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Doodles | Side with Pride

Side with #Pride Doodles<p>Slideshow<p>This slideshow requires JavaScript.<p>Gallery<p>Overview<p>Side with #Pride is a (27 + 6 + 15) 48 piece project that supports …


Doodles | Draw for Atena

This slideshow requires JavaScript.<p>#drawforatena is in support to the 28 year old Iranian artist who was imprisoned last August and again in November …


Doodles | Unwork

Unwork Doodles<p>Background<p>The blog article that prompted this project is right here.<p>Slideshow<p>This slideshow requires JavaScript.<p>Gallery<p>Ted Video<p><b>Overview</b><p>…

William S. Burroughs

Travel | Bali 2015 [Doodles]

Slideshow<p>This slideshow requires JavaScript.<p>Gallery<p>Click to enlarge.<p><b>Overview</b><p>Doodles, Troodles and Foodles from the Bali trip this month.<p><b>About</b><p>Salil …


Doodles | Litlust

Quotes on books and reading<p>It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. ~ Oscar Wilde<p>A book is …

Oscar Wilde