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Free Parking

I used to love playing Monopoly®. While we generally followed the rules, we did make a few changes. One of them being a pot of money in the center of …


The Science of Melting Cheese

Have you ever gotten all excited to make a grilled cheese and then...your cheese just doesn't melt? Or maybe it breaks, separating into a tough, stringy mass surrounded by a pool of oil? Yup, it's a crappy feeling. Luckily, there are ways to know what you're getting into before that happens. Science …


Strangely Beautiful Reproduction Of Never-Flown Bugatti Airplane Almost Ready To Fly

Crimson Skies fantasy meets reality

Consider it a technology tragedy of World War II. Designed in the 1930s by legendary carmaker Ettore Bugatti, the 100p Bugatti was a propeller-driven passenger plane that in theory boasted a speed of 500 mph. Abandoned as the war began, the incomplete plane was …


Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Thanks for J. R. R. Tolkien for the title; it comes from a poem he wrote for The Lord of the Rings. I’ve been traveling a bit lately, so it was with …

J. R. R. Tolkien

Different by Design: Neutelings Riedijk

If there is one thing architectural writers pride themselves on more than anything else, it is the art of categorization. They revel in the distillation of a studio’s burgeoning portfolio down to the telltale signs of modernism, postmodernism, deconstructivism, or high-tech: few contemporary …


Thoughts ...

The market for rare and vintage console video games is booming, thanks to two odd resources

CNN Money investigates the crazed market for the video games of yore, fueled by the likes of RetroLiberty, a YouTube channel about finding vintage video games at swap meets or parking lot deals, and Videogamesnewyork, a shop specializing in vintage game gear from the last century.

From CNN …

Gaming Consoles

Vivid Illustrations Depict Dynamic Scenes of Nature and East Asian Mythology

Shenzhen, China-based artist RLoN Wang is back with more intricate illustrations that burst with color and life. Since we last shared his work a year ago, Wang has branched out from more understated portraits of animals to vibrant illustrations jam-packed with wild beasts, mythical creatures, and …


More Photos of Deadmau5's New Lamborghini "Purracan"

Canadian DJ Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) recently revealed his Lamborghini Huracan with a Nyan Cat wrap. Deadmau5 did a similar transformation to …


Under Construction

The other day I received two letters in the mail. One clearly was junk, so I promptly tossed it into the recycling. The other, though, was …

San Francisco Bay Area

The Nintendo Entertainment System

They say good things come in small packages. To that, I’ll add that they also come in 8-bits.

From the days of the Magnavox Odyssey (yes, I owned …


Instead Of A Wedding, Couples Can Now Opt For Quantum Entanglement

The latest wacky Vegas wedding has couples tying the quantum physics knot—and rethinking what it means to truly be coupled.

A Las Vegas hotel is experimenting with a different kind of marriage ceremony: Instead of hiring a justice of the peace, you can now be married by the power of quantum …

Quantum Mechanics

Vive La Différence

In the space of a single month Redwood City approved two building projects for its downtown: one at 601 Marshall Street (by the Planning Commission, …

San Francisco Bay Area

A New Century

Recently I noticed a pair of articles about the old Century Park 12 theater property on East Bayshore Road (on the northeast side of 101, near …

San Francisco Bay Area

Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Warm-weather nuptials calls for bright colors — so skip the white wedding cake in favor of something more festive!


32 Bedazzled Wedding Dresses

Our experts at Style Me Pretty roundup the best bedazzled wedding dresses to wear on your wedding day.


10 Amazing Places You Probably Didn’t Know Existed In LA

LA is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, so it should come as no surprise that the city offers some really great places around …

Air Force One

Perfectly Timed Photos That Make Dogs Look Like Giants

Sometimes, all it takes for a little dog's size to match his big personality is a change of perspective.

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Let’s Admit How Nintendo’s Power Pad Actually Worked

Cheating is for winners.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the ’80s, then you probably remember Nintendo’s Power Pad.

Not everyone had it, but everyone remembers it.

Most kids used it to play “World Class Track Meet” with their friends and family…

“Now you’re playing with BODY power!”

…and some may …


Doctors graft hand to man’s leg for a month to keep it alive

Groundbreaking surgery in China sees factory worker’s hand then successfully re-attached to his wrist

Surgeons in China have restored the use of a hand severed in an industrial accident by grafting it onto a man’s ankle for a month before re-attaching it to his arm.

The groundbreaking surgery was …


Where are all the aliens?

This post originally appeared at

Everyone feels something when they’re in a really good starry place on a really good starry night and they look up and see this:

Some people stick with the traditional—feeling struck by the epic beauty or blown away by the insane scale of the universe. …


Marshalling Support

There seems to be something special about the number 601 here in Redwood City. Given its height, its hard to miss the 196-unit, 8-story “Marston” …


A field guide to classic arcade design

The traditional American arcade may have died out, but two designers have paid homage to a vital part of video game history through a series of illustrations. Michael Mateyko and Hans Thiessen are collectively Komboh, a design and illustration firm based in Calgary, Canada. In addition to "paying …


LiliLite: The All-in-One Book Lamp, Shelf, and Mark.



Play with



What is the maximum weight of books LiliLite can hold? The LiliLite can be safely used with 5 kg of books on it.

Can …

Floating Record™ Vertical Turntable

The Floating Record is a high-performance turntable that plays your records vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers (or via …

Coffee Quest

I maintain a list of topics to write about that I consult almost every week. For quite some time now I’ve been avoiding a topic on that list because …


Clever Superhero Bookends "Save" Books from Falling

Everyone needs a hero in their life. For books, it’s the Book & Hero and the Supershelf, a clever bookend and floating shelf that each makes it look like books are being “saved” by a superhero. These whimsical metal creations are the handiwork of Israel-based design studio Artori Design.

Each bookend …

Breaking the Circle

Redwood City’s award-winning Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP) is a lengthy, highly detailed presentation of our leadership’s vision for the city we call …

San Francisco Bay Area

A certified pilot turned Instagram star took these stunning aerial photos around the world

Adam Senatori

Ever since he was a kid, Adam Senatori dreamed of being a pilot.

After fulfilling that dream by becoming a commercial airline captain, Senatori was unfortunately laid off and forced to take a buyout. Faced with a new challenge, Adam looked for other opportunities and began making the …


Assembling the Pieces

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love to build with Legos. But not just any Legos, mind you: I …