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Magnificent Faucet Swirls Water into Elegant Patterns

A London student recently designed this conservation-friendly faucet that swirls your water into captivating geometric patterns as soon as you turn on the tap. The faucet weaves small jets of water into intricate, cross-hatched designs that look like they belong on delicate crystal glassware. The …


LHC restart: 'We want to break physics'

As the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) gears up for its revamped second run, hurling particles together with more energy than ever before, physicists there are impatient. They want this next round of collisions to shake their discipline to its core.

"I can't wait for the switch-on. We've been waiting …


Girl Scout cookies in L.A. County are not the same as Orange County's

When you bite into a Thin Mint, you probably aren't wondering where it comes from.

But where you buy Girl Scout cookies determines which ones you get. There are two bakers. And they make two very different Thin Mints.

Orange County gets the crunchier Thin Mints, while Los Angeles gets the smoother …


Light Photographed As A Wave And A Particle For The First Time

Seeing is believing

Scientists have long known that light can behave as both a particle and a wave—Einstein first predicted it in 1909. But no experiment has been able to show light in both states simultaneously. Now, researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have …


Cloud suck

Cloud suck is a phenomenon commonly known in paragliding and hang gliding where pilots experience significant lift due to a thermal under the base of …


Scope - The Science of Hang Gliding

KFC Unveils Edible Coffee Cups That Smell Like Grass, Wild Flowers

KFC is planning to serve their coffee in an edible cup that lets customers enjoy the warm beverage with ambient scents like “Freshly Cut Grass” and …


First-Class Cabins

From the familiar log model to Swiss chalets and Swedish friggebods, cabins are the simplest of structures, made from local materials in forms that respond to climatic and cultural needs. However, these no-frills wilderness escapes no longer require giving up modern comforts and aesthetics. Today’s …


Long-lost Sonic game revived after nearly two decades

1996 could have been a very different year. While both Nintendo and Sony had seminal, fondly remembered forays into 3D with Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot that year,Sega was left out. But it wasn't for a lack of trying: the company attempted to do the same with Sonic the Hedgehog by launching a …


This Adorable Robot Sits On Your Shoulders And Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

Robots. They’re eating our jobs one occupation at a time, some say.

They make boozy drinks and don’t expect tips.

They’ll write up the news without the endless demands for exclusives or the penchant for whisky.

And now… they’ll sit on your shoulders and feed you tomatoes while you run. …


10 Best Sausages in Los Angeles

Three things go into making a great sausage: lots of flavorful ingredients, a decent amount of fat and proper cooking. When you bite in it has to …

Confirmation of ultra-high energy molecules with 500 times the bond energy of a triple carbon bond

Metastable Innershell Molecular State (MIMS), an innershell-bound ultra-high-energy molecule, was previously proposed to explain a ∼40% efficiency of …


33 Signs That Were Vandalised With The Most Hilarious Responses Ever



Vandalism is never ok kids. But this... this is just too …


Cloud Formation

How Clouds Work


This Gif of a Potato-Like Earth Has Confused the Internet for Years

This gif of a bumpy, rotating, potato-like Earth is weirdly ubiquitous online:

Image: ​Ales Bezdek

It resurfaces every few m​onths, paired with the explanation that the image is demonstrating what the Earth would look like without water. It will show up on a message​ board one day, then a few months …

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Kreb's Cycle Tile Coaster on

Liven up any room or party and protect your surfaces with our distinctive tile coasters.

Square coaster measuring 4.25" x 4.25", 1/6-inch thick
• Images …


This spectacular home is at peace with the California desert

The Desert House is simply a stunning example of architecture as art. Located in picturesque Joshua Tree — right in Southern California's High Desert — the home is at a comfortable equilibrium with its barren desert environment. The structure is dominated by soaring concrete ribs, but the overall …


Savor the Awkward Atmosphere of the Post-Soviet Dance Club




Imagine rolling up to a dingy dance club in a remote Lithuanian village in the middle of the night with two …


The Robot That Can Destroy You At Beer Pong

Robots. They can wipe the floor with us at Flappy Bird, Ping Pong, and chess.

At least we’ve still got the last great bastion of human sportsmanship that is beer pong, right? Wrong.

Built by Empire Robotics to show off yet another thing that their trippy spherical robot gripper “hand” is capable of, …


Custom diamond-studded Stratocaster guitar shines (pictures)

Diamonds, gold, silver and 3D image projection combine to make a memorable custom guitar, the only one like it in the world.


Les Paul's electric guitar going up for auction

The crusade to find a home for a sacred electric guitar is reverberating like a thundering encore through the music business as innovator Les Paul's Black Beauty from the '50s is going up for auction.

The Gibson-made instrument, called the Holy Grail of Guitars by some, is being sold by Tom Doyle, …


This parrot won't stop reenacting its owners' divorce

Parrots are known for copying greetings, catchphrases and occasionally the odd swear word, but rarely do they recite a bilious domestic argument.


Periodic Tableware Is Now A Reality

Way back in 2013 we brought you news of a Kickstarter campaign for Periodic Tableware, which surely got the attention (and dollars) of science …

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The Science Behind How Boredom Benefits Creative Thought

Recent studies show that a little boredom in your day opens up the potential for more creative thinking.

Boredom gets a bad rap. Truly amazing ideas and offbeat solutions have often come from endless hours of daydreaming.

If space and time is what you need to make unusual connections, then why does …


Why animals eat psychoactive plants

Johann Hari, author of Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, learns about drunk elephants, the stoned water buffalo, and the grieving mongoose.

The United Nations says the drug war’s rationale is to build “a drug-free world — we can do it!” U.S. government officials agree, …


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