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How to Deal with Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Dr Shan Ong Explains

Pediatrician Dr Shan Ong explains what parents need to do if their child is consistently oppositional or defiant. Is it oppositional defiant disorder?


The Learning Success Blog

New Zealand

A Student Called “Australia” – Gabbie Stroud’s Hope for Education

Gabbie Stroud calls for a change to the industrial model of teaching & for new thinking on creativity, imagination and ingenuity to improve learning.

Lessons About Learning from Coal Seam Gas Activist, “The Frackman”

Coal seam gas opponent, Dayne Pratzky aka The Frackman, shares lessons about learning from his fight against fracking on his Queensland property


How Fast ForWord Improved Student Outcomes in Canada School District

123 Canadian schools, 70,000 students, 160 different languages: How a school superintendent improved learning outcomes with the Fast ForWord program.


Improving Reading with Fast ForWord: USA School, Bridges Academy

Bridges Academy uses Fast ForWord neuroscience-based program to improve reading and sees multiple years reading gain in 6-8 weeks.


How to Create Successful Readers: 5 Articles from Scientific Learning

How to Create Successful Readers: 5 Articles from Scientific Learning re skills needed to learn to read and how Fast ForWord develops readers' brains


6 Maths Myths & 6 Ways You Can Build a Positive Maths Attitude

6 maths myths busted. 6 ways parents can transform their child from maths negativity to a positive maths attitude, and Maths Skills Booster tool

Teacher Cameron Paterson: Using Cultures of Thinking in the Classroom

Australian teacher Cameron Patterson discusses how he has applied the 8 cultural forces from Ron Ritchhart's book Cultures of Thinking

Principal's New 7 Way Reading Program: Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant

With almost half of her students failing basic reading, principal Carole Meyer, started a new reading program using Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant


Creating Cultures of Thinking: Dr Ron Ritchhart - Harvard University

Harvard University's Dr Ron Ritchhart discusses how cultures of thinking is creating change in the process of learning in classrooms


39: Mother Jane McMillan shares Amelie's story with ADHD and Fast ForWord by LearnFast - Listen to music

Urana Public School: 5 Years of Success - Fast ForWord Brain Training

Dorothy Dore, principal of Urana Public School tells how the school has built student learning capacity with the Fast ForWord brain training program.


A New Zealand School Found Fast ForWord & Helped Struggling Students

Welbourn Primary School implemented the Fast ForWord program. The results were so impressing that they are doubling the number of students in 2016.

New Zealand

Your Attention Spotlight: How You Can Improve it for Better Learning

Dr Steve Miller, neuroscientist and attention specialist, explains how our brain's attention spotlight is vital for learning.

The Brain

Fast ForWord Helped George Overcome His Learning Difficulties

Nine year old George had language & learning difficulties. After the Fast ForWord program his spoken communication, reading and learning all improved.

Five Common Causes of Anxiety About Transitioning From School

Five common causes of anxiety about transitioning from school, and what you can do about them by veteran career counsellor, Gordon Doyle.


Executive Function: The Foundation for School Readiness

Well developed executive function is key to a child's transition to formal schooling. Executive function skills determine a child's school readiness.


Could Too Much Sugar be Limiting Your Child's Learning Capacity?

Can sugar impair learning capacity? Science is now suggesting a link between high sugar intake and learning difficulties.

How Technology Can Help Early Primary Students Improve Reading Skills

Neuroscience based technology programs like Fast ForWord improve reading skills for children who start school with language and cognitive deficits

Education Technology

Dr Martha Burns Answers Two Critical Thinking Questions from Teachers

Two questions about critical thinking - in literature and visual arts - answered by Dr Martha Burns, Director of Neuroscience Education.


16 Terms to Help You Understand Your Child's Learning Difficulties

16 common terms about learning difficulties & reading problems. Help your child with Fast ForWord, used by over 2.5 million students worldwide.