovering the potential …

The new view from above: drone photography captures city symmetry – in pictures

Instagrammers around the world are using drone technology to capture breathtaking new perspectives on their cities. We round up some of the best


Top 10 Abandoned Skyscrapers From Around The World

There are many skyscrapers that sit empty, abandoned, or in ruin. Sometimes, they outlive their usefulness. Sometimes, they become too dangerous to …

Cool Stuff

Global hypercolour: Harry Gruyaert's world of light – in pictures

Harry Gruyaert travelled from Belgium to Egypt, Morocco and the US, making the banal beautiful with his colour-rich photography


Gloriously Nostalgic Photos of 1970s LA

We spoke to photographer Mike Mandel about curatorship, archives, and his new book, 'People in Cars.'<p>Mike Mandel's catalog of work includes some of the most varied and fascinating photography projects of the 20th century. His work with Larry Sultan on projects like groundbreaking book <i>Evidence</i> …


5 Pictures In A Day: How The Time Of Day Affects A Photo

Travel photographer Mohamed Hakem recently visited Siwa, Egypt’s largest oasis and one of the most remote places on Earth. Meanwhile, he did a little …


How I Earn $200,000+ a Year From Photography

Kind of a crazy thing– I think you can stay true to your roots, values, and ethics– and also get rich:<p>I wanna tell you the secrets of how I earn over …

Street Photography

Lonely Planet's new 'Street Art' book explores a key part of city culture | Travel

Street art has become an intrinsic part of the cultural fabric of our modern cities. Through the new book <i>Street Art</i> (Lonely Planet, 2017), curious …

Street Art

The Photographer vs. The Internet

ME: I don’t want to be a dick but could you please stop using my image on your website?<p>THE INTERNET: Why?<p>ME: Because it is my image and not yours to …


Making the Most of a 24mm Lens for Various Types of Photography

The 24mm lens: it’s a classic focal length that for a very long time has been close to the hearts of many photographers. When I say many …


7 Vintage Film Cameras We Wish We Didn't Say Goodbye To

There are tons of old film cameras that folks still love and use. Many of these cameras lasted for years in the market and some even lasted until …

A Photographer’s Quest to Find the Last of the Drive-In Theaters

Photographer Lindsey Rickert was just seven or eight years old when she went to her first drive-in movie. Looking back now, what she remembers most …