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Laura London - Fitness Model and Figure Competitor

Hey everyone, I have a surprise for you!! Today I am doing a…

Hey everyone, I have a surprise for you!! Today I am doing a South to North Crossover workout with my friend Kodjo from We me on YouTube, we both love fitness and we decided it would be so much fun to join together and workout together. Kodjo is in NY and I am in Florida, but that did not stop us!!<br>This South to North Crossover Workout is going to be a favorite workout for sure so be sure to LIKE and FAVORITE it so you can do it again and again.<br>4 Exercises done for 30 seconds …

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Laura, PLEASE make us a Thin Thigh Video. Well not only did I make ONE but I am making a series of 4 THIN THIGH WORKOUTS.... OMG...<p>Be Careful what …

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HYDRATION CREATIONS<p><p>If you are having trouble drinking enough water here is a great way to give your water a spin. I will …

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Lean & Mean Thin Thigh Workout Part 2 of 4<p>Are you sore after doing Part 1 of the Thin Thigh Workout? I know you are!<p>Here is Part 2 in my 4 part …

Thin Thighs Workout Part 3 with Laura London Fitness

THIN THIGHS WORKOUT PART 3<p>OF MY 4 PART SERIES<p>Enjoy part 3 of my Thin Thighs Series videos. We are hitting the lower body from every angle. Part one …

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If you have been looking for a great stomach toning workout that you can do at home, then this ab workout is going to be perfect for you! I’m going …


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