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By Lauren P | Better to GIF than to receive.

One of the best cinemagraphs I’ve ever seen. (From here.)Follow Unsettling Stories for horror stories and other cool stuff :D

One of the best cinemagraphs I’ve ever seen. (From here.)

Perpetual Detours — (via GIPHY)

More Incredibly Mesmerizing GIFs by RRRRRRRROLL

Japanese art and photography collective RRRRRRRROLL first mesmerized us with their spinning gifs over 10 months ago and they've continued to create one hypnotizing animated image after another. Sharing about one to two images every week, the 5 creatives behind this eye-catching project have been …

GIF Animations

Popular Movie Quotes Turned Into Animated Neon Sign GIFs

The creatives behind PopCorn Garage have turned a series of popular movie quotes into wonderful animated neon sign GIFs. They feature well-known …


Beautifully Endless Looping GIFs Created by a Legally Blind Artist

Native American artist George Redhawk creates eerily beautiful gifs even though he's legally blind. With help from computer software, the designer utilizes the art of gif-making to show others how he sees the world as a man who suddenly lost his sight. “It's an artistic expression of the confusion …

Digital Art


Historic photographs transformed into surreal animated GIFs by Nicolas Monterrat

The GIF works of Nicolas Monterrat, who uses vintage photographs as a base for his unsettling, trippy, subtle little animations.<p>[thisiscollosal via …

Xeni Jardin

Experiments in Cinemagraphs: Playground Swing ... - headphone pheromone

They call it “rat race” But the rats seem...

Lose Yourself in the Eerie GIFs of DarkAngelØne

Fabrics and textures come to life in these surreal animated portraits.<p><i>This article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands.</i><p>When I was young, someone once told me that different materials could convey different emotions. In his new series, <i>poison</i>, DarkAngelØne proves that the adage …


Fascinating 3D-Printed Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures

These 3d-printed zoetrope sculptures were designed by John Edmark, and they only animate when filmed under a strobe light or with the help of a …

Watch a Japanese Kokeshi Doll Emerge From a Spinning Block of Wood

In an age of the ubiquitous 3D printer, it’s easy to forget the joy and beauty of handmade craft. Take, for example, the 400-year old Japanese art of …