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This 1991 Commercial For Sizzler Is Goddamn Magical

The 90s really were a different time. A time when people had values and endless prescriptions for Lithium.

Mount Tamalpais

A Crash Course on Derivatives

What is the derivative and why do you need it in physics? Here is a very quick introduction to derivatives to get you through your first physics …


The Math Question That Went Viral

One word problem from a Singaporean school exam briefly became the talk of the Internet last weekend.

It didn't rise quite to the level of "The Dress"—the recent quandary that resulted in accusations of color-blindness across the Internet—but it still gave the education world its own viral moment …


Among Millions of Galaxies, Survey Finds No Obvious Signs of Life

A long, laborious study of a huge number of galaxies has found no clear signs of life or civilization other than our own. Researchers at Penn State University sifted through nearly 100 million data entries from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite.

"If an entire galaxy had been …

Space Science

Ominous Supercell Thunderstorms Animated from a Single Photograph by Mike Hollingshead

Weather photographer Mike Hollingshead, whose impressive storm photography we first featured around this time last year, has taken his editing a bit …

The Hottest Burgers in Los Angeles, 2015

Crystal Coser on Apr 13, 2015, 10:00a

While Los Angeles watches food trends come and go, there will always be an eternal respect for the classic …

Los Angeles


Flowers in her hair

Unique Engagement Ring Box Pirouettes the Ring Like a Blooming Flower

Marriage proposals can be scary, even if you know that the other person will say yes. How and where you’ll ask is always a factor, as well as where to hide the ring. After all, it’d be tragic if it were discovered beforehand. A slimline engagement ring box called Clifton solves this potential …

Watch This Spectacular GoPro Spacewalk Footage

"Video like this is the whole reason we built the camera"

GoPro’s community of thrill seekers might have been upstaged permanently by a NASA astronaut who captured stunning footage of a spacewalk using a high definition camera for the very first time.

NASA astronaut Terry Virts strapped on the …


The Godmother of American Medicine

In the late 19th century, Mary Putnam Jacobi proved women could be great scientists—after a Harvard professor's discriminatory book claimed otherwise.

A warning from Edward Clarke, M.D., a professor at Harvard: "There have been instances, and I have seen such, of females... graduated from school or …

Women's Health

13 of America's Most Unique Natural Wonders

United States

A San Francisco Turn-of-the-Century Kitchen

Northern California

Why do we have allergies?

Allergic reactions to everything from pollen to peanuts make life a misery for millions. But why does our body over-react to seemingly benign intruders? Carl Zimmer reports.

For me, it was hornets.

One summer afternoon when I was 12, I ran into an overgrown field near a friend’s house and kicked a …

Evidence-Based Medicine

SpaceX just released some gorgeous 4K rocket launch footage

As if watching rockets going to space wasn't already awesome, SpaceX just released a two-minute supercut of 4K footage of its Falcon 9 rocket launches. It's got some slow-motion footage, some HDR-style footage, and lots of different angles of a vehicle that is capable of producing a million pounds …


The 38 Essential Los Angeles Restaurants, April 2015

Matthew Kang on Apr 7, 2015, 10:11a

Spanning Westside to Eastside, with eateries clustered around the best dining neighborhoods, this collection of …

Los Angeles

1992 Porsche 911 Turbo Leichtbau prototype

1992 Porsche 911 Turbo Leichtbau prototype

Meeting Mario: An insider's perspective on working at Nintendo

This question originally appeared on Quora.

What is it like to work at Nintendo?

Answer below by Nathaniel Guy, amateur video game historian and former Nintendo employee.

I worked at Nintendo of America in Redmond, [Washington], so I can only speak about my experience at that specific site. Also, the …


Where on Earth does lightning flash most?

View larger. | Image credit: NASAWhere does on our planet does lightning flash most frequently? According to satellite observations, lightning occurs …


iPhone 6 Plus gets a case of retro gaming love

Sometimes an April Fool's prank is such a good idea that it turns into an actual thing. OK, normally that doesn't actually happen, but in the case of …


$230,000 Space Pirate timepiece makes Apple Watch look like a bargain

Horological Machine No. 6 looks like something you’d see strapped to the wrist of an interstellar raider. Maybe that’s why Swiss watchmaker MB&F dubbed its lunatic $230,000 watch the “Space Pirate.”

The watch, which its maker says “has been designed to operate in the hostile environment of … the …

Apple Watch

8 Places to Dine in the Wilderness in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is often thought of as a polluted wasteland of cars, traffic, and more cars. Sure, this is sort of true, but L.A. is also surrounded and …

Los Angeles

Wingtip Vorticies

Newton’s third law says that forces come in equal and opposite pairs. This means that when air exerts lift on an airplane, the airplane also exerts a …

Airflow at Various Angles of Attack

A Periodic Table Of Elements That The World Is Running Out Of

This is one chemistry class the tech industry needs to get right.

You might not realize it, but almost everywhere around you are rare metals from the earth.

In your phone, computer, or any other LCD screen, for example, you’ll find a dash of indium, a soft, malleable metal that is in short supply in …

Earth Science

Santa Ana Winds