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On the Move

My family didn’t move much when I was growing up. Technically, we moved twice before I headed off to college. However, the first time we moved I was …

San Francisco Bay Area

We’re in Business

For almost two years now I’ve been watching businesses come and go in Redwood City. Lately there seems to be a lot of activity in the restaurant …

San Francisco Bay Area

Docktown Marina and the Chamber of No Secrets

Unlike the battle that J.K. Rowling’s famous trio of Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione had to fight in order to win their way into the Chamber of …


Measuring Up

I’m doing something a bit different this week. With all of the recent talk about the drought, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to how we use …

San Francisco Bay Area


Last week while walking back from Redwood Shores I used the Whipple Avenue overpass to get across highway 101. As I crossed over the freeway I was …

Northern California

Tanks a Lot

It is weeks like this that I kind-of regret naming this blog “Walking Redwood City”; perhaps it should have been “Driving Redwood City” instead. Not …


On Track

When developers talk about building in Redwood City, they consistently bring up the importance of being close to the Caltrain station. Indeed, much …


Salty Language

The other day, as I was sitting down to my computer, I received a text from my wife, who had left the house not long before. It seems that her car …

San Francisco Bay Area

Around Franklin

The other day I was researching a housing project being proposed along El Camino Real. The project’s description indicated that it would be located …

Northern California

Going to the Dogs

For those walks that I plan, I usually have one or two specific targets in mind: somewhere or something that I need to investigate and take pictures …

Northern California

A Brief History of Spacefarers

How America imagines its astronauts.

One of the things that makes the job title astronaut different from other jobs is that it existed in the collective imagination for centuries before it was ever actually anyone’s occupation. In the second century CE, Lucian of Samosata imagined travelers going to …

Space Science

Every Free Outdoor Concert in LA This Summer

Los Angeles

The only thing better than a concert? An outdoor concert. The only thing better than an outdoor concert? A free outdoor concert. The only …

Cool Stuff

The Story of Hubble’s First Photo — 25 Years Later

There were a lot of reasons that first picture was so unremarkable

It ain’t much, is it? For all of the jaw-dropping, eye-popping, gobsmacking images the Hubble Space Telescope has sent home over the years, the smudgy, black and white picture above right is in some ways the most important. That’s …

History of Science

This Is How Giraffes Sleep (12+ pics)

Take a good look at these giraffe nap pics, because you won't often catch a giraffe sleeping. In fact, despite being the tallest animal, giraffes …


Cyber Gadget’s Multi-Console System ‘Retro Freak’ Set To Rival RetroN 5 With PC Engine Support

If you’re yet to experience the RetroN 5, Hyperkin’s all-in-one system is a fantastic offering for retro gamers with limited space. Although equipped …


Photographer's Haunting Series Humanizes Los Angeles' Homeless With Close And Personal Portraits

Photo courtesy of Pablo Unzueta

Even today, Pablo Unzueta vividly recalls the moments he spent as a child helping his grandmother with her photography.

“I just remember being in the dark room and the smell, waking up early because my grandmother had to develop the print,” he recently told The …


A 10-year-old's Mario Kart skills help save his Great-Grandmother's life

Gryffin Sanders is credited for saving the lives of his younger brother and Great Grandmother

In July 2013, a 10-year-old Colorado boy named Gryffin …


Your Brain On Video Games Duvet Cover by Terry Fan

To add items to your wishlist, simply click the "Add to Wishlist" link from any product page.

Don't see Wishlist items you've previously added? Create …


SpaceX made some awesome travel posters for Mars

With all the recent news about International Space Station resupply missions, reusable rockets, and drone barges, it's easy to forget that reason Elon Musk created SpaceX in the first place is to help land humans on Mars. In a way, it's great that we're so familiar with the private space company's …


First In Fish: 'Fully Warmblooded' Moonfish Prowls The Deep Seas

Over decades of studying the oceans' fishes, some species have been found to have partial warmbloodedness. But scientists say the opah, or moonfish, circulates heated blood — and puts it to a competitive advantage.

"Nature has a way of surprising us with clever strategies where you least expect …


Art Posters


Analogue Experiments with Gravity Filmed by Clemens Wirth

Austrian director and visual artist Clemens Wirth created this gorgeous visual feast of gravitational experiments called Gravity. With the exception …




NEW RETRO ARCADE Shows What True Game Immersion Can Be

I post this knowing full well the game is six months old, but I'll be damned if anyone else lives in the darkness of this great game. Perhaps "game" …


Vadu Amka's Stunning Custom 'Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' Nintendo 64 Console

Ever felt that the limited edition consoles out there are a bit dull? Over the last few years console modder Vadu Amka has been giving the likes of …

Gaming Consoles

Snapshot of a Storm: Scientists Capture 1st 'Image' of Thunder

Lightning strikes Earth more than 4 million times every day, but the physics behind these electric bolts and their accompanying thunder is still …

Scientific Research

Using a smartphone microscope to detect parasites in blood

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prick a finger and have the blood checked for parasites — by smartphone? Scientists are turning those ubiquitous phones into microscopes and other medical tools that could help fight diseases in remote parts of the world.

In the newest work, University of California, Berkeley, …


Hostage uses Pizza Hut app to save herself and children

According to a press release from the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, Cheryl Treadway and her children were being held against their will by her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson. Nickerson didn't allow Treadway to make calls or write texts, so she used the Pizza Hut app to send a discreet call for …

Pizza Hut